The entire premise of this government, that the poor are to blame for the casino capitalism of the obscenely bloated is under a renewed pressure. The central plank at the core of welfare reform is breaking, a question is how much escalation can it sustain? The plank is weak, its based on lies. Its a very slow car crash, a bit like the NHS.  The poor are tipping over the edge, as this article goes on to say: “My best friend committed suicide in March – she went through … relentless reassessments, and found the forms very confusing. She was disabled but they were questioning her over and over again. DWP hounded her for information. It’s a horrible feeling, knowing that your friend was pushed over the edge like that. I’m pretty certain that if these welfare reform changes weren’t going on, I’d still have her with me.”   Dirty DC is unable to say which cuts he will make if he gets re-elected. The toffs have a plan, but they know its too dirty to talk about. The problem is it involves the bloody plank. One area we can hypothesise is that they will tax disability benefits. Once the in-work benefit sanctions of schmuck IDS hit, the shit will be hitting the fan: “The DWP is out of control under Iain Duncan Smith and the suffering that is yet to come unless someone puts the brakes on will dwarf anything we have seen so far.” Tories know that the bedroom tax is the Achille’s Heel of welfare ‘reform’. The irony is that the bloody Bedroom Tax, which the toffs so enjoyed throwing like a juggernaut at my people will prove the Tory nightmare. The deficit myth has now been exposed The bedroom tax is so appalling its even become a linchpin of the populism of the schlong Farage. His recent manifesto no longer describes disabled people as a ‘useless underclass of scroungers’.

The existence of the plank makes the Tories nervous, no wonder they feel they have to dangle a 2015 Euro referendum:  Totally ignoring the plank, the tax evading business class are trooping out to point at the bloody roof, though this list of the friends of Sam Cam  is unlikely to disturb the left.   Obscenely rich bastards hate the idea of getting rid of the zero hours contracts, with nebbish Christian May, of the Institute of Directors, saying timid Labour’s plans “go too far”. “They are unnecessary and potentially damaging.”


A problem with the plank is that it directly affects the NHS, which Tories are now lining up for massive cuts.  Greedy bum-hole Borisconi incorrectly links capitalism with morality.  The bumptious narcissist is so out of touch he links homeless people with extraordinarily rich people as a “put upon minority”.  The pro-austerity parties would dearly love to remove poor and disabled people from the script.  Nonetheless two thirds of economists are now coming out against austerity.   All costs are now increasing.  Many councils are now increasing their rents far in excess of the consumer price index.


I am not a prophet. There is a clear danger that Borisconi will become the prime minister, if we have to continue up shit creek. Profiling Borisconi suggests this populist clown is dangerous, while consistently sloppy in his habits, this pierik has been absolutely meticulous with his mask, which is a feat when you are determined to portray yourself as bumbling fool. Though there are repeated gaffes only once or twice a year has it slipped,  but when it comes to being a Tory, to fucking over the people royally he has made no mistake, whether its Crystal Palace Park:  or Kensington Olympia,  it is now about to bear the unmistakable style of the over educated thug. Jocular toffy nosed bum-hole DC also tries to be a clown and tries to tell the church leaders he’s not devoid of morality.


This is darkly humorous.  Iconic Brand enjoys dark humour, here he talks about a solution to the housing crisis. The Lib Dem’s are a bad joke, but they do not seem to know it yet.


The plank of austerity can be removed through an alliance of the Greens, PC and SNP. Murphy will never win over the Scots with his sense of entitlement.  Sturgeon was right to talk about the weakness of Red Ed.  To clarify, Red Ed is not a bastard like McVile, foul DC or meshugennah Grayling, but he is bloody weak. The weakness of Red Ed at this time of multiple crisis is a deep problem to the left and could lead to the Pasokisation of Labour.


Neoliberal’s ignore the plank, Priti Patel (Tory, Witham) will tell you about everything else but the plank, Patel’s March bulletin makes no mention of the plank, its all about the fixing of the bloody roof: “….Welcomed the Budget delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the new measures announced to support businesses, create jobs, help households save tax free, and support first-time buyers on to the property ladder. The Budget also announced further increases in the personal tax-free allowance to £11,000, the abolition of the annual self-assessment tax form, a continued freeze fuel duty, meaning that drivers pay £10 less when they fill up their tanks than under Labour’s plans, and a commitment to lower corporation tax rates to 20% compared to the increases planned by Labour. ” Disgrace Nicky Morgan prefers to drivel about charities in her March newsletter: “…and thank you to Rural Energy for inviting me to visit them to hear more about biomass, to Lafarge Tarmac who operated a Comic Relief call centre so brilliantly and to Sileby Tennis Club who invited me to join them for their open day – which was great fun.  Finally I was relieved to get to the end of the Loughborough Half Marathon – and it was a privilege to meet Alan Jacobs at the finish line who ran the race in memory of his wife and the charity her family set up in her name.” 

It is iconic that the party Left Unity launched their manifesto from a squat in Soho.  I am a member. The housing crisis in London will have no solution while we have Borisconi clowning, look at this former squat in Brixton.  With so much social cleansing, no wonder its damaging democracy. 

