Surprise is a huge factor in the class war. Evil IDS should not be surprised when he was caught showing his true colours, as the meshugennah visited investment bankers rather than a food bank charity 
, Fester McVile should not be surprised to find herself in the firing line.  Repulsive murderer McVile should not be surprised that John McDonnell labels her ‘a stain on inhumanity”. The bully Jeremy Clarkson is surprised to be finally sacked, he was too much even for the BBC.   The sacking of Clarkson was necessary, the fool was disturbing the slumber of the British lion. Grinning schmo Farage was surprised when he was chased out of the pub the other day. 
In the next months there will be surprise after surprise, the fact that Londoners are revolting against social cleansing is coming as a surprise to the toffs. The bastards who gave us their shitty big society, think they can trample all over ordinary people without remittance. Their ugly behaviour at the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark, with the erection of razor wire is being fought by the people,  while the Balfron Tower in Poplar has been cleared of folk ready for luxury housing. While the toffs wilfully ignore the voice of the people, we will make our voices heard. Posh people know they need someone to wipe their arses when they get ill, they need someone to serve them caviar, they need someone to build their luxury apartments. Its explained by brilliant OJ: “Neoliberal society obliterates organised dissent. Ideologically, it breaks down solidarity, encouraging the idea that we all rise or fall as individuals based on our personal effort, or lack thereof. The shift from an industrial to a service-sector working class breaks down other organic forms of solidarity: jobs can be more precarious and short-lived, and communities tend not to be based around supermarkets or call centres as they once were around factories or mines. Trade unions have been weakened by anti-union laws, defeats in seismic industrial disputes, and mass unemployment. Working-class people were deprived of a voice; the notion of collectively organising to improve the conditions of individuals, communities and society as a whole has been eroded.”   
The NHS is an endless source for surprise to the Establishment, the very presence of the ‘reichstag bunker of socialism’ never ceases to upset the toffs. Even attacking the NHS in every conceivable way has not broken the cherished institution, its become such a hard nut to crack that the toffs are now resorting to breaking the NHS up, the aim is that the people will destroy their own healthcare. Consequently £6000000000 is given to the 14 NHS providers of Greater Manchester, so they can be set up to fail.  No one really knows the implications of the so-called ‘Devo-Manc’, although coming from grim bully Osbo, the NHS is set up for failure, all decent people can do is tread with the greatest care. Meanwhile plans to shove privatisation through the NHS in Cornwall are being fought hard. Although numbers of medical professionals are now working for free, propping up the broken system, the number of staff taking off time for mental health issues has doubled over the last five years.  It can be contrasted with the tax evaders who are in a bidding war for lucrative NHS contracts. It is no surprise that the only place there is no crisis in the NHS is in the newsletters of Tory MPs. The newsletter of Tory Julian Smith (Skipton and Ripon, March 2015) contains the usual bollocks: “I have met with the Chief Executive and Chairman of the Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust at Ripon Hospital to discuss healthcare across the City and around the district. I stressed the importance of the hospital to Ripon and also met a number of patients currently receiving treatment…..Just ahead of it being opened to the public in December, I visited Airedale Hospital’s new Emergency Department. I am sure that the £6.3million government investment in the state-of-the-art facility will improve emergency healthcare for patients across Craven.” Nonetheless the NHS is still being forced to waste money, like the £180000000 wasted on proton beam machines, or the £3200 a shift wasted on employing locum docs in the A&E crisis. 
It should be no surprise to the Establishment that young people are disillusioned. The Tory party now has lost all credibility with most young people. Its no wonder that most young people detest Tories. Tories treat young people as valueless because they have no money. Its well known the austerity is hitting young disadvantaged people the hardest:  Yet even while the schmucks rampage through education, they can no longer stop dissent spilling out from the opposite end – as old people start to express that anger brilliantly.  Meanwhile many old folk support UKIP (for now). With the massive cuts in social care impacting the most on the elderly, its not entirely a surprise that they are switching to the anti establishment establishment party. 
The paedophile allegations are moving at a tortuous pace, and have lead Harvey Proctor, a private secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Rutland to quit his job.  As the Royal Family become implicated, its frightening the toffs. Its even lead to fifty coppers being arrested. Its going to be like getting blood out of a stone, the judiciary love covering up paedophilia. 
Secrecy is so important to the Establishment that £275000 has been wasted in keeping the “black spider” memos of nebbish Prince Charles.  In a surprise twist they are about to be published, here are some words from dirty DC: “This is a disappointing judgment and we will now consider how to release these letters. This is about the principle that senior members of the Royal Family are able to express their views to government confidentially. I think most people would agree this is fair enough.”  The judgement is important because it now has the government on a trajectory of collision with the judiciary.  Dirty DC will have to use his power of veto. The sanctimony and privilege of our ruling class, can be directly contrasted with the poor people in this video.  Its no surprise that very poor people and an extraordinary poverty gap are features of breadline Britain.
