Fixating on the roof while the foundations crumble

Tories love to tell us about the roof, they told us in 2013: ‘We’ll fix the roof while the sun is shining‘. The Tory approach is to fixate on the roof while ignoring the foundations.  But what happens when there are dodgy foundations? It does not matter how much the roof is fixed, it will still eventually come crashing down, a problem is that the apple is now rotten to the core. The paedophile ring at the heart of Westminster has revealed dark secrets, so although the bastards have buried the truth as best they could, with the establishment closing ranks now on a daily basis and a string of ruthless murders, the dirty depraved facts are rearing their ugly head.  No wonder filthy DC is now saying its all just a ‘conspiracy theory’, even directly contradicting the trout May.
Politically, all over UK the budget had a very muted reaction.  It does not look like the game changer which the Tories vaunt. Here is some Geoff Tily, a senior economist at the TUC: “In the meantime, this is a budget of trickery not reality. Failure is dressed up as success. We are asked to celebrate as benign deeply dangerous policies into the future. Most people know they have got poorer, and fear the austerity to come. They are right, and the Budget changes nothing.”  A voice of reason is brilliant OJ: If I were an SNP strategist, I would be praying for another five years of Cameron, Osborne, Duncan Smith and Gove.



Champagne socialist Reeves doesn’t give a toss about the foundations, the former banker only knows how to do one thing, and is desperately trying to outflank the Tories on welfare, its costing Labour support, single handedly the shmuk Reeves could lose the election for Red Ed.  Here are some words from Reeves: “We are not the party of people on benefits. We don’t want to be seen, and we’re not, the party to represent those who are out of work. Labour are a party of working people, formed for and by working people.” Understandably many Labour supporters are angry,  but  while Reeves believes that somehow this will win her votes, we have unexpected realism from champagne socialist John Cruddas who is now saying Labour could be extinct within a decade The recent Condem budget was particularly detested by the social housing sector, with Tony Stacey, chair of the Placeshapers group of 100 housing associations, described the Budget as a ‘pathetic response’. The grim truth is that welded to austerity, Labour will make similar cuts to the vermin, and could become the most unpopular party in UK history.  Sivier says it like it is.
The knives are dangling again over bastard Grant Shapps.  While evil bastards like Shapps have millions of pounds to squander, its left to the people to fight for the rights of decent people like war hero, 96 year old Robbie Clark. Sign this petition to stop him being evicted by his heartless council.  A lack of compassion is what people expect from Shapps, but everywhere in UK a similar failure is shown for sick and vulnerable people. Its catching ordinary people unawares, decent people who have contributed all their lives don’t expect to see their loves ones trampled over by inhuman suits bleating about fixing the national roof while raking in the dosh. A typical case is that of Gregory Sprotson, hounded to his death by the DWP. His Mum speaks: “People who are ill with a health problem that is not going to go away should not be hounded until they die – where is their compassion? I don’t want anyone else to suffer as my son suffered.”  Bullies at the DWP love hounding vulnerable people to their death. It gives them a kick as they exercise their petty power to cause misery to people at the worst time in their lives.  It makes me rage to read how the inhuman gits hounded Nathan Hartwell.  Sickeningly its now a story repeated a thousand times. When these cunts took away our self respect  they thought the British lion could never roar.
In every capacity, this government have badly mismanaged UK, causing a huge amount of fraud and wastage. The work programme has been shown repeatedly to be a gravy train for profiteers. The pigs at A4E get caught with their snouts in the trough, but the response of the government as with everything else is to stick their hands in their ears, and shout “la la la – I can’t hear you”. While wasting hundreds of millions of pounds, Universal Credit has achieved nothing at its glacial rate of implementation.  Yet if there is another Tory government the bastards want to make more welfare cuts of £30000000000.  With our present main political parties being so shite, no one will force Gideon to say how the cuts will be made.
Right now (18-03-15) the Supreme Court is deciding whether a corner stone of welfare reform – the benefits cap is legal. But whether its lawful or unlawful, everyone knows that the law is a tool used by the rich to manipulate the poor. The result is now out, the judges thought it was legal, so get back in your gutter along with johnny foreigner, poor bastards. You’ve been told.
They placed Whipps Cross Hospital and Barts in special measures. They say Barts owes £93000000, that they will need to cut services and staff.  With their catastrophic failure on the NHS its no surprise that Gideon never mentioned it in his budget except once in a passing comment. But then how could he mention it, the reichstag bunker of socialism is an embarrassment to the vermin. The Vent tries to peer through the lies to understand what is the plan for if the NHS collapses. When Labour say that they are the party of the NHS, they cannot say this while they are still destroying social care. The main parties are kidding themselves that social care will not break the NHS. We can add to this significantly by talking about the impact of the outsourcing carried out by the toffs, which is the most comprehensive and most rapid in the history of humanity. Its impact is just starting to be felt, but in the next parliamentary session, its on. But hang on, its an experimental journey, and no one really knows where they are going, its filthy DCs magical mystery tour. But the British people shouldn’t worry, the roof is being fixed with glacial speed, take a look instead at the carefree smile of the playboy prince.
In Greece Tsipras has passed a bill which gives aid to very poor people, against the wishes of rich bastards in the Euro.  Its taken the Greeks on a collision course with Europe, but Russia is about to step in,  a move which is freaking out the Establishment. Passing the anti poverty law evoked criticism from the EU banking bastards as witty Ward writes: “With Muscovici offering a cigarette to the truculent Greek legislature, his predecessor and IMF (air)Head Christine Lagarde weighed in with a cosh late yesterday: in what was described by those listening in as ‘a short and bad-tempered conference call’, the IMF top brass called Greece “the most unhelpful country the organisation has dealt with in its 70-year history”. Stand by for a brimstone-laden shower of blamestorming over the next few days.” The