Appalling mamza DC is a slave to greed. As we say in Yiddish: “vayz a khazer a finger vil er di gantse hant” which translates as “show a pig a finger and he will want the whole hand“.  Shlemiel DC wants it all, no matter the cost, he demands our NHS, our every public service,  our entire self respect. The demand by the shtik drek that ordinary people should have nothing is an Achilles’ Heel which Tories can only wince at. Its making so called compassionate sensible Tories wince with shame, but disgusting DC is surrounded by greedy prostaks like bumptious buffoon Borisconi, and noxious Priti Patel who loves to tell you there is no evidence of a link between food banks and benefit sanctions. 

Disgusting DC has found a sure way to tackle the staffing crisis at the NHS, in cruel and morally indefensible Tory style they are evicting 30000 nurses, the trouble is that they are Johnny Foreigner, Tories cannot stand Johnny unless they are loaded Baroness Warsi or gruesome lobbos Kwasi Kwarteng. The trouble is these 30000 are not earning enough, while horse warming shmuk Nadhim Zahawi is able to rob us of thousands of pounds, it is dedicated nurses like Sandeep Duggani who are given the boot.  The big march on Saturday attracted a quarter of a million people, but Tories can only sneer when they see democracy in action. The grim shmegegge Richard Holloway, who is a Westminster Tory Councillor tweeted “you go ahead and wave your banners. The grown ups will get on with running the country”.  The Vent salutes Charlotte Church – the way she dealt with jerk Benjamin is most risible.

I was one of the disabled people who stormed parliament to save the ILF.  Afterwards we stood outside Downing Street, I wish I had brought my long horn. Oh well, it will prove useful on Saturday when I have to protest outside B&M again for Boycott Workfare – please join me.

The gaping necessity of this,  can be sharply contrasted with the spectacle of the moaning peers, discontent with the free champagne and caviar.  Contempt for ordinary people is something we have come to expect from our unctuous political class, and here is bumptious bastard kafin kup Borisconi showing his hallmark people skills to a disabled man.


Its disgusting the way the shysters are trashing our NHS, throwing billions of pounds away on inessential administration. It joins the list of ways that the shtik drek have of hemorrhaging the NHS, as was predicted by Clive Peedell, co-leader of the National Health Action Party : “This is exactly what we predicted would happen. The ludicrous NHS structure created by this government has meant a whole new layer of administration is needed to support it, increasing costs and diverting money away from patient care. Now a giant outsourcing company is cashing in on providing a service the NHS should not even need that has been cultivated by this government.”   No matter what nonsense they spin, the fact remains that the NHS is in crisis, every doctor agrees that there is no plan for if the NHS collapses. It was a sign of how fast asleep the electorate are that they handed the NHS back to the Filth, despite thousands of campaigners like me from 38 degrees in every High Street in the country – let’s face it – most of Jo Public could not give a flying fuck.

Although Lindsay sounds positive,  there is still far too much sleep walking. Too many people are just angry and miserable. Its left for the Daily Heil to gloat as the people turned on iconic Russell Brand. The view of The Vent is that Russell is an alright geezer, his heart is in the right place. Brand’s role in galvanising the people is not to be under-estimated, as an agent of class war Brand has shown himself to be determined and decent, he doesn’t deserve such harsh censure.  If Corbyn wins the nomination, and puts John McDonnell and Dennis Skinner in the cabinet then I would consider Labour too. Polly Toynbee has stopped ringing her hands, but she now she is pushing Yvette Cooper she can no longer be taken seriously; as she writes of Corbyn: “Corbyn is a 1983 man, a relic of the election that brought him to parliament when Labour was destroyed by its out-of-Nato, anti-EU, renationalise-everything suicide note. He’s a good man, sincere, ascetic, beloved by constituents – but voting for him is ignoring the electorate. Goodness knows Labour faces tough dilemmas – how to win north and south, reclaim the lost votes of the old (47% of over 65s voted Tory) and win back Scotland, while fighting off Ukip in the heartlands. Every Corbyn vote gives ammunition to Labour’s enemies: Toby Young won’t be the only Tory maliciously paying £3 as a “supporter” to vote for him so they can claim Labour is back to the days of delusion.”  Polly is wrong, the joke is on the out of touch Tories who are laughing at ordinary people. Dismal shmeril d’Ancona believes that Labour are now signing up to schmo Osborne’s deficit reduction plans,  but the privileged bastard has forgotten Corbyn. Corbyn is regarded as a dinosaur by New Labour yutzis like Alan Johnson.  But while kolboynik Louise Mensch urges Tories to back Corbyn, blue Labour and the Tories are so out of touch that they have forgotten that principled Corbyn is the most dangerous man in Britain today – yeh – he’s fucking dangerous, even more than windbag Red Len – Tell anyone in my community that the toffs are queueing up to vote Corbyn and they will think it is absolutely hilarious.   Some say that even Corbyn cannot save the Labour party.  Instead we have sneering nudnik Andrew O’Neil.  Mamzer Andrew will be compulsive watching at the toxic end of shit creek. No one to the left, or to the right can argue with one fact about Corbyn, that Corbyn comes across as refreshing in a political world of cynical affluent careerist politicians who believe in nothing but the vested interests of themselves and their wealthy friends. With the feeble Labour candidates, Corbyn is the only antidote to the tragic chutzpah of IDS.  But Corbyn cannot prevent splintering UK as the SNP and the PC have been able to draw strength from the weakness of shitty DC.  Unlike his other leadership contestants stalwart Corbyn is not scared to stand up for the vulnerable With their next round of cuts the Filth will be driving people to Corbyn. I joined the Labour party last night, I did it so I could vote for Corbyn, it cost me £1.68 a month, I urge everyone to follow snide kvetsh Louise Mensch and join Labour to vote Corbyn.  Over 250000 people will be voting for the Labour leader.  The leadership contest is coming at an important time as nebekh Osborne is poised to plunge UK into recession.

