Kick Off

When it comes to the Labour leadership race, I disagree with Broder, who believes the Labour party cannot turn left.  It could be that the Trade Unions choose the next Labour leader.  Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper now sound so similar that its even got criticism from Blairite khazer John Woodcock. The possibility of Labour reclaiming the people has caused faux man of the people UKIPs mishegas Paul Nuttall to expostulate foolishly: “This latest about-turn by Labour is astonishing. They were shell shocked to lose an election they thought they had in the bag when voters they have long taken for granted turned to UKIP instead. It is meaningless given that Labour will still be run by and for a Hampstead London elite, and Labour has already set its face against English MPs voting alone on English only laws. Even Andy Burnham has admitted today that Labour is run by posh people – that Labour only really like posh people. But this is not a new phenomenon – the Labour party has been operating like that for years and the British people have realised that and voted in their masses for UKIP instead. This is nothing more than a cynical attempt to appeal to the Old Labour voters who have deserted Labour in their hundreds of thousands to UKIP.” When UKIP collapses The Vent will be dancing on its political grave.  This freak is so out of touch, he’s going to be whooping with Louise Mensch if Corbyn wins. People have analysed the modern Labour party, and they say the far left is kicking Under this environment it is possible that Corbyn could reclaim the Labour party. But let’s be frank – Corbyn is up against it – everyone is ridiculing him, everyone is predicting failure.   Corbyn is the rank outsider in a field of vying nonentities. So I am urging all readers to join Labour and vote Corbyn. When there is the kick off and the tables are reversed expect the voice of Corbyn to be prevalent. Every week at the moment Corbyn is going from strength to strength.  One shmeril who has not been reading the script is dreadful anus Douglas Carswell, who is crowing that UKIP will become the SNP of England, and it is true that the more that you repeat a fabrication, the more gullible folk believe the shit. The grinning nebbish cannot help the way he looks, but he will have to learn some humility and how to fuck right off when he gets to challenge Corbyn on a public stage, but if we ever get that far then UKIPs lefty votes will be in Jeremy’s bag.  The Labour leadership finale could be surprisingly fraught

Many people have asked why the monster shit Osborne is having a second budget in only four months, and the reason for this is that the one in April was nothing more than deceptive window dressing to win votes in the General Election, while this one will be where they twist the knife because a gullible electorate have given them a mandate to do so. These monster cuts will devastate the working poor. These cuts represent a serious advance of the uncharted journey in the maelstrom, where nothing is the same in UK any longer. Though they are not necessarily the kick off the magnitude of the cuts will break UK.

With the continuing dismantling and destruction of the NHS by the shtik drek we are fighting a guerilla war, with very little information published, so little in fact that we are forced to listen to snippets of conversation caught on public transport, like this one where consultants discussed brutal closures in the Tory heartlands.  Regarding the dismantling of the NHS in the Tory heartlands of Surrey, the government will be facing the stiffest opposition, but a key day is after the 16-07-15, after which decisions will be made.  With regard to these areas The Vent adopts the Tory policy of ‘Tough Love’, these very people voted Tory again in 2015, a million folk voted very quickly so that the prize cock Jeremy Clarkson could keep his job. Yes, some people care about their NHS, but the vast remainder need a very savage kick up the arse. Sorry Jo Public – you had a chance, but most of you never cared enough, at the kick off the NHS may have collapsed.


As the Daily Heil will tell you the problems at Hinchinbrooke Hospital were manifest.  With such problems is unsurprising that staff there felt the ground moving under their feet with the cancellation of the contract.  Despite the vigorous campaigning of gruesome nebbish IDS it was announced in 2013 that there is now a provisional date for the closure of the A&E at King George V Hospital for right now.  The shtik drek are keeping very quiet about the effect on the closures at Charing Cross, considerably down sizing the services, at the same time as 70000 more people move into the area:   Meanwhile nurses at the University of Wales Hospital have been complaining of bullying and being harassed.


