Ticking Time Bomb

A sign of the times has been bald statements from drek Steve Hilton. “Democracy is in crisis: it seems to serve the people no longer, but rather vested interests.” The more money you have, “the more government pays attention to your concerns”. And, of course: “Our democracies are increasingly captured by a ruling class that seeks to perpetuate its privileges.”    With disgusting DC about to let rip like never before on behalf of the shameless elite, its a time when the people of UK will have to take a hard look at the moral compass. A lot has been written about what might happen this year:   although no one really can know the future horror which lies in the toxic end of shit creek. The toxic end of the creek will have the collapse of the NHS. Of course it does not have to be this way. 

Under the emergency budget of the monster Osborne, local government will see much greater cuts, of course they will not be finished even then, they have to cut 60% more still. With dark humour, Tory councils are now getting squeamish about the pinch. In the words of brilliant Hencke: “The Conservative victors have every reason to be apprehensive. Local government has borne a disproportionate share of the cuts under the now departed Eric Pickles and George Osborne is introducing an emergency budget in July. The Treasury often prefer to land local government which supplies personal services with big cuts to spare some of the lobbying from anxious Whitehall departments. I predict that we are going to see some very radical changes to services. Private companies like Capita must be rubbing their hands with glee and many councils may have to follow the London borough of Barnet and outsource the entire council to private companies. People will soon find out that the only way to contact their council will be by a call centre – if they are lucky in England – but if unlucky in Bangalore or Chennai. The Tory victors could end up being defeated by their own austerity policies.”   An LGA (Local Goverment Association) report recently published concludes: “The Government must recognise that local government is fast approaching a state where, under the current circumstances, continued efficiency savings alone are not enough to tackle funding cuts for some councils.”   The brutal cuts so far have pushed councils to the brink.  The LGA also criticised the chancellor for failing to protect social care budgets, warning the system is ‘stretched to breaking point’. Cllr Sparks said: ‘Investing money in the NHS while forcing councils to cut their social care budgets is simply a false economy.’ 

Doctors are irate at the shit being shovelled at the NHS by the ruling class. The idea of a reform to the NHS to make it a seven day service has rightly been shot down as the pile of shit it is by GPs. Doctors can say a thing about health far better than a Tory, yes Tories stuck their knives in the service in any way they could, and that’s what they will be continuing, but its the medics who have to pick up the pieces and try to stick the frayed edges together. Doctors are rightly livid at seeing the system they turned into a machine of world excellence destroyed by a bunch of greedy sanctimonious self-important fuckwits . The NHS is now so rife with ignored problems that its on life support, and the beheima cannot wait to switch it off. The next five years will be rough for the NHS if it lasts, from the words of Dr Zoe Norris: “I’m no expert Mr Cameron, but I think your business plan is shocking. It is going to fail. It is going to push the NHS to collapse, and we are already teetering dangerously on the brink. Push it into the hands of private providers. Which the cynic in me says is your endgame. Staff in the NHS are worried. We are worried for our jobs. Worried for our patients. Worried that you are still missing the point – that the NHS should be providing excellent core healthcare services to the population. It needs investment in staff, because caring for sick people cannot be done by a computer or an algorithm. It cannot be done by cutting corners. It needs dedicated individuals who are valued by a realistic public who know there are limits to what taxes can provide and who don’t have their expectations built up to levels equivalent to private healthcare. Who are told to take responsibility for their own health by the government, not pandered to in order to win votes. I can’t see my bank manager at the weekend. I can’t see a solicitor or an accountant. I can call a vet, or a plumber, and pay a fee commensurate with their expertise. Their business model doesn’t work like your proposals for a reason. They provide ample opportunities during the week for their customers – which you and Mr Hunt seem to frequently insist on calling patients – to see and contact them. If you were realistic and invested more than a miserly 8% of the NHS budget into primary care, we could do the same because we would have more doctors. We could improve the Out of Hours provision by getting clinical staff into the NHS111 service, and covering the ridiculous indemnity costs for doctors at the same time. If you sat down and talked to staff in the ambulance service, A&E departments, acute medicine, and radiology they would tell you what they need to offer the essential emergency care that is required. What they wouldn’t tell you is that they expect to see routine cases at the “customers” convenience seven days a week. You need to clarify your intentions to the public and the NHS quickly. All you and Mr Hunt did on Monday was increase the panic, the uncertainty, and the number of resignations.”  But don’t worry people, you don’t have to be a medical professional to see the shit raining down from the greatest height, as we drift further and further up the creek its only going to rain harder. One thing the Doctors do not directly articulate is that with the re-election of the Filth, the NHS is now a ticking time bomb. The pressure intensifies with every closure. A decision was made to close the maternity unit at Ealing Hospital (West London) today (21-05-15). Anti-closure campaigner Eve Turner said “They have no interest in Ealing mums, especially the most deprived in Greenford and Southall, who will have to travel outside the area for appointments and to have their babies. There are no guarantees the excellent one-to-one support by Ealing midwives will be available” Evening Standard, London, 21-05-15).


Housing has become a ticking time bomb, the problem will become greatly increased by the lowering the benefit cap from £25000 to £23000, the revised cap will catch lots of people, as the cap is lower more people will get caught. As the anonymous article goes on to say: “One thing we do know about the British economy is that rents are sticky. I would guess that the frictions in the housing market would be significant enough to mean that we saw plenty of evictions (which destroy the cost-effectiveness of the scheme, as the evicted families have to be housed in expensive temporary accommodation), plenty of arrears, downward pressure on house prices and real danger of a meltdown in the social housing sector. I’m not sure this one has been brilliantly thought through“.  Its another ticking time bomb. Making it illegal to be homeless is another disgusting ploy from the Establishment, its even spread to Hackney (London). Thank goodness we have not got these dirty regulations in Walthamstow, but despite petitions in Oxford they are still pushing for a ban (Change.org petition update 21-05-15). This idea of making homeless people illegal in various areas is a shameful notion, imported from USA by the filth, like all the other crap they’ve hoisted on us from there. The disgusting extension of the right to buy scheme will be exacerbating the anger on the streets, and is rightly hated by Housing Associations, its even got Borisconi waffling nervously. But recently the Tories blocked the release of a document showing the likely economic impact of the policy.    With three jobs Borisconi  has bitten more off than he can chew, and is challenged by Tories in Uxbridge and South Ruislip. 

