In the crisis of humanity the Tories have grossly overused the shield of decency.  The shield of decency is absolutely brilliant, its been used throughout history by evil people pretending to be good, but its been overused by the toffs.

Filthy mamzer Iain Duncan Smith loves nothing better than to use the brilliant shield. The man who cried with excitement during his Easterhouse Epiphany,  waxed lyrical at the funeral of Maggie. I have to quote some sanctimony from the brutal shmuck: It was the little things. Having been in the Army myself I was watching the soldiers, sailors and airmen carrying that coffin – and you realise just what a strain it is. They were sweating and they were breathing hard. I know it sounds silly but I watched them brilliantly lower the coffin on to their arms and move it on to the podium. You could see it was a real strain on them, and yet they were so dedicated to doing it. I thought to myself – that really was it, the simplicity of how she reached out to ordinary people in their daily lives and gave them some kind of hope. Those servicemen – we forget it’s those sort of people that matter more than anybody else and they are the ones that really found she spoke to them.” Twisted IDS says he is doing God’s work while dirty DC foolishly says he is like Jesus Its no wonder that real priests, decent people who care about humanity are so angry.  The sanctimonious nebbish has no qualms when he talks about the bedroom tax: Someone asked if he had any qualms about it  – he goes No. Not at all. What I faced when I walked through the door was a housing benefits bill that had doubled over the last 10 years of the Labour government. It was set to rise by £6bn. Let’s get that in context. It was money that taxpayers have to pay all the time. Part of it was poor use of housing, some people living in homes they weren’t occupying all of and others living in overcrowded accomodation. Labour introduced this policy themselves. They introduced it for people in the private rented sector who were social tenants. We’ve simply extended it. We’re seeing the vast, vast majority of people settling up, sorting it out, more people going to work, working more hours. If they want to stay it’s only fair on the taxpayer they pay.”  Mistakenly, Tories include the bedroom tax and fairness in the same sentence.

Tories like to talk about decency, while acting as if they don’t give a brass monkey. In the Tory overuse of decency they talk with pomposity about Red Dave.   The Tory Fallon has the temerity to talk about Red Ed stabbing UK in the back.  Trident is not the vote winner that Tories assume, it has become hated during austerity.  When Tories are cornered they revert to fear.  The SDLP of Northern Ireland are against Trident renewal, the party leader an South Belfast MP Alasdair McDonnell speaks cogently about the issue: The Tories seek to sink billions into this white elephant and in the same breath they claim that the most brutal cuts seen in decades are a necessity. This is an insult to the millions living under their austerity agenda and we along with the SNP and Plaid Cymru, would aim to ensure that this is not one continued by a Labour government.” 

The government vaunting the white elephant of mass destruction can be directly compared with their dismal handling of the NHS. Labour MEPs are poised to get the stupid ISDS clause from the TTIP.  Tories know the NHS is their giant Achilles’ Heel, they know that they have made a massive mistake, that the NHS is linked to disabled people and the care crisis, here is a typically harrowing case story. The government have responded to the NHS crisis with lies, and now Jeremy Cunt is looking red faced after trying to push a forged letter saying the NHS should not be used as a political football. Its the second recent act of desperation from the filth. In their dejection Tories are even raking up the past of red Ed trying to find any mud to sling at him.

Its a sign that at this dark time, we are still listening to the elite telling us what we should do. The possible coalition of the SNP and Labour is spooking the entire business community, the investment banker Mr French is  particularly shrill:  “His warning followed Swiss bank Credit Suisse claims that a Labour-SNP government would be the worst possible outcome for UK bond markets. The lack of a clear government and more power to a fringe party such as SNP would be met with a negative reaction by the financial markets, it warned.” Professor Krugman is right to point out that the coalition have been startlingly bad for the economyThere are claims that there is a black hole of £760000000 in Scotland’s finances, but as a disabled person being shoved to the margins of society to pay for the reckless casino capitalism of the bloated elite, I don’t believe any of the figures. Why should any of us believe the Establishment when they lie to us repeatedly and rape and abuse our children?

The crisis in UK has afflicted every conceivable area. Its badly affecting the police force, its upsetting the Tories of Witney Oxfordshire, but its just the start. If the shameless shmerils have a second chance, they will go deeper, they will be cutting far beyond the bone, it comes at a time when Labour are saying they will keep police jobs and get rid of hated commissioners.


Johnny Rockard the porn star is standing for UKIP.  UKIP are sinking in the polls – they are on the way out and there could be an implosion soon. As UKIP is exposed more and more they are found to have less to offer.


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