Bloody Sacrifice

During the bloody sacrifice on the altar of high finance and human insensitivity  the khazers keep pointing at the ceiling, they have ignored the foundations to a gratuitous degree.  As the UK teaters, the floor caving in was ignored at the CBI annual dinner. “On stage was George Osborne, performing a star turn for the business community at the grand dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane. More notable were the number of Labour leadership contenders, hitherto unnoted attendees at CBI dinners, who showed up.”(Evening Standard, London, 22-05). Yvette Cooper was not there, she wants corporation tax cut,  because that’s exactly what UK needs init? Added to her we have Mary Creagh arguing against a pledge to cut tuition fees and Liz Kendall backing free schools and condemning the energy price freeze (i, 25-05, 13) so its business as usual for the so-called opposition. The Labour leadership is reeling, its caught adrift, unable to learn from its mistakes, unable and unwilling to accept what is coming from underneath. Someone more interesting who has entered the Labour leadership contest is Rushanara Ali.  Rushanara is an immigrant – but she is not a class war firebrand like John McDonnell. Another candidate being touted, who is anti austerity is Jon Trickett.  Burnham may say fighting talk,  but he’s now in the maelstrom, Andy’s heart may well be in the right place, but is he ready for the unabated horror ahead as England, our beautiful land, turns into a living hell? Firebrand Derek Hatton, now 67, is retrying to join Labour: from the BBC: Mr Hatton Labour had “drifted and drifted and drifted”, with “the same type of Eton/Oxford person going forward” from the different parties.
“People now need to see that there is a clear choice when they go to the booth,” he said. Can Derek save Labour from death? Not if Liz Kendall is involved, as he writes on Liz Kendall: “One of the things I can say is I think it would be a disaster if someone like Liz Kendall (who is seen as a Blairite contender) became leader. That would spell the end of the Labour Party.”  Derek Hatton will have no problem seeing Labour void while figures like Ms Harman defend lowering the benefit cap from £26000 to £23000:   Labour have been foolishly trying to outflank the Filth on welfare since 2012, Currently there is no chance for Labour. Some argue that there is no point trying to prevent Labour dying.
Brilliant Chakrabortty again hits the nail on the head. I urge readers of The Vent to join me on 30th May, the venue is not yet published (26-05).  In the vacuum left by rank politicians, it is left to the people of UK to show we have a backbone, to show we still have our self respect, our morals and shreds of dignity. We will fight for the young, for the vulnerable, for all those despised by the 1%. Women will be the greatest hit by this next round of shameful cuts, with the iniquitous bedroom tax set to hit another million people.
Without the pathetic influence of the Lib Dems and with five years of the Cameron project already under their belt the Filth cannot wait to finish the job.  A dark area of the Queen’s speech are the new draconian benefit cuts which will benefit the poorest households the least.  The removal of housing benefit for people aged under 21 is a catastrophe to UK youth, and yet another bloody sacrifice. Its a sacrifice which will be costing the establishment dearly.
Looking hard at the bloody altar makes decent people’s blood boil. Studies are now showing the disgraceful catastrophe that is welfare ‘reform’. Studies of hundreds of cases by the London School of Economics painted a picture which will be of no surprise to readers of The Vent: “We found that the impact was direct, harsh and in most cases not leading directly to work. We have also talked to 150 social landlords and their tenants all over the country to understand the impact of cuts in benefits on the way landlords and tenants are managing. Our findings are striking. Welfare reform isn’t working as planned. Government savings are lower and costs are higher, particularly disability payments due to mismanagement. Welfare reform is directed at getting a job. But older working age bands struggle because, after a long gap, skills may no longer be usable and jobs requiring IT require considerable retraining.”  As the money allocated as discretionary housing payment dries up its left to housing associations to pick up the pieces like Thirteen Group of North East England.  With so much imminent shit it is no surprise that the Tories did not expect to win the GE, they did not expect to have to make £12000000000 of unpopular cuts.  The new lowering of the benefit cap renders all homes which are in social housing, which are of three bedrooms, or larger, financially toxic, and the impact which this will have on social housing is completely understated, its going to rip up the fabric of society. In just five weeks 36% of these assets will be toxicSpeye’s seminal blog on the results reaped by the Filth is most relevant to the situation.   When the feral rich robbed a country of its self respect, treachery can only be dealt with, by a fucking revolution.

When it comes to the dirty butchery of the NHS, we hear the patronising sanctimony of filthy bastard DC: “But just as we came together as nation to create the National Health Service nearly 70 years ago, so I believe that together – by sticking to the plan – we can become the first country in the world to deliver a truly 7-day NHS. And we must do so. To protect and preserve the values of the NHS that are so central to our national identity. To keep our people healthy; to look after them when they fall ill; to care for the elderly with dignity and to ensure that free healthcare is always there whenever people need it most. By sticking to the plan we can and will achieve this together. A 7-day NHS, safe in our hands – for every generation to come.”  The NHS Provider Sector now has a deficit of £822000000, with Foundation Trusts in the red for the first time ever. In the words of Briddock: “The figures published today demonstrate that the NHS has a fragile settlement and that this will remain over the coming years. We will need to count on transformation funding delivered up-front and action to prevent social care from being cut, in order to prevent NHS organisations from being knocked off course.”  But the khazers have a plan, the plan is to make the staff at the NHS even more demoralised by cutting the wages for staff who work unsociable hours.  One thing which everyone outside the Westminster bubble agrees on is the massive financial hole which is now opening like a chasm, its coming to bite Jeremy Cunt’s greasy bum. The NHS will impact massively on the bloody sacrifice.


