Tory chaos to the ordinary people of UK comes in many shapes and forms.

As the bill for the council tax increases, so does the collateral damage. The council tax changes, brought in by filthy DC in 2013 are having a profound effect on the poor, but its been a complete surprise to the useless government of millionaires. While nebbish Osborne tries to ‘fix the roof while the sun is still shining‘, the toff born with a silver spoon up his arse is increasingly out of touch with the electorate. Toffs did not care about the impact of their 2013 ‘reforms’, trapped in a world where they are blinkered against effects, they could not see the millions of cases which would break the British court system. Its an English problem, the Scots understood the problem and paid an extra £40000000 to get rid of the bloody policy.  Its a postcode lottery, which is adding a huge pressure on the poorest, its now hated as much as the bedroom tax. No wonder people are so desperate they are even voting for the chazzer Farage, but like we say in Yiddish – “a chazzer bleibt a chazzer” which translates as ‘a pig remains a pig’. 

Fire has become a source of chaos. The cuts to the fire brigade are now starting to be felt as fires become bigger and take longer to put out, its not that lives are being lost, but that fires now take longer to control. Fire increases by a factor of four in five minutes, which is something the greedy shmucks overlooked in their rush for gold. Here is from the newsletter of Chris Leslie (Labour Nottingham East), update 184):  “Many parts of central Nottingham have been blanketed in smoke this week because of the massive fire at the former Players factory site in the Radford Boulevard area. Incredibly, the fire is still burning seven days after it started, and there are over 30 firefighters doing their best to bring it to a safe conclusion. Sadly the building has been gradually demolished and although it isn’t in the Nottingham East constituency, the fire has obviously been of significance for the city more widely. It is a real pity that what was a positive renovation process has ended in this way, and I’d like to pay tribute to the fire service for the complex and difficult job they have been doing all week long.”  London has not been spared the chaos with a fire under the West End costing £40000000. The toffs must be pondering the cuts to London Fire Brigade when clowning bum-hole Borisconi over-ruled the voice of the people and shoved through the shabby cuts:  It was a black hour for the debauched bumbling bum, but not his darkest – its still to come, though it could still be averted. Thanks to the bumbling bastard major fires are now a feature of London.
On 21-02-15 there was a massive fire at Erith. “Fifteen fire engines and 97 firefighters and officers were called to the blaze at industrial units in Yarnton Way in the early hours of this morning.” 
On 10-03-15 there was a huge fire in East Essex causing major disruption: “Divisional officer Gary Jeffrey said attempts to extinguish the blaze had been complicated by the fact that the tyres were densely packed, making it difficult to get water to the flames, so special foam had to be used“. 
Battersea Arts Centre was at the sharp end on 13-03-15. “More than 80 firefighters were sent to tackle the flames at the cultural hub in south London, which is currently undergoing a multi-million pound renovation“. 
A huge fire broke out at Park Royal in London on 02-04-15, ‘Fifteen fire engines attended the scene from Willesden, Acton, Park Royal, Wembley, Chiswick, Hammersmith, Paddington, and Northolt fire stations and spent hours trying to bring the blaze under control‘. 

A London fire chief has described the ‘beds in shed’ housing market as a “tragedy reminiscent of scenes from a Charles Dickens novel” as he warned against the heightened fire risks.  Since 2010, there has been 432 fire in buildings across London that should not been occupied, according to new statistics released by London Fire Brigade.  14 poor people have died in sheds, with 83 serious injuries. The Brigade’s third officer, Dave Brown, said: “It’s a tragedy that in this day and age we’ve got people living in factories, sheds, and outbuildings in scenes reminiscent of a Charles Dickens novel. When people are forced to live in these sorts of buildings, they are at a far greater risk of having a fire as the buildings often don’t contain vital safety features like fire doors and alarms, which can be the difference between life and death.  

A voice of sagacity at these troubling times is Andrew Burgin from Left Unity. He said on Facebook last night (07-04-15) “The voices we should be hearing at this time we are not – the Mark Serwotkas and others – this election expresses the marginalisation of the left. Overcoming that post-election should be our main task. “

Someone not affected by the chaos is the UKIP spokesperson on heritage matters, Mr William Cash. The shmeril campaigning for north Warwickshire reckons he understands the problem’s of UK,  and describes how he lives at the 15th-century Upper Cressett Hall with “his wife, Lady Laura, along with their labrador Cressetta and pug Thimble”. He said he needed live-in assistance for ironing, cleaning, and “home-cooking for dinner parties”. Poor Wills cannot find a decent maid UKIP are sinking in the polls, its alarming the toffs, its unlikely that Mr Whitehead’s defection will make a difference.  Perhaps racist Janice Atkinson thinks she can stop the rot.  A number of young people are UKIP supporters like these kids in Dudley.


Dave Brown’s concern is irrelevant to the peiriks,  dirty DC has zero compassion. If filthy DC was on fire, if he was writhing in scalding agony, I would not waste my pee on him.  The biggest cuts are to the disabled, particularly disabled children. When we read the dismal bleatings of Sam Cam on poor Ivan it makes me feel the rage. Here’s a bit from her interview with the Hiel, talking about when Ivan died: ‘It takes a long time before you see sunlight poking through the dark fog but never does the pain go as it’s so connected to the love.’   Its the kind of love we can also find in the Easter message of filthy DC: “The core of our recovery programme – dealing with the deficit to restore confidence in our economy – is based on enduring ideas and principles: hard work, fair play, rewarding people for doing the right thing, and securing a better future for our children.”   Filthy DC cannot stop using his dead child at every opportunity.


Brilliant Sturgeon has caught the Westminster establishment with their pants down, as they try frantically to smear the SNP with bollocks. Here is how Sturgeon replied to the allegations: “Scottish secretary Alistair Carmichael really needs to question his whole approach to politics if he thinks dirty tricks and smear campaigns are just how things are done in elections. I take a very different view. I think elections should be a battle of positive ideas and that’s how I’ll continue to campaign. I didn’t say what I was alleged to have said. The French Ambassador has said I didn’t say it, so that part of this story really has been dealt with and should no longer even be an issue. Now the questions are: who wrote this memo, how did it come to contain such an inaccuracy, but most importantly of all how did it very conveniently fall into the hands of the Daily Telegraph? I want answers to these questions and I want them as quickly as possible. We’re challenging the old boys’ network and we’re challenging that cosy consensus of Labour, the Liberals and the Tories who want more austerity cuts. So, I guess it’s not surprising there are people in the Westminster establishment who don’t like that message and who want to fight back against it, but I’ll continue to take our positive message to the doorsteps, the streets, the communities of Scotland, because I believe it’s the right one.”  But Nicola Sturgeon should be under no illusion. The British establishment will stop at absolutely nothing to protect their interests, as we saw from the murder of poor Jill Dando. The SNP will contribute to the electoral chaos ahead. 


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