To overcome fear of the powerful bullies the British people will need to stand together  – its famous – its called solidarity. Tories totally hate solidarity, as the trout Maggie said on Woman’s Own “there is no such thing as society“.  The regime of dirty DC would have really excited Maggie.  

The UKIP exploit divisions, the irony is that while they call themselves euphemistically ‘the people’s revolution’, UKIP are the enemies of the people, UKIP are the enemy of solidarity. I hate UKIP, I think Nigel Farage is a bastard, I detest seeing his smug, supercilious face on my TV screen. I enjoy reading about him losing in South Thanet.   But in reality it would be the very worst thing for the mamzer if he wins the election. As UKIP gain ground in Peterborough,  its at the detriment of the far left. To anyone watching, Farage has made it clear that the so called ‘people’s army’ is on the toff side – here he is telling people to vote Conservative in seats UKIP cannot win, its a kind of twisted solidarity.   Despite the rhetoric, grinning bastard Farage can never get away from the fact that UKIP is full of hate, from hater of disabled people Geoffrey Clark,   to woman hater Godfrey Bloom.  With so many shtunks its no surprise that pugilistic nebbish Winston McKenzie believes that Farage is like Jesus. If UKIP formed a coalition with the Tories, and the DUP were also to drink from this poisoned chalice, the scales would fall from people’s eyes, which would have powerful repercussions outside Scotland.

Abject fear is a side effect of bullying. as the oppressors start to feel uneasy. The disgrace Katie Hopkins is devoid of solidarity, fortunately she is now raked with fear, her house is rigged up to the local police station, she’s so terrified of being murdered, but that’s what happens when you drivel incessantly about dementia,  or make stupid disablist comments.  It can’t be pleasant to know that there might be solidarity, that everyone hates you, but its hard to feel sympathy for the nebbish when there as so many other prime contenders like Fester McVile, Lord Fraud or Jim Ratcliffe.

Starkey does not have solidarity, the alter cocker has loathing for the poor oozing from every orifice. Starkey was born with two club feet, which he reckons made him ‘seriously disabled’: So basically someone who knows fuck all about being disabled, tells disabled people they should not think they are victims. Fuck off Starkey you patronising woman hating shit.


Fear of solidarity from the left is leaving hated chancellor George Osborne struggling. In a recent interview over the recent unfunded pledge to put £8000000000 in the NHS he failed to say where the extra money would come from eighteen times in one interview.  The fascist shvantz Sajid Javed also got himself in trouble in the same area. Its starting to look like poor Chloe again with the beast Jeremy.  But we should not get too excited by the car crashes, as the Labour party are still committed to Welfare ‘Reform’ and to hitting the poorest the hardest Yep its the bloody fiscal responsibility that Toynbee wants us to eulogise.

A list of possible closures has been published by the Torygraph.   Mr Dilnot at the UK Statistic Authority has compounded the Tory fear at this critical time by ordering Jeremy Cunt and dirty DC to stop saying NHS spending has gone up, when it obviously has not.  Clegg appears mystified when he faced the wrath of the people at St Helier’s Hospital today (13-04-15), he left after five minutes.  Tory shlemiel Mark Lancaster loves to talk about the health of Milton Keynes Hospital, in his constituency (Election 2015 letter), but he wont be crowing once the down grade to the A and E being discussed right now, takes place.   Mr Cunt even said of it: “Having heard a lot about the hospital from Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart, I wanted to see it for myself, and I have been really impressed with what I have seen. I really think this hospital is going places. I absolutely think it has the potential to be a world-class teaching centre.”

In their terror of their gaping Achilles’ Heel, Tories have underrated legal aid, many people are rating legal aid with the NHS.  From today (13-04), people who plead guilty in or are found guilty by a Crown Court or Magistrates’ Court will face an additional fee – on top of any fines and other costs – of up to £1200 towards the running of the court. Introduced days before the dissolution of Parliament and without consultation, Tory style, the new Criminal Court Charge is neither means-tested nor linked to the severity of a defendant’s sentence. Those who plead guilty in a magistrates’ court face paying an automatic additional £150 for court costs. However, if a not-guilty plea is entered, a trial goes ahead and the defendant is subsequently convicted, this extra cost rises to £520 for a summary offence (one heard by magistrates without a jury) and £1000 for an ‘either way’ offence (one where the defendant can then either consent to be tried by the magistrates or opt for trial by jury at the Crown Court). In a Crown Court, the extra cost following a guilty plea is £900, increasing to £1200 after conviction following a trial.  Timid Red Ed has made no allusion to changing the reprehensible legal aid laws if he gets in.

If I were a Tory, I might feel fear from the impending car crash of Grayling in probation, which is now a ticking time bomb. Here are some lines from the blog Probation Matters: “We dreaded 1.6.2014, we dreaded 1.2.2015 and now 1.5.2015, and 1.10.2015 not too far off and it’s a shambles! The good news, the privateers have underestimated our clients and their legal representatives, but then I guess, trying to understand the service you’re currently trying to shaft, means you take your eye off the ball! Fuckwits!”   The catastrophe of probation could bring out solidarity, its already got warning signs.

The useless tukhes who run Annington Homes, are now sending brutish bailiffs to Sweets Way. We must support the Sweets Way campaign to stop the disgusting social cleansing of our city. Here is a petition to sign.


Fear of solidarity is racking the BBC, the BBC is full of contradiction. The many good people in the BBC counterbalance the seething fascists who must be eradicated. The organisation is not rotten to the core like the Establishment, and we can even hope for some representation at times. Tories hate the BBC, but they cannot under-estimate the potential of the BBC for propaganda. Without doubt the BBC have let the people of UK down, but the coverage of the UK election is one area where there is a semblance of honesty.


Despite the thick skin of meshugennah Iain Duncan Smith, he feels fear, and its no wonder he now is surrounded by security details with machine guns.  But its not only IDS who is getting the star treatment, filthy DC was greeted by a busker at Alnwick, Northumberland who strummed that well known classic “Fuck off back to Eton with all your Eton chums”.


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