Merciless drek Steve Hilton, the seething fascist who greatly helped disgusting DC butcher Britain, is considering standing as London mayor. Talking on BBC Radio 5 the gonif blames his wife for inflicting the git on us: “In the future, I definitely think it’s true that – as my wife puts it – if I don’t run for office at some point I will regret it…..I do love the idea of being able to make a difference in a concentrated place, to help people live a better life in the city” (i, 25-05, 7) Steve seems strangely dismayed at the Tory monster he has unchained, but he should draw faith in the hilarious concept that some Tories are compassionate, sensible even. Dr Sarah Woollaston (Totnes) is often hailed as a sensible Tory, and the cuts to housing benefit for people under 21 are making her squeamish:  Here’s what she says about depression: “When you’ve had a period of depression (she herself has been very public about an episode of post natal depression that she suffered from herself) it can impact catastrophically on your self-confidence, and it can lead you to a position where you feel you really can’t go back to work.  What you need is the encouragement, because for very many people it’s actually getting back into the workplace that helps restore confidence and make people feel better.  It’s about the social contact that comes with work and employment.  I don’t think it does anybody any favours to have to have a narrative around this that says that a government is being wicked if they are trying to encourage people back into the workplace.  It’s a question of whether or not that encouragement feels like a big stick, or whether it feels like it’s genuinely supportive and helpful”.  These soft Tories may make it impossible for foul DC to leave the Human Rights Act.  There may be divisions but the entire Tory party will be in the frame when we finally hear back from the United Nations over the attack by the Filth on the disabled. No one knows what effect this will have as it has never been done before in the seventy years there has been a UN, it could be a very strong weapon, it could be the strongest weapon that the people have, but its shrouded in secrecy.

Fed up by the shit and want a simple explanation. Here it is on a short You Tube video:  For anyone needing support there is still a great deal worse to come.


When we talk about human sensitivity, we can look at the funeral of dirty bastard Leon Brittan, which had a number of ageing fuckwits present – amongst them pierick David Mellor, awesome shmuck Nick Clegg, William Hague, Lord Lawson, Lord Turd, khazar Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Lord Lamont and putz Kenneth Clarke.  The sheer scale of the miscreants caught in the net of Operation Hydrant, is a seering indictment of our shameful Establishment.


Sinn Fein, the North Irish Green Party and the SDLP had a look at the bloody altar and were rightly disgusted, now they are displaying a moral conscience in Northern Ireland, and refusing rightly to sign up to a Tory agenda of welfare cuts. In the words of Martin McGuinness: “The current crisis has come about solely through the actions of the British government; it could only be resolved by the actions of the British government. They have attacked the most vulnerable in society, slashed the budget for public services and undermined the credibility of these institutions. There is still time for the parties and the British government to deliver a new budget that delivers.”   Its leaving a black hole of £600000000 and has created a political crisis in Northern Ireland. In the words of Alex Attwood from SDLP: “Pull the Bill. Tell London to put their welfare penalties where they should be – in the bin.”:  Thank goodness some people have a conscience. Its giving disgusting DC a headache.

As we drift further down the uncharted waters of shit creek, ukip’s racism, the ties of ukip with racist organisations is exposed.  But the daily mob has upset the nebbish Douglas Carswell as he was surrounded by angry folk in Central London on 28-05-15. The racist said he had been left “in a state of shock” after he was confronted by demonstrators who chanted “Ukip scum” at him before he was escorted away by police. He said: “It got extremely, extremely nasty. Their intentions were pretty murderous and I needed a lot of police officers to prevent them from attacking me. “I was stunned. I think MPs should be able to go about their business. It was incredibly intimidating. It was like a lynch mob on the streets of London. I thought this was a country where we had democracy and discussed the issues.” What do you mean mate? Do you mean like the whole moral basis of the austerity agenda? Carswell is scum.