When it comes to the social care crisis it is good to see that Jeremy Cunt has a plan, telling people they should take old folk into their homes and stop them having a lonely death at the tax payers expense – here is some shit straight from the orifice – yes it is Jeremy pretending to give a fuck about humanity: “Are we really saying these people had no living relatives or friends? Or is it something sadder, namely that the busy, atomised lives we increasingly lead mean that too often we have become so distant from blood relatives that we don’t have any idea even when they are dying?” 47% of old people voted Tory in 2015 , old people are by far the biggest recipient of NHS help. Old people may not be universally ignorant or selfish, but it is a fact that they are culpable for voting the Filth back in. The evil Tory MP of Witham Priti Patel has been campaigning with fucking freak Douglas Carswell to save the Urology Unit at Colchester General Hospital. In her June Newsletter she waxes about the department:  “Colchester General Hospital is a leading, innovative and pioneering centre for urology cancer surgery. Patient satisfaction with the service is high and there is a strong and committed team in place. Since 2006, the services at Colchester have grown from strength to strength, with the number of consultants and operations provided increasing .  The specialist services provided at Colchester are much needed and its location and connections to surrounding areas in Essex and beyond makes a strong case for Colchester to continue to provide these services .”  The truth is that owing to their brutal mismanagement of the NHS, Tory MPs are on the defensive, pathetically pretending to vaunt the system which they have fucked up. It comes as added alarms are raised over the miserable 111 service.  But all this palls before the disgusting catastrophe which these rich shmerils have made of mental health, as explained by brilliant Will Self.   With only 39% of the public thinking there is a problem with the government’s handling of mental health, its surprising how illiterate and complacent Jo Public have become about the running of the NHS:  They say that ignorance is bliss, and filthy DC has deliberately tapped into the psyche, but there will come a point and it is not far away when bliss will be replaced by rage, and that is the kick off.

It is an ironic fact that arithmetic and the new Labour system where anyone can join the Labour party, introduced after the Falkirk debacle could really help Corbyn.  The contest could be coming at a relevant time for UK with use of food banks soaring with a staggering 59% of food banks users say they frequently go without food three or more times a week, as the undeserving and the deserving poor feed their children first. At the kick off food banks may have collapsed, creating desperate people, when people are desperate they become malleable and revolutionary, as the clock ticks down to the kick off. With more than 10000000 people using food banks there is a limit, despite the generosity of decent Brits.  Food banks barely figured in the 2015 General Election, when yet again the poor were excluded from having a voice.  Its running away from the shlimazels – In the words of principled Irranca-Davies: “This is a runaway train heading for a crash, and despite the brilliant efforts of foodbank organisers, the government is watching from the trackside as the train hurtles on.”  

It looks like Lord Janner is going to be investigated,  which is a major step forward for the struggle of small people against the government. Its a sign that the exposure of the rotten foul core of the Westminster apple is still ongoing. Royal involvement with paedophilia could lead to the collapse of the UK monarchy   because at the toxic end of shit creek everything will be at stake.

The exposure of the rotten core could be an instigator of the kick off, though equally it could be the United Nations investigation of disability. Disabled people may be in a desperate fight but the fact remains that the UN investigation could be the strongest weapon ever used by disabled people in UK. When it comes to dealing with disabled people few of MPs can claim to have the level of interaction of shlemiel Nicky Morgan, from her June Newsletter: “I took part in a blindfold walk with the Guide Dogs – thank you to Eddie for helping me around the market square in Loughborough” – most MPs have fuck all of the real world, so I absolutely know that Morgan had her eyes veritably opened. Carers have been lauded by snide shmendrek Sajid Javid, on a visit to St John’s Court in Bromsgrove where the nebbish drivelled: “It was a privilege to hear from residents about the fantastic job those who care for them are doing.  It is important that we support and assist carers in all settings in what can be both such rewarding and difficult work physically and emotionally.” 

