Some people say we are already in the abyss, but they are wrong. After the election, any party wedded to austerity will lead us directly into the abyss. No one has a clue what is up shit creek, they make budgetary projections, but they are now concentrating only on two issues – the economy and the NHS. With the polls so close we could easily fall in, and we could even end up with more fascists running the asylum. 

Tories ignore the abyss, they will tell you its conjecture. But when the outstanding nebbish dirty DC threw open Pandora’s box, something got out, and that thing will not go back in without a revolution. Timid Red Ed with his austerity-lite manifesto isn’t going to do anything to stop it. He may not be a bastard, but the champagne socialist will be keeping Universal Credit, Workfare, the bloody Benefit Cap and the legal aid reforms. He’s going to do nothing about Education with useless khamer Tristram Cunt. Bash the bankers – don’t make me laugh, under Labour its kick the poor hard. Thats why Labour are planning to maintain the lowest Corporation Tax in G7.  In their fixed term parliaments, whoever wins the election will be kidding themselves that they can have austerity at the same time as an NHS. The fix time parliament act (FTPA) has never been tested in anger, which is important as the act has loopholes, it is not incredible that it could lead to a massive constitutional crisis at the GE. It is notable that the elections for the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly are on different dates to the GE – which could be relevant if the grinning peirik Farage implodes. With 22 days to go, its wide open like one of appalling fuckwit George Osborne’s open goals. The FTPA was a mistake by dirty DC, in his sloppy way the shmendrik thought he had sown it up, but in his haste to rupture British democracy he’s made one error after another. The FTPA, just like the dirty Gagging Bill (Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill) is likely to spectacularly back-fire and awake the British lion. 

As witty Ward describes it: “It’s called austerity economics running out of road…despite Help to Buy trying to create a Ring of Confidence around the British housing market. George may well be about to disappear up his own ring: the index of production output across all sectors is just 0.1% up year on year, his pledge to wipe out the trade deficit was 50% out, and his “determination” to rebalance the economy has failed completely….we’re more dependent on services today that we were when the Coalition took power five years ago. And of course, the national debt is rising inexorably. Does any of this matter? Probably not: the snoring voters have been given nothing in the way of dramatic presentation by the Ed Miller Band to wake them up to the dangers ahead.”  The clumsy gonif Balls wants to see the abyss, no wonder he hates the thought of the SNP so much but then they would put him out of a job. Having lost so much ground in the polls UKIP are now concentrating their efforts on just ten seats.
Tories ignored the abyss, they think its irrelevant, but their plan to sell all our social housing is morally indefensible and economically illiterate.  Tories don’t care about illiteracy, as they have shown countlessly money trumps every other consideration. While voices from the right have been slagging off Red Ed for years,  the shmendriks have little they can offer when people talk about a positive campaign, under the khaiser Crosby its as relentlessly negative as UKIP. The sell of our social housing has was discussed by stalwart Jon Snow on Channel 4 with the little dreck Michael Gove.  Jon Snow suggested to the Conservative chief whip that the Tory right-to-buy proposals had “the stink of social cleansing… These people are being bled out of London. They’re being pushed to places like Milton Keynes and the rest of it.” The former education secretary replied: “I admire your passion but I’m afraid your answer is completely wrong. And also the sideswipe at Milton Keynes is entirely gratuitous – it’s a very attractive city.”   Tories are trying very hard to break from their negative script, but its now too little, too late.  Tories are so out of touch they thought that extending the right to buy scheme would win them votes, but its already backfiring with housing associations warning of legal action.  Yet filthy DC manages to keep a straight face when he denies the Tories are the party of the rich.  The fuckwit DC thinks the electorate is stupid enough to believe him when he says that he cares about poor and vulnerable people. Here are some weasel words from the kafin kup:  “This makes me more angry than almost anything else. We’ve taken three million of the lowest paid people out of tax. Actually it’s the people at the bottom end that I care about. That’s what this government has been about.” 
One Tory who is very critical of the government is Lord Skidelsky, who sees what other leading Tories pretend not to see But he is not unique, Tories hate each other Here is filthy DC being asked by Jon Snow why so many Tories hate him in 2014. But hang on, bumptious bastard Borisconi has a great reason to vote Tory: “Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3.” 

