The maelstrom is a dangerous place, it has savage, uncontrollable under currents. The ferocity cannot be comprehended because we have never had to see anything like it before, but we have to remember the words of Johnny Void – “when people have nothing to lose they have everything to gain”. The capitalism of vicious trout Priti Patel, a co-writer of Britannia Unchained has no place for joy, these monsters want to ban joy – they want us to work until the very end of our lives  In the words of the motley writers of Britannia Unchanged : “The British are among the worst idlers in the world. We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor. Whereas Indian children aspire to be doctors or businessmen, the British are more interested in football and pop music.”   “Football and pop music” – what the fuck are you playing at – you’re not making money – that’s for sure. Priti Patel is now employment minister at the DWP, she will be in charge of sanctions and sickness benefit assessments, she is full of hatred for humanity.


You wont hear any alarm bells ringing during the indiscernible slip into the swirling current of the maelstrom, but it can be measured with the many signs now being recorded. As the toffs still quaff champagne Labour has begun soul searching.  Its caused Lord Sugar to leave Labour.  The Vent does not hate the smug self-righteous millionaire Lord Sugar, Lord Sugar is an example to us that social mobility can work, just like the ‘Marxist’ John Major, and the seething shmegegge Richard Littlejohn. Humour surrounds Lord Sugar, but Lord Sugar is no clown like Borisconi – Borisconi was born with a silver spoon up his arse. The Labour leadership race could last for the whole summer,  but with tedious and pathetic contenders like Chuka Umunna and Tristram Hunt, I cannot see disgusting DC feeling a pitchfork up his Saville Row tukkus any time soon. Various jokers from Blue Labour seem determined to drag Labour to the right – as if this is needed

A central organisation displaying all the signs of lurching is the NHS. From the I (12/05/15): “Hundreds of patients are being taken to hospital by police because ambulances failed to arrive in time, new figures have revealed. Following a Freedom of Information request the Metropolitan Police revealed that it was forced to transport people to hospital on 903 occasions last year”. With the NHS facing a financial disaster in 2015,  the organisation is now on life support. Sir David Nicholsen, a former head of the NHS says that a huge financial black hole will become apparent in the Autumn.  I spent weeks campaigning for the NHS with other brilliant workers from 38 degrees – we watched millions of apathetic, cynical people file past. Yes there were signatures, but the very same people who could not give a toss will be the ones shouting, moaning and crying as the edifice crumbles and we enter the terrifying crucible. Alarm bells are ringing in the NE of England, where the crisis is spiking.  All the doctors will agree on one thing – that when there is a crisis for an extended period, then there will be a collapse after. Tory MPs will tell people that they can do something constructive about the problems. Take for example Tory Sarah Newton (Truro and Falmouth) who was returned with a 14000 majority. She says ludicrously that tackling the crisis at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust will be her first priority with the troubled hospital lurching from a red alert to a black alert, with financial problems and bed blocking issues.


Money is set to be a major issue in the next five years. According to the Metro (London, 12/05/15): “(Banks) could topple like dominos, found experts who used computer models to plot the effects of a new crisis. Lenders in Britain and Germany appeared resilient, but banks in France, Spain and Italy were vulnerable. The University of Portsmouth’s Dr Nikos Paltalidis who led the research, said the findings contradicted previous studies. “Similar to the pre 2009 period, systemic risk is being enormously underestimated,” he said.” The European referendum could be instrumental in this process.

Cuts to the police service will impact on the strength of the force, right at the time they will have to face people power. People power is a terrifying force. But damp squib red Len will no longer be at the helm of Unite, during the crucible? Silver tongued nebbish Sajid Javed is the man ascribed to deal with the problem.  Someone in the position of Red Len could set the crucible on fire, you know it will be really hot by then, if we go that far. 


