The spineless bastards are using the law to prevent the people in their quest for social housing for all, as Annington take the occupiers of Sweets Way to court. Since neoliberal vandals wrecked everything they can think of, justice has become a travesty. The Sweets Way campaign can be found here.  Snide shmendrick Richard Littlejohnny lambasts iconic Brand for daring to have a social conscience, like the bastards John Major and Sajid Javid, he easily forgets his humble origins. Fourteen tory mps are from ordinary backgrounds. Its emerged that I Terra Firma, the private equity company that owns Annington, is tied up in a range of questionable tax affairs and close relationships with high levels of the Conservative Party


The rich hide behind respect, with their paedophile sex ring exposure, which is now extending right up to the royal family. The sickening allegations have caused fear and consternation among the bullies, and they have even had to alter the official secrets act. The law in UK has become a tool for the immorality and perversion of the rich, small wonder that we have the well known apologist for paedophiles, Lord Justice Fulford, advising the Queen. The sordid truth is emerging – it doesn’t matter how the establishment closes ranks.  its coming out,  Old Bill are just about to quiz four MPs.
Joking bastard Osborne loves to make a shite comment. The mafioso love a bit of sport, that’s why they recently handed Glamorgan cricket club £4400000, they don’t give a toss that the local council can’t afford libraries, community halls or leisure services. The scum have form on this with their £50000000 to Manchester City Football Academy. The ‘monstrous incompetence’ of Osborne is now clear. The toffs would like nothing better but to add insult to the ideological assault. Since the toffs have saved no money from the years of benefit cuts, they plan to hack off a huge amount more, they actually think we will take it without a fight. The Tory party is completely stuffed with vermin – cruel bastards like Philip Davies, Nick de Bois and Kris Hopkins   hate everyone. It comes as filthy DC talks stupidly about a third term in office.
In a remarkable act of symmetry, greedy bullies have simultaneously crawled from their caves, hoisting the robber baron flag, but despite their vast economic superiority, the bastards are small in number and be scared with ease. They know that they are running right out of time. Fear eats into bullies, the bullies all do money, money is an area the bullies excel in. Its the reason the financial markets are so volatile. But homo sapiens is flawed, a mistake we have done is allow the fuckwits to control money. The whole institutions of money have become mere puppets of the neoliberal elite. When the bullies broke the bank, they had zero shame, they did what bullies do, they robbed the people of everything, even their self respect. Aristotle, understood the link, when he wrote, “poverty is the parent of revolution and crime”.  
The opposite of respect is disrespect. Meddling trout May hates law. When the battle-axe stopped the water canons of Borisconi, her motive was purely political, but when the trout had Muazu deported she showed herself up. The evil fiend hates the police, she fears their power with Plebgate, she undermines the police with complete disrespect, just as nebbish Brandon Lewis trashed our loyal fire crews and Michael Gove fucked up education. The Neoliberals are in such a haste to seal the deal that they are having to rush, the massive police cuts are a give away, just at the time that the shmegegge are turning off the street lamps.  
The nebbish d’Ancona is a rare person because I have a love/hate relationship with the dimwit. The man who brought us the brilliant image of Osborne gazing at Duncan-Smith, doubting his abilities,  is starting to fear the possible SNP, PC, Green, Labour alliance. In a recent article (24/03) he talks ludicrously of one senior Labour MP, talking of ‘civil disobedience‘ if there is such a coalition.  Its a further instance of how out of touch our ruling elite have become. Toffs love austerity, they love killing progressive policies, they hate the SNP:  Why can’t the Scotch stick the anti-establishment establishment party? How dare they?
Farage needs to learn respect, and fast, the spiv thinks he can polish a turd. Mr Farage is now feeling the rage, as he is continuously followed by protestors, pointing at him and shouting ‘scum‘. But the reality is that with the severe austerity pushed by the purple bastard, if he actually gets a grip on power, then the anger he has received will look like nothing. The protesters are doing Farage a massive favour, saving the putz from being lynched, really he ought to pat them on the back. The UKIP party are infested with racism, that’s why this tape is so surprising It concerns would be MP Victoria Ayling, when someone from the racist party actually says: “I cannot endorse or support a candidate who I genuinely believe – whether anybody else does or not – who I genuinely believe is racist.” Bastard Farage pledges to squander £38000000000 on a bloated military budget. Farage’s new book, The Purple Revolution, has had some excellent reviews: “Once I put it down I just couldn’t pick it up again” wrote one. Another read “Produced a satisfying thud when I threw it a man who looked suspiciously brown“.
Here is a petition to be signed, it aims to put the government on trial for corporate murder of the poor souls sanctioned
Littlejohnny loves a bit of UKIP Here is how the fascist from Ilford, Essex, talks about people from my class protesting at Westminster in 2014: “….. is small but more voluble, is selfish, intolerant, attention-seeking and determined to rip up the old order. While millions have been paying a silent tribute at the Tower, a rabble of attention-seeking soi-disant anarchists brought chaos to Westminster, a few miles along the Thames. Demonstrators clashed with riot police, lobbed missiles, daubed graffiti and chanted: ‘One solution, revolution!’ Oh, for heaven’s sake, grow up.”  Its no surprise that the scum works for the poor hating Daily Heil. 

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