Its seems to be a surprise to the filth that their cruel sanctions regime is creating so much criticism. With the SNP calling for an immediate moratorium on the whole sorry, sordid process, its fair to say that it will form a major component of the Scottish election campaign. Its so filthy its even making the toffs squeamish. Nick Boles is the first top Tory to admit to having a conscience. 
He better watch his back now. Tories hate people who have a conscience. Money trumps every thing in the neoliberal world, sell your mother up the fucking swanny, have a £20 million banking bonus for your talents at money laundering, hide the bloody paedo, just remember what posh twerp Sir George Samuel Knatchbull Young, 6th Baronet, spouted before they put him out of his bloody misery: “the homeless are what you step over when you come out of the opera”.  
The mamzer Grayling has now wrecked the prison service to an exceptional degree. Dirty DC probably thinks he’s doing a great job, but the truth which is now carefully hidden by Grayling will be breaking through, along with all the other toppling dominos after the election. Its going to take sleep-walking Jo Public unawares.  Its going to be an historic surprise.
The schlimazel Farage maybe surprised by the many reviews of the Purple Revolution, here are just a few: 
Wow!! A 5 star wow! I have only read 3 books in my life before this one; Jeremy Clarkson’s autobiography, Richard ‘The Hamster’ Hammond’s book and Fifty Shades of Grey (which I found under my wife’s pillow once) and I HAVE to say Nige’s booked trumped the lot. There was so much information I don’t know where to start. I think the first bit about his school days was really illuminating. I felt a real pang of recognition over his long running row with the Art Teacher about removing black paint from the room (he lost the argument but won the affection of 15 per cent of the class). But I think it was his years as a stock broker and part time duck herder that shows us the man he became. His absolutely correct opinions that Romanian Ducks were flying over here and stealing bread from normal British ducks and then sending that bread back to Romania was a very subtle metaphor for life in little England now. I did point out that I have only read 3 books that is not totally accurate I have only skimmed through 3 books. But skimming through this one confirmed to me that all my opinions are correct and UKIP is the way to go! Yours, Algernon Farage
Now listen here, you lily-livered, latte-sipping, Lenin-lovers. Us kippers have jolly well had enough of your insolent mockery. It’s time to stop these childish spoof reviews of our beloved leader’s magnum opus. Do you hear me? Stop it! Don’t listen to the Stalinists, this is a ruddy good read. The ideal way to while away the hours on my sun terrace in Marbella (the pension goes a bit further over here). Farage is a decent sort who’s just trying to get a better deal for middle aged, middle class white people; the type of people the other parties consistently ignore. I can’t see what anyone has against the poor chap. One of my favourite sections was about how poor quality European goods are displacing quality British produce. When I was last in the UK six months ago, I was in the supermarket looking for some beeswax for my oak table, but all I could find in the polish section was jars of sausages and pickles with funny foreign names on them. Well if that’s what they use over there, their furniture must be in terrible condition. As for migrants from outside the EU, as Nige points out, we kippers have nothing against Africans or Indians, but they need to imagine how they would feel if a load of English people came over and invaded their country. See what I mean? Overall, it’s a rollicking good read. Highly recommended.
I think we can all be hard on Nigel, calling him a bigot and a racist. But this book shows that he was right about the UK. You just can not shout out nasty things to be people of colour any more or use racial slurs in every day conversations. It’s just not ok and all Nigel wants is the right to do this. Bless him. This book details his rise to immense political power from a leafleter for his local kebab shop to leader of a party with no politicians in parliament and a manifesto written on the back of a bus timetable. He describes his hardships and struggles, overcoming his privileges to truly understand the middle-class man. It is a work of poetic genius. Next to Mein Kampf it is without a doubt my favourite book.
Nasty Nigel has irritated the docs with his bollocks, but I doubt he will rise to the challenge to debate Dr Lamport. Its unlikely that Osborne will ever debate Balls, here is Gideon gulping. Its no surprise that super schlong Grant Shapps is running scared of an ‘uncensored, tough’ TV debate. It will be a complete surprise if we ever see Borisconi at PMQs, though the great schmendrik is now the front runner in the Conservative Home future leader poll.  As if on cue – its not a surprise, Borisconi’s policing deputy is facing a conduct probe. 
Further afield in Greece, time is not on the side of Syriza with money running out fast, but the party still have the support of the Greek people. What’s becoming increasingly clear is that to achieve real change Syriza will have to leave the Euro. I believe that Tsipras can win this one. Witty Ward knows the Eurozone is now dead, and its implications for UK politics: “This is the eurozone disaster of falsehood, pay-offs and crazy infrastructural spending that lies at the core of the European Union so eagerly supported by Britain’s two largest Parties. It is a headless chicken running about pretending that the prognosis is good. The prognosis is death, and it is time UK voters woke up to the fact.”  The radical left is moving, but still its impossible to tell the ‘end-game’.  

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