The exposure of the Paedophile ring at the heart of Westminster is a ticking time bomb on the entire establishment. So far in the investigations  the officer leading Operation Hydrant inquiry says out of 1,433 alleged offenders 76 were politicians, 43 were from music industry and 135 were from TV, film or radio, with new cases being added to the investigations daily.  It comes at a time the freak Theresa May is butchering the police service.  This government are alienating the police by not listening to a word they say.  Theresa May has shown she has zero respect for the police, its left top brass seething with rage,  because they know that the massive cuts have kick started a ticking time bomb which they will be tasked with.

UKIP is a facet of shit creek, kind of like a side effect – like having diarrhea after drinking too much booze. UKIP plans for the NHS have not been given full consideration, any more than the claims that UKIP is to the left of the Filth. Its even got hypocrite Douglas Carswell in a state – the singular UKIP MP actually thinks UKIP could displace Labour in the North of England, and this is only possible until the British Lion wakes up. Its a sign of how much trouble UKIP are in, that they are having to pretend they support ordinary folk in order to push a right wing agenda. The UKIP are running out of time because the British Lion is starting to roar. I will be at the huge anti austerity march on 20 June, I urge everyone to be there:   When the time bomb does blow, UKIP will be a part of the implosion. Young people, deeply involved in fucking DC’s butchery of Britain are now making plans for militant action.

Its hard to imagine Universal Credit actually working, its not been designed to work, its hard to imagine that any thought has gone in it. But if it does happen then women will be hit hard. Universal Credit will greatly increase domestic violence:  Its a sign of the vast contempt disgusting DC has for British values  that this toffee nosed scum thinks he can fuck over the people of Great Britain so royally and get away with it. Already there is mass strike action imminent, in the recent words of Serwotka: “We don’t have to accept defeat as an inevitable state of affairs for the next five years. “We not only need united, co-ordinated action, but we need common demands and common negotiations and industrial action strategies. We need to be prepared to fight like never before. If we do that, we can look forward to the future with confidence. If we look inward, we will regret it for generations to come.”  The question is, just how militant can Red Len be? Will Red Len break the law?  There are voices saying Red Len will never break the law, they point at hot air, but Red Len is angry and in his position he has nothing to lose, here is some recent Red Len: “A union’s job is to fight for working people’s rights. If, in the year in which we mark the anniversary of Magna Carta, the government wants to challenge fundamental rights of the citizen, then I believe they will be facing not just the trade union movement, but a huge section of our civil society. When the law is misguided, when it oppresses the people and removes their freedoms, can we respect it? I am not really posing the question. I’m giving you the answer. It ain’t going to happen.”  I think Red Len may now be ready to be more militant. It looks like Unite is set to merge with PCS.  The super union is the right move to fight austerity.  Red Len will be aware that civil disobedience and direct action are the only things which topple governments:  In the words of the activist Phoenix Rainbow: ““There is already a mass movement of people that want to change our unfair, undemocratic and unsustainable system. Our democracy is a broken shambles. What you are going to see over the next few years is a mass mobilisation of people who want change and the power moving back to the street. Most people in Britain have had enough and this is just the beginning.”  None of the candidates for the Labour leadership excite Red Len, the new Labour line up do not impress, they’re all shades of Blair, even Burnham.   Fortunately posh schmo Tristram Cunt has withdrawn from the leadership race. Its an area where alter kaker Lord Mandelson is unable to shut the fuck up, stupidly driveling of Red Ed fighting a “class war” election (I, 20-05-15, 6).  The clear result of the General Election was a massive loss for the people of Wales, England and Northern Ireland. Readers are urged to sign this petition, calling for a different electoral system in UK.  Until Labour can nail the Tory lies about the deficit and the bloody debt, then Labour is going nowhere and I don’t think it deserves a hearing either.

In the words of Rob Sewell: “Such draconian austerity cuts will mean that the Tory government will very soon face massive opposition. Anger will turn into rage. We could have riots, as in 2011. There will be social upheaval. Unrest will be widespread as people take to the streets. The previous warnings of social unrest by high-ranking police chiefs will become a reality. Already, since the election last week, there have been mass spontaneous protests in various cities against the Tories and their austerity programme. Workers and youth will be drawing radical and even revolutionary conclusions. Such a prospect did not materialise under the Coalition given the role of the Labour and trade union leaders. They were desperate to keep a lid on the situation. Rather than calling a general strike, they limited the struggle to limited selected strikes that served to demoralise and frustrate the rank and file. They utterly failed to give expression to the real mood in society. Now things will reach boiling point, as indicated by events in Scotland. People have already had more than enough of cuts. They were promised a recovery but they will not get one. Defeated on the electoral front, the workers will look increasingly to the industrial front. The trade union leaders will again attempt to hold back the mood. But they will face massive pressure from below. A failure to act will only lead to unofficial and illegal action, as well as occupations. It the union leaders continue to resist, they will be replaced by those who reflect the new militant mood.” With the  schlemiel Osborne has already beginning his process of eye watering cuts, with hatred quickly building up to historic levels, he knows he cannot waste time, even the freak Osborne is can hear the bomb ticking.

Ticking Time Bomb

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