The devious shtunk grind the organ of Goebbels without missing a trick. In breadline Britain the media pull the strings. If we fall in the abyss, UKIP is unlikely to play a major part in that, the UKIP vote is flopping now (14-04).  But the bigot is getting more TV adverts than the Greens, OfCom have decreed.  Speed is of the essence, its no wonder that bloody DC is looking at clamping down on civil liberties asap.  As the abyss of UKIP, Liberals, Tory or Labour beckon it can be directly counterbalanced by decent Wood, Bennet and Sturgeon.  These three women are an inspiration at this dark time. The media prominence of UKIP has played a major part in the development of class war in UK. 
Witty Ward has brought an inconsistency to the Vent radar, talking about the ‘massive’ oil fields which have been discovered in Tory areas. Neoliberal shtik dreks are lining up a large chunk of England for drilling, the cowboys say there is gold in the hills, well they do and they don’t.  If we fall in the abyss, then this will be a major battleground. Tory’s grossly under-estimate the effect of their environmental vandalism on their traditional voting base. If it gets that far, it will be a complete eye opener. The very people who complained of the erotic sounding “sexual volcano” in 2013, will not be amused when their ancient walls wobble, or in the words of Tory nebbish Mike Fallon: ‘We are going to see how thick their rectory walls are, whether they like the flaring at the end of the drive!’  Tory’s love the idea of taking us to the past, but history can teach us lessons. In the words of Lance Corporal Jack Jones: “They don’t like it up ’em!” Tories need it up them, like a massive boot in the backside of Westminster. But the good people of the Tory shires will be forbidden from protesting as disgusting DC lines up his civil liberty clampdown But will it be too late to express the rage? The UKIP 2015 manifesto is full of statements revealing a wilful ignorance of environmental issues.
UKIP and Borisconi are enormous canaries in the mine, which are warning signs of the abyss. Despite the zeal of ideological austerity, the reality is that money is not a problem. Its no wonder the UKIP plan to increase spending on defence.  If UKIP were in parliament we would be in the abyss. For years dirty DC has been training the military in riot control at Lydd, Kent.  So while harking back to the 1940s the putz is on the brink. Its just what the UK needs, with woeful Borisconi waiting poised in the wings. In a stunning endorsement, this is what Borisconi says of UKIP: “I can hardly condemn UKIP as a bunch of boss-eyed, foam-flecked Euro hysterics, when I have been sometimes not far short of boss-eyed, foam-flecked hysteria myself.”   Borisconi and Farage share traits, with both posturing as populists, but if they are ever in parliament together you will know we are in the abyss, and there will be no easy exit. Nonetheless the drek Farage is lining up foul DC in a possible coalition.
Another city commentator is talking Vent rhetoric, this time its Albert Edwards. Reiterating the warnings of witty Ward Albert Edwards he writes: “As the UK general election rapidly approaches, we take a look at the UK economic situation. We say what we see, and after five years of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government, the UK economy looks like a ’ticking time bomb’waiting to explode after the election….now the UK economy stands alone, up to its eyeballs in macro manure. Eventually the stench will fill the nostrils of currency markets with the inevitable result – another sterling crisis.”….To the extent the UK economy has recovered, it is not because the public sector deficit cutting has worked as the government claim, but because, for the last three years, the government has quietly abandoned all pretence at fiscal cuts, kicking the can into the next parliament,” he says.  Its getting Carney nervous, the astute Yankie can tell which way the wind is blowing.  But the greedy shits who caused the financial collapse are continuing unabated.
The media have had a success in turning this election into the economy versus the NHS, but there are now bigger issues – housing, social care, Trident, police, paedophiles, crimes against humanity, fire service, yet our phlegmatic electorate are being sold down the river.  No wonder the Establishment are terrified of Sturgeon.  As Tory nebbish Lord Bell said “I do imagine in my wildest dreams that a week before polling day everyone will realize that Nicola Sturgeon is ghastly and that they will have to vote conservative”.
 Will Leanne Wood become more important – this is one of the big questions in the run up to May 07. In the closing weeks of the election campaign will UKIP implode? In the long run, the battle for Britain has far reaching consequences for the entire world. Unless we can break the vicious circle on 07-05-15, UK will be plunged into the abyss. Nowadays any revolution will be televised. The toffs took a huge gamble when they stabbed my class in the back. 

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