The Shit drek are loosing control of the entire justice and judiciary system. They try and keep everything that we should be disturbed by a secret, but there are now signs that the system is in meltdown, with the two rogue companies G4S and Serco being awarded massive contracts while being investigated for their misconduct. Peverse indicators are soaring, for example the 69% rise in self inflicted deaths.  We are kept well informed of the complete fuck up in Probation through the blog of Jim Brown.  The Tories have not connected the dots between the justice system, probation and the police and  Tory ideological austerity. Consequently we have appalling kibbitz Priti Patel who is “shocked” by a surge of criminal activity in Witham, despite the Essex force sustaining massive cuts.    But dont worry – at least the government can still tell you a load of bollocks about everything being OK.  Its the breakdown of social cohesion that most disturbs top police brass as explained by Steve White – the chairman of the Police Federation: “You can quote crime figures until you are blue in the face, but it is the social cohesion stuff that makes all the difference and that is the difference between our police force and the gendarmes”  in a seering article in the paper which hates the people – the Daily Express It comes as the schlemiels at G4S are given limited powers to pretend they are Old Bill.   The so-called transformation’ of policing in Surrey with a £1500000000 contract to these mamzers,  will be returning to bite smug meshugennah Michael Gove up his oily arse. The drek can sense that there is now an impending terrorism attack, they have been out in London doing a dummy run, as it reports in the London Evening Standard (30-06-15) “there was a ‘massive surge’ in the terror threat and the dangers included ‘complex, organised plots’ and attacks by ‘chaotic’ extremists whose aims changed daily”. The shtik drek are responding to the matter in a particularly stupid way – by getting rid of all the station staff, and this is the brilliant idea of bumbling buffoon Borisconi.  Grotesque futz Borisconi does not use public transport, its no wonder that with the loss of 850 safety critical jobs the RMT is calling a strike soon.   In the words of Mike Cash: “As we prepare to mark the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 attacks next week, RMT is reminding the travelling public that security goes hand in hand with having adequate numbers of safety-critical staff and it is frankly appalling that those same station and platform staff who were hailed as heroes on that horrific day are having their numbers slashed. It appears from their statements that London Underground’s senior managers, and the Mayor himself, make no connection at all between incident response times and staff numbers. That is a dangerously complacent position to adopt and flies in the face of the facts. The bravery of the fire fighters, ambulance staff and other public servants, working alongside our members on the day of the 7/7 bombings, must never be forgotten. Every single last one of them is a hero and they shouldn’t be facing these constant threats to their livelihoods, and the services that they provide, a decade on.”  We have to ask what this means – does the left hand of the government know what they are doing, when the right hand is squandering resources. The simple answer is that Tory machine is very complacent, they think they have it all sown up, and most of all they don’t really give a fuck about ordinary people, no matter what they will say. In the kick-off this very arrogance, the ignorance of the feral rich thugs will be their downfall. This extraordinary arrogance is discussed by stalwart Michael Meacher.


But the government don’t give a shit about not having control, in their short term minds its all about short term money gains. Thats why only 31% of the contracts they have given to private firms to fleece the taxpayer are scrutinisedThe company Serco is a market leader in these problems, the corruption in Serco is symptomatic of the outsourcing problems.  The fact remains that all the out sourcing, and there was a low level before 2010, will combine to become an element of the kick off, because it is based on crap foundations, its the fastest most comprehensive outsourcing anywhere in the history of time. Its a kind of social experiment. Disgusting DC runs a shoddy outfit, he’s constantly sloppy, perpetually winging it and hoping for the best. 

