Crisis is now appearing in all areas trashed by the Filth. Strikes are about to abound before the Filth push through their anti union laws. Nurses are being forced to strike, and in the next few weeks there are a flurry of strikes with Network Rail staff, North Sea Oil workers, National Gallery staff (London) and teachers.  But every cloud has a silver lining, as the smug sanctimonious nebbish Brandon Lewis (Tory Great Yarmouth) explains (in a personal email): “The next five years present a real challenge, both to Great Yarmouth and the UK. Locally, I want to ensure that our schools and health service receive the level of funding that they require to continue to improve. The level of unemployment, which has fallen by 43% since 2010, needs to continue to fall. I want to see our energy and tourism industries keep growing, along with our high streets.” Brandon’s jovial message joins the predictions of Dave Penman, the head of the FDA – a union representing senior civil servants, who says that over the next five years, in order for the Filth to complete their deficit programme they will be cutting 100000 jobs, 30000 from the DWP. The 6500000 people who are now members of trade unions will be under various restrictions about striking under the new law being pushed by yutz Sajid Javid. The figures pushed by Javid can be directly contrasted with the very low mandates won by Tory politicians, such as the 17% for bumptious bum-hole  Borisconi in the London mayoral race. 

Credit is given by the enemy site Conservative Home to the job done by slimy kucker Jeremy Cunt.  The fact that Tories have been re-elected for the final stretch of shit creek, demonstrates how little ordinary folk took any interest in the NHS. I campaigned for weeks with 38 degrees, and while hundreds of thousands of us took to the streets, 99% of folk could only give me a vacuous stare. I went on NHS marches in Ealing, in Walthamstow, in Lewisham, in Tottenham and my anger turned to cynicism. I began to consider that if the people outside our fighting campaigns took no interest, then they did not deserve a wonderful national service. People point out that everyone will be angry when the service is gone, but after the NHS in meltdown has been central stage at the general election and the people still don’t give a fuck, then it makes me wonder what it will take. The answer is that it will take collapse. The beleaguered staff working under extraordinary pressure in the NHS front-line will not hold out forever. Under the Tory financial stranglehold on the service experts predict an imminent financial collapse.  Unless Jeremy Cunt can pull a radical solution from his toff top hat, the whole service will be crashing. But it doesn’t seem like the politicians are taking note – so we have dirty DC talking ludicrously about a seven day NHS, as if everything in the medical garden is rosy.  Its possible that the government could find the £2000000000 sticking plaster by the end of year to prevent collapse, which Red Ed used to describe.
 The Kings Fund warns that a financial crisis is now inevitable by 2015-16, and could come even earlier.   This ties in directly to the warnings of Sir David Nicholson, the former head of the NHS, who tells us that Jo Public has been kept in the dark about how bad it really is.  So, we can all wring our hands but Sir David reckons that August is the time for the crisis to impact. Amidst all the pontificating there is one thing we can by crystal clear on – that with the grotesque waste on nuclear weapons – £110000000000 – the NHS crisis is a crisis of the government’s own choosing – they made this happen.  just so they could keep their seat on the fucking global security council. The priorities of this government will be scrutinized.
There seems to be a nuclear crisis looming, though its impossible for us minor mortals to assess the impact and veracity of the statement of William McNeilly.  Certainly no one would be surprised that regulations are not being followed. This problem looks set to explode on the Tories in time for the global financial crisis, as this anonymous writer puts it: “…what if there is a sudden crisis or downturn? What tools are available to the government or the Bank of England with which to ameliorate the crisis? Interest rates can’t be cut much lower – they are zero bound. Government borrowing is apparently a no-no. And as Frances Coppola argues, more so-called QE is going to have publicly owned central banks “owning all of the world’s government debt” – and a fair amount of private debt. The fact is that Gordon Brown, Alastair Darling, George Osborne together with Mervyn King and Mark Carney have more or less exhausted the tools and policies available to the UK government with which to tackle the next crisis. And given the latest global market volatility, that might be imminent.” 
There are now unexploded bombs about to derail the government. A big one is the housing crisis, where the government is making matters worse, its a problem the Tories cannot solve with their broken ideology.  The probation staff writing in the blog Probation Matters make this astute observation: “Most who comment on here have a sense of social conscience. Whether it’s Gove, Grayling or any other ‘officer’ of our neolibreral right wing government is almost irrelevant. The issue is ideology plain and simple. It’s not the person charged with the ‘enforcement’ of that ideology that rankles people most, it’s the ideology itself that most people find abhorrent. These next five years of ideological doctrine will no doubt spell out the Tory parties ‘final solution’ for public services. Gove, Grayling who cares, they’re just figureheads in different offices, delivering an ideological paradigm that 80% of the population don’t actually agree with or want. Extraordinarily its even got seething Hungarian fascist Stephen Hilton warning of a crisis of democracy.  It comes at the same time as the policing crisis.  A paramilitary force in the event of NHS collapse will be as much use as a chocolate teapot.
Say no to a £15000000 museum for original greedy shmuck – Margaret Thatcher.
Its possible that Andy Burnham might become the Labour party leader, the Unions seem to be pushing him.  At least Andy comes from an ordinary background,  unlike toff pierik Tristram Cunt. If Andy became the preferred Labour candidate The Vent would not change its endorsement. Right now this is Left Unity. Andy is still has a minor connection to the tukhes lecher Tony Blair, and was given an endorsement by waste of space Rachel Reeves, but he has won a lot of Labour support.  While Labour has politicians of the calibre of Joe Anderson, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn it is not dead in the water. Nonetheless the pathetic Labour response to austerity is forcing Red Len to contemplate the unthinkable – and severing the ties of Labour with Unite.
So what do so many concurrent crises actually mean? What it means is volatility – that something can occur and trigger a number of other devastating situations. If the NHS collapses there is no plan, the only plan is to hope for the best. Tories believe they are above the law, but they have no control of the future. In this stretch of shit creek there is no plan except to hope for the best. Its uncharted territory, its like a foreign landscape.

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