It is difficult for hardened activists to praise the police, but I salute comrades in Old Bill who are a part of our fight, who have been rubbished, demeaned and demoralised by the hideous government, and ultimately it is police professionalism that is being sacrificed on the fucking altar. Rightly, in this situation the police have released this short film. When the law has become a bloody joke it is impossible for the police to work, and now we have super schlump Grayling forcing poor people who have done benefit fraud to have a ten year custodial sentence, while those incriminated in the enormous robbery by tax evading bastards never even get a slap on the wrists.  Here are eleven of the most stupid benefit sanctions in uk. Old Bill has been hard at work in North London, seizing the possessions of rough sleepers. Police seized blankets, sleeping bags and food donated by kind locals. One of the men targeted in the action, Adam Jaskowiak, pleaded with officers to be allowed to keep his possessions for warmth. The  34-year-old said: “They [the police officers] were just taking the sleeping bags and chucking out everything. I asked to keep it, and the food, but they said ‘No’. “I just grabbed as many of my things as possible and put them into a bag and ran.” Police later confirmed that the cruel intervention was part of a co-ordinated effort to “reduce the negative impact of rough sleepers”. But I don’t care what rubbish they will say, my interest is social justice, justice is what the police are for, you would think by now that the force understood the low esteem it is held in by the Filth. By taking the side of the Filth, ordinary people will hate and distrust officers. Shame on you Old Bill. As evil May draws up her next round of attacks against the police: it is worth considering the current soaring sexual assault figures on London Transport which have gone up by 35% since the cuts.


One of very few MPs I admire is Michael Meacher. While decent people like Meacher, Corbyn and Lavery exist in the Labour party, there remains hope for Labour. Meacher is bloody angry about UK inequality, and the fact that there is now a whole generation who are voiceless: “Those marginalised by these trends are forced to be creative to get the powerful to listen. They cannot rely on the mainstream media which are largely the plaything of a few privileged oligarchs, so they bypass it with social media. They tweet out their situation, argue their case, appeal for solidarity and resources, and ask others to build pressure on their corporate tormentors and on local and national politicians – including Russell Brand, an important emblem of this grassroots campaign. Democracy no longer listens to them, but local struggles particularly over housing led by working class women in Focus E15 and the New Era fightback last year are increasingly making themselves felt across the country. If Labour is to regain its role as their representative, it has a huge job ahead getting in touch with them, listening to them, and taking part actively and enthusiastically in whatever campaigns they feel will meet their needs.” 

Thankfully democracy is still rife in Europe, and if Labour are to stand any chance they will have to take a leaf from Podemos Here is some Pablo Iglesias from Podemos: “Politics is not what you or I would like it to be. It is what it is, and it is terrible. Terrible. And that’s why we must talk about popular unity, and be humble. Sometimes you have to talk to people who don’t like your language, with whom the concepts you use to explain don’t resonate. What does that tell us? That we have been defeated for many years. Losing all the time implies just that: that people’s “common sense” is different [from what we think is right]. But that is not news. Revolutionaries have always known that. The key is to succeed in making “common sense” go in a direction of change. César Rendueles, a very smart guy, says most people are against capitalism, and they don’t know it. Most people defend feminism and they haven’t read Judith Butler or Simone de Beauvoir. Whenever you see a father doing the dishes or playing with his daughter, or a grandfather teaching his grandkid to share his toys, there is more social transformation in that than in all the red flags you can bring to a demonstration. And if we fail to understand that those things can serve as unifiers, they will keep laughing at us. That’s how the enemy wants us. He want us small, speaking a language no one understands, in a minority, hiding behind our traditional symbols. He is delighted with that, because he knows that as long as we are like that, we are not dangerous. We can have a really radical discourse, say we want to do a general wildcat strike, talk about the people in arms, brandish symbols, carry portraits of the great revolutionaries to our demonstrations — they are delighted with that! They laugh at us. However, when you gather together hundreds, thousands of people, when you start convincing the majority, even those who voted for the enemy — that’s when they start to be afraid. And that is called “politics.” That is what we need to learn. There was a fellow here who talked about the Soviets in 1905. There was that bald guy – a genius. He understood the concrete analysis of a concrete situation. In a time of war, in 1917, when the regime had crashed in Russia, he said a very simple thing to the Russians, whether they were soldiers, peasants, or workers. He said: “bread and peace.” And when he said “bread and peace,” which is what everyone wanted — for the war to be over and to have enough to eat — many Russians who had no idea whether they were “left” or “right” but did know that they were hungry, they said: “The bald guy is right.” And the bald guy did very well. He didn’t talk to the Russians about “dialectical materialism,” he talked to them about “bread and peace.” And that is one of the main lessons of the twentieth century. Trying to transform society by mimicking history, mimicking symbols, is ridiculous. There is no repeating other countries’ experiences, past historical events. The key is to analyze processes, history’s lessons. And to understand that at each point in time, “bread and peace,” if it is not connected to what people think and feel, is just repeating, as farce, a tragic victory from the past.”

We can conclude with some lines from Johnny Void: “Yet even the ferocious anger of the urban youth largely passed them by.  Just a blip they imagined, the plebs letting off a bit of steam.  So cossetted and pampered have their lives been so far that they think we will continue to accept any indignity.  That we will work for peanuts, or nothing at all, and let them sack us on a whim and jail us if we strike.  That we will continue to pay them huge rents to live in hovels and willingly accept being socially cleansed from our homes and communities. That the champagne will flow forever and their lives remain undisturbed as they steal the very world from beneath our feet. Only a few of the pampered elite have looked to history and realised that this situation cannot last.  That the rage of the working class has conquered dynasties and empires centuries old in the past. That no army, or fucking copper will save them when they finally push too far.  And they will only have themselves to blame when the pitchforks eventually come.”  

Bloody Sacrifice

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