 After this weekend politics will change in UK as the ‘low information voters’ start soaking up the news.  Its going to mean more exposure for filthy DC’s rotten plank. Dirty DC is a compulsive liar, like the top Tories he finds it hard to speak without lying.  His recent lie was quickly shot down.  Brilliant Leanne Wood spells out the problem in Wales: “only Plaid Cymru has Wales best interests at heart and that Labour’s commitment to austerity means they do not deserve a majority in parliament”. The UKIP have eaten into the support of PC. The perception of UKIP by the ‘low information voters’ will be critical. UKIP is detested by disabled people who understand politics. ‘Look into my eyes, deep into my eyes’ .

Tories love blaming everyone else for their mistakes. They enjoy spouting bollocks about nurses being lazy.  In their hatred and double-speak about the NHS, the Tories can stand shoulder to shoulder with UKIP. Its going to have to be a hard lesson to ignorant UKIP supporters as they shoot themselves in the foot, they will be expressing the pain. The UKIP plans for the NHS may have been hidden by lies, but we can be sure that the truth will dawn. Maybe it will happen when the idiots shut Barts or the Royal London. Closing either of these two would create major problems, but now they have the trust on its knees it could be a radical step in the escalation of Class War. The inefficient spending on non permanent staff is one of the problems which is afflicting the NHS in meltdown.  An area where NHS money is being wasted is the giving of money as bonuses to NHS board directors, which can be worth up to £1000000.  The hemorrhaging of funds, inflicted by this government is severe, the attacks are merciless. The myths surrounding the NHS have been comprehensively debunked.   A massive problem is the powerful cabal at the centre of the NHS privatisation.


But the problems in the NHS are irrelevant to filthy DC, the git says there is a clear and present danger of chaos if we have a coalition of the left.   Its no wonder the spiteful mamzer has singled out disabled people for the greatest cuts.  Labour have bought into the Tory austerity agenda, with disgusting moves such as the retrogressive welfare bill supported by the toukous Byrne,  or when Labour sided with the Tories and Lib Dems last November to vote against a motion put forward by the SNP to halt the roll-out of PIP in Scotland.


UKIP have an important role in the development of class war. Mr Farage’s carefully cultivated hate imagery is falling apart. The anti-establishment spiv with the privilege is becoming hoist by his own petard. Trying to stir shit at Boston in Lincolnshire, he has been immediately corrected.  The Farage message of bigotry and racism has no place with ordinary British people. Although there is a UKIP youth, the party is very much skewed to older people.


Anyone watching the progress of useless robbers A4E would have seen the court case coming.  Greedy khazers were caught with their snouts in the trough, being “appallingly cavalier“.  A4E have form on this.  The programs of forcing ill people to work for their benefits is symbolic of the rotten plank. But A4E is part of the outsourcing, which as everyone knows is part of a vast experiment. Companies like A4E are disgusting, they exist to make a living out of the misery of poor people, but they are as necessary to Tories as flies are to shit, they robbed the tax payer of £288595.  In the process poor young people are just being hung out to dry.  But this is small fry compared with the Tory plans to come, as they remove Housing Benefit from young people.  Already the bedroom tax and the council tax are hitting the poorest simultaneously  with much more to come.

Our fire engines were sold off for £2 recently to filthy DCs Eton chum Sir Aubrey Thomas Brocklebank.  Andrew Dinsmre has researched Sir Aubrey: “I understand that Sir Aubrey is chairman of bingo hall owner Top Ten Holdings and that his only obviously apparent connection with a vehicle fleet is that he owns his own 2CV racing team, “Twin Snails”. I also understand that he sits on eight venture capital trust boards, with links to stockbrokers Close Brothers and Hargreave Hale.”   Sounds like there could be some trouble ahead, with the plank snaps and everyone says ‘what the fuck’. Copying the 100 business leaders who wrote a dismal letter, fire fighters have also spoken.  

Royalty in UK has gone rotten. Seething monarchist the Queen Mother understood the problem, which is why her corridors resounded with “we are not supposed to be normal” when young Elizabeth was presented for her daily hour with mama.  Colossal nebbish Prince Charles may talk about saving the environment but the hypocrite doesn’t give a toss, but then he does not think he’s normal, look at his recent helicopter rides.  The rotten plank which underlies the entire Establishment is giving way. The exposure of the rotten core of Westminster is best seen currently with the paedophilia investigations. The culture is explained by Robert Montagu, the son of the 10th Earl of Sandwich, an aristocrat who as a child was raped by his father. ‘People from noteworthy families do feel a sense of entitlement. It is true that people from an entitled background have more opportunities, maybe circumstances have made it more likely that they will abuse. We used to have this ethos that you just kept quiet about things in your life. At school you were taught the stiff upper lip. Thank goodness we got rid of that lip.’ He went to Eton. 

History is littered with rich fools. The idiots are allowing the plank of Europe to snap. The financiers are merciless, they want Greece to leave the Euro: “Since 2010, Greece has been used as the test case for imposing mass austerity throughout Europe. The continent’s ruling elite now insists that the pauperisation of Greece’s population be stepped up. Syriza’s perspective, based on the interests of sections of the Greek ruling elite and the affluent upper-middle class, of an amicable restructuring of Greece’s debt within the EU is in tatters.”  Europe is on the brink, its a house of cards, they take one out and the whole thing collapses. To compound matters Spain has passed new laws making it against the law to fight the bastards. 


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