The people of Plumpton near Blackpool, including me,  succeeded in blocking the fracking application today (29-06-15). The fracking of England is one of the worst acts of hooliganism by the Filth. The shtik drek have been forced to publish a scathing report on fracking carried out by DEFRA which reiterates the toxicity of the industry.  Unadulterated fracking is remarkable as it may go beyond the shitty bedroom tax as the worst policy ever brought in by these mamzers. With such miserable environmental illiteracy, its no wonder that evil putz Osborne has been pushing the industry so hard.  Mega twat Osborne should take note that the poisonous impact of fracking will do nothing to detoxify the Filth, who are already thoroughgly stigmatised by ideological austerity.


People ask me when everything will kick off. It will not kick off until the next brutal round of cuts. The indiscriminate cuts will break the central plank of austerity, we will be entering down swirl by then, when the currents will pull us in unpredictable ways. No one knows what will happen, the entire drek think it will never happen, they are completely out of touch, but what will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?  Lying bastard DC actually likes to poke the people of UK in the eye and say the Tories are the party of ‘Hard Working People‘.   It is the kind of bollocks that is farted by bumbling bum-hole Borisconi:  But no matter how the stinking putz prevaricates, the fact will remain that Borisconi will have had a singular impact on the kick off with his brutal mismanagement of the police in London.


The referendum in Greece about whether to leave the Euro has repercussions to class war, it could provide the kick off, in the words of Elliott: “If Greece leaves, the idea that the euro is irrevocable is broken. Any government that runs into difficulties in the future will have the Greek option of devaluation as an alternative to endless austerity. Just as importantly, the financial markets will know that, and will pile pressure on countries that look vulnerable. That’s why Greece represents an existential crisis for the eurozone.”  It looks set to create enormous financial volatility as explained by Michael Hewson, chief markets analyst at CMC Markets UK: “The Greek butterfly looks set to cause a tornado in financial markets. In the process we could well also find out if this event turns out to be the equivalent of the butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico, going on to cause a hurricane in China.”  The enormity is freaking out the whole establishment, for example the rude assessment by Zero Hedge: “There is no recovery. There is only the bond bubble. And everything has been done to prop it up because when it bursts (as all bubbles do), entire countries (including the US) will go bust.” 

The cunning of Tsipras is not to be under-estimated, even by the Torygraph.   But we can enjoy the abject terror of the banking class , and we can look forward to seeing oysvarf Osborne’s saddest face on a regular basis. Rich people in Greece are shitting themselves now:   In the words of Varoufakis: “Europe has to face up to the fact that it has lost its way, and particularly the people of Britain are looking upon this with a great deal of trepidation as to what Europe means.” 

The dilemma is examined by Stiglitz.  I stand in solidarity with the people of Greece, forced into a referendum, in the words of witty Ward: “It hasn’t taken long today for the strutting “We can handle a Greek default” faux-confidence to evaporate among the engorged egos of the euroélite. On the whole it is becoming hourly more obvious what small, mean-minded and vindictive goblins the eurocrats all are. Juncker’s petty little address – laced with self-pity, riddled with fantasy but devoid of remorse – reveals this rubber-spined brothel-creeping bitch as a man with neither dignity nor style.”    The European authorities are determined to get rid of Tsipras whatever it takes, his very existence is a thorn in the side of a new world order:  The money people are prepared to act with their usual cruelty, there is nothing at all surprising in the way the shtunk treat the democratic voice of the people.   How dare Syriza dare represent the voice of the people.    As for the future of the Euro, we must look again to witty Ward: “The EU has been, in the end, simply one more example of the unthinking pc belief in multiculturalism. Instead of capturing best practice in every culture via a loose trading bloc model, the bankers and the Germans tried to mould the Union in their own image. That goose was never going to fly, but it is almost certainly going to fry: and when it does, there will be incandescent fat spitting in all directions.”   Eitherway I cannot see any ganef following the advice of Corbyn.   With his next round of cuts, dim shmuk Osborne will be citing Greece all over again – but this time is likely to over reach himself.  The Vent stands with the people of Greece, The Vent is disgusted but not at all surprised that the German bankers will not give an inch.

Kick Off

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