Tories detest children, Tories despise the sheer vulnerability of youth. it used to be the joke of Tory-boy by Harry Enfield.  The Tory approach to youth has been reevaluated by the Tories with child abuse and with redefining child poverty. Child abuse in UK has been the subject of such high level cover up that it has gone to the very highest level:  The sabotage of the investigations have been exposed by the khazer Danczuk.  Disgusting nebbish DC will tell you that redefining child poverty, lifts thousands of kids out of poverty.  He demands our extraordinary gullibility. No wonder the fershtinkiners murdered Jill Dando.


At the same time repulsive toffee-nosed shmendrek George Osborne likes to talk about the unsustainable amount squandered on the welfare bill, but  even Yank officials will tell you a big part of the tax avoidance problem is the UK government.  It comes as the peirik comes under pressure to slow down the welfare cuts.  Cruel bastard DC has wasted no time in attacking the working poor.  The lowering benefit cap is slow but incredibly sharp, tearing up people’s lives.  In breaking the central plank of austerity, brutal DC does not give a flying fuck.   Even still, no one knows the exact details of the £12000000000 cut.  It comes at a time that mass murdering klutz IDS is claiming its ‘disgraceful‘ that he is forced to say how many vulnerable sick people he has driven to despair and suicide.  Meshugennah IDS actually has the temerity to say he is going to be ‘kind’ on disabled people in the next brutal round of cuts.  This hideous government make a mockery of the lives of ordinary people.  Its even made sanctimonious kof Andrew Percy queasy.  The shtik drek cannot wait for their next round of cuts, using a preposterous argument about poverty, disability and choice.  Its no wonder that 26 people have been living in a three bedroomed house in Newham East London.  The attack on the working poor with tax credits has even been slammed by greedy clown Borisconi.   In the words of Frances Ryan: “It is clear we have a government that feels at liberty to do anything it wishes to a citizen if they happen to be claiming benefits. Duncan Smith has built this system and is now trying to hide the harm it’s done. Its victims are being treated in death by their government as they were in the final weeks of their life: discarded as if they do not matter.”  In these dark times it is left for Jeremy Corbyn to announce the upcoming tragedy.


Without doubt fracking will be a prime element of the toxic end of shit creek. Unadulterated fracking throughout England will separate the wheat from the chaff. The very nimby villagers who used to baulk at the idea of a sexual volcano in West Sussex,  will blow their privileged tops as hundreds of massive lorries tear down the tiny rural lanes, poisoning their water, in the words of putz Fallon in 2013 on the BBC:  “Mr Fallon told a private meeting it would test “how thick their rectory walls are” and “whether they like the flaring at the end of the drive”.”   Tories think they are bloody popular, they will find out exactly how popular they are when it gets most toxic. The Tories of Wisborough Green are still slurping champagne and patting each others back.


While fracking will be an element of the toxic end of shit creek, there will be numerous elements, one of these will be the disaster which the shtunk are making of the police. In Bedfordshire the severe cuts will mean that ordinary people will have to book an appointment if they are a victim of a burglary or theft.  Hang on, there’s a burglary in progress – I better phone Old Bill, better ring 999:  “There’s a robbery in progress” “Hold on a minute sir – I will see if we have any free appointments – sorry sir, we don’t have one for two weeks” “but there’s a robbery – they are in the house right now – I can hear them” “let me talk to our triage team” The triage street team do their best in Cheshire,  but there is only so much that an over stretched service can do. By 2017-18 expect devastated police to be on the side of the people.

I hate UKIP. I am pleased the pisk Farage, who had the chutzpah to tell ordinary people he represents them has been hoist by his own petard, every since the grinning shiker went to the USA and talked to the Tea Party fuckwits he’s lost the plot, as explained by the right wing drivel of The Spectator: “Which might explain why, after the election, Ukip’s leadership turned on itself so viciously. Suzanne Evans, the deputy chairman, was sacked after she used the word ‘divisive’ about Farage. Patrick O’Flynn, economics spokesman and leader of the ‘red Ukip’ faction, called him ‘snarling, thin-skinned and aggressive’ and resigned soon after. Douglas Carswell, now the party’s only MP, an extraordinarily insignificant man, is isolated. The party seems to have lost its sense of direction.”  Whether this is to be believed is questionable. What is not questionable is that a number of former Labour voters switched to UKIP. These very voters will return to Labour if Corbyn is in charge.

But Labour will have to look to Spain to see how to re engage the country in politics.  The entire klutz are terrified of a Grexit, they are paralysed, they never expected such stubbornness.  The problem is the entire European project, which has been discussed by Chakraborty, in his words: “This isn’t about creating a deeper democracy, but deeper markets – and the two are increasingly incompatible”  It comes as disappointing twerp DC is dealt a double blow in his attempts to renegotiate a deal with Europe.


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