With 36 days to the General Election this is a time for grim reflection for stalwart Jim Brown at probation, his blog, Probation Matters is a voice of honesty. the blog reads: “Christmas 2013 was my time of feeling angry with Chris Grayling, my Chief Executive at the time and the Unions; the lack of information and uncertainty, the realisation the battle was not going to be won, yet I kept campaigning, blogging, canvassing and supporting all levels of staff. I have never taken the view ‘I am all right Jack..’ I still campaign including going on the street canvassing ‘Let’s kick Cameron and Grayling into touch’ you’ll hear me say and yet that doesn’t take away the sheer sadness around potential job losses of friends, colleagues and members who will be affected by the sheer numbers of redundant post TR will bring.” But the ridiculous biometric reporting kiosks are on their way.
Talking on  30-03-15 he writes:  “This is and was always going to be a dog’s breakfast. The operating model leaks like a sieve and will show its shortcomings within hours but we have to wait and see because the IT and buildings debacles are yet to resolved themselves and all sorts of details are still to be ironed out. The levels of incompetence and deceit among both the MoJ and bidders is such that the party is only just starting. There will undoubtedly be casualties but we cannot assume that this will stop at frontline staff. The people who are driving the bids are not the people we see on the ground. Most of them are on short term contracts and are likely to find themselves in the same dole queues as the rest of us as the wheels fall of this turkey.”
A voice of honesty has been at work at at Hoylake Town Hall in Wigan, where graffiti now bears the slogan “McVey Murderer”.  Cruel McVile defends the accusations, she has the chutzpah to drivel its all about discipline – its actually masquerading as love – tough love. But from the sharp end the truth is clear – decent poor people are set up to fail by the troll.
Honesty is amazing, its like a reflective shield. Lying nebbish Sajid Javid was using the shield of honesty (Tory Bromsgrove), when he was forced to talk about the problems at Alexandra Hospital A+E, where the entire consultant team resigned en masse on February 13. Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust also declared a level four incident, and there were reports of bullying. Up and down the country Tories are attempting to look concerned. As the schmeckel Grayling writes of Epsom Hospital: “Fingers crossed for the longer term future.” Another twerp hiding behind the shield of honesty is super shmuck Iain Duncan Smith:. “I will be meeting the chief executive on Friday to press him on how Whipps plans to address the findings in the report.  On a separate note, I have also long been concerned about the deficit at Whipps, recently revised from £44m to £93m, and I had a meeting with the chief executive a couple of weeks ago about this. I have also raised the matter of the deficit with the Health Secretary.”  The schlemiel Javid even has the chutzpah to invoke iconic Mahatma Gandhi.  The nebbish Brandon Lewis (Tory Great Yarmouth), talks bollocks about the NHS: “While the NHS has seen a great deal of support under the Government under the last five years, with thousands more nurses and doctors across the country, we want to go further. I fully support David Cameron’s pledge of an extra £2 billion in funding for the NHS and a continued ring-fencing of NHS spending. We have seen improvements both in Great Yarmouth and across the UK under the Conservative-led Government. Only with a strong economy can we continue to have a strong NHS. Labour want to put all of that at risk however, with their plans to borrow more and increase the national debt. On 7th May, Great Yarmouth residents will have a choice between a Conservative Government that can protect the NHS through a coherent economic plan, or Ed Miliband’s chaos and financial instability, which will hit the frontline services that we rely on” (letter 30-03-15). However, the shield of honesty is rendered useless if there is a damning report, something Jeremy Cunt understood when he buried a recent report which he paid £10282593 for, the report suggests some heavy NHS cuts ahead, so on the one hand we have Jeremy C pledging £8000000000 for the NHS if the Tories win,  and the shmuck covering up the report, what does it all mean? The financial inconsistancy of the injection of money is purely a sign of panic.

Chris Leslie (Labour Nottingham East) is not a bastard. In his March Update 183 he talks with honesty about the cuts which Tories say are still to come: “On public services, the Chancellor’s Budget shifted around the cuts in public spending that he had previously announced in the Autumn Statement, frontloading the cuts to 2016/17 and 2017/18 – a move which the Office for Budget Responsibility say will mean ‘a much sharper squeeze on real spending in 2016/17 and 2017/18 than anything seen over the past five years’. I believe this remains an extreme level of cuts that goes way beyond balancing the books. It is unclear where these cuts would fall and I fear the sheer level of these plans could mean deep cuts to police, defence and social care which are almost impossible to achieve and may therefore end up putting the NHS at risk and raising VAT.” While the cuts are ‘impossible to achieve’, they are also revolutionary. The bottom line is that you cannot have an NHS while also having welfare ‘reform’, the two are not compatible. 

The Daily Mirror is emerging as an outlet of some honesty. While it is true that the Mirror is implicated with other rags in hacking, the Daily Mirror’s reporting on the sinister dirty tricks campaign against Red Ed is like a breath of fresh air.  

The filth know where the Tory axe will fall, but the bastards will not say. In the words of bitter nebbish IDS: “When the time is right and we are ready, we will talk about what we plan to do.” Tories hate honesty. You wont find honesty in the Tory Nicky Morgan’s (Loughborough) newsletter is packed full of shit about carers and charities (March 2013), completely glossing over a bigger picture of a government of fuckwits forcing the poor to pay endlessly for the stupidity and greed of rich twats.

Extraordinary honesty is something we do no expect from the financial elite – but here is a trader actually telling the truth on the BBC.


Honesty can be manipulated, by people like shit-stirring gobshite Katie Hopkins. Honesty can masquerade as freedom of speech, just as McVile can tell us that tough love is actually a different name for murder. When a dog savages a child we have it put down. But we live in a so-called civil society, consequently someone needs to get a giant cork and shove it in her fucking opinionated gob.  

The Lib Dems fear honesty. Polls suggest the dufus Simon Hughes will loose his seat soon.


The exposure of racist Tory MP Enoch Powell to allegations of paedophilia came through the honesty of an Anglican Bishop.  The exposure of paedophiles to honesty now extends to the very top, even with the royal family involved. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse is adamant we will get to the truth: “We will go where the evidence takes us, without fear or favour, I think that is what the public expect and that is what the investigators are doing and are keen to continue to do.” 

The people used honesty when they fought the social cleansing evictions from Sweets Way, London. The courts found against the people, but the fight will be going on.   Justice in the UK is now a joke. With such honesty it will be harder to evict the people. Dirty DC intends to squat at number 10 Downing Street in the event of a Labour victory, no wonder the Labour team have had to get legal advice.


Polls contain grains of honesty, of course elections can be rigged. People say the Scottish election was rigged Mavens of London predict a Tory win:  while Lord Ashcroft predicts big swings in the marginals


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