Its a sign of the broken politics that iconic Russell Brand is standing for the Greens as the mayor of London.  Everyone knows the priapic populist will do a far better job than bumbling buffoon Borisconi. Despite the changes, there will be plenty of continuity as we join the roaring whirl. Racist klutz Nigel Farage will be staying on to lead UKIP,  Michael Gove returns to the cabinet, appointed as justice minister after seething mamzer Chris Grayling .  Straight away the evil nudnik is talking about bringing back hanging.  The Vent is actually an advocate of hanging Tories, yet this is probably not what the fuckwit has in mind. Gove will be trying to get rid of the Human Rights Act, sign this petition to stop the foaming yutz.  Nasty Nigel has changed from being ‘cheerful, ebullient, cheeky and daring’ to being snarling, thin-skinned, aggressive”  There is now a civil war in UKIP, and its not the first time that Farage has been accused of trying to run a ‘personality cult‘.  In the hilarious words of Matthew Holehouse of UKIP: He is very deceitful. He is a backstabber. He falls out with people, treads on them and walks on. This is the last time he does that. I hope he will be gone by the end of the week.” Yet there is no doubt that UKIP took votes from the left.


From their inexhaustible supply of shmuks the Filth have chosen their new minister for disabled people – Justin Tomlinson, MP of North Swindon, someone who clearly hates disabled people. Its no surprise to us, we’ve have to endure these freaks ever since the excuse for humanity Maria Miller. In every area the nebbish Tomlinson has shown his contempt for disabled people.  While Killer Miller was more hated even than Harper, or the repulsive thug Mike Penning, this member of the Filth brigade could top them.

Just as Britannia has now become Unchained  to quote from the hideous book of the dismal 2010 Tory intake, so too the Filth have unleashed their bulldogs on the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and anyone down on their luck. In the crucible of the revolution, we will have to imagine just how much filth, how much degradation, how much inhumanity we will have to see. How many people will have to die before the people speak. By 2018 no one in UK will be able to sleep walk any longer, but will grimacing putz Nigel Farage still be posing with his pint and fag? will the cauldron of civil unrest have boiled over? How many people with specks of social conscience will be reaching for the pitchfork? How many dismal tales of fear and degradation  will we have to acknowledge before the Tory lie of austerity is exposed? In the words of Lindsay German: “The Tories are cock-a-hoop now but they have major problems ahead. They do not have the base of support to carry through really unpopular attacks, unless we let them, instead, we have to build a huge movement against them. That starts with the People’s Assembly demo on June 20th. It includes support for strikes such as the National Gallery civil servants and the proposed rail strike. It will encompass housing, benefit cuts, the anti-war movement and anti racist struggles. They can all be woven into one big and inclusive movement which can begin to turn the tide.”  Solidarity is a key, never give up, these bastards can only be defeated by tireless fighting. Certainly this government will take UK to the brink and beyond of falling apart.  As brilliant OJ also tells us, we must redouble our efforts and be organised.  But the decent folk of UK are really shining out.


Despite wasting £400000 in legal fees, some of the black spider memos have been published. The memos show the close interaction of the royal nebbish Charlie Windsor, campaigning on all kinds of issues, always being treated with the greatest respect and deference, such as the sycophantic phrases of  Blairite bastard Charles Clarke: “I have the honour to be, Sir, Your Royal Highness’s most obedient servant”. In the words of the Guardian: “ In a single letter in February 2005, he urged a badger cull to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis – damning its opponents as “intellectually dishonest”; lobbied for his preferred person to be appointed to crack down on the mistreatment of farmers by supermarkets; proposed his own aide to brief Downing Street on the design  of new hospitals; and urged Blair to tackle a European Union directive limiting the use of herbal alternative medicines use in the UK.”  We can compare this preferential deferential treatment with the Barkers who were so starving they were caught sifting through rubbish for something to eat and were duly prosecuted by the unctious staff of Tesco in Sunderland.  When desperate poor people are forced to steal baby food and nappies, all decent people can do is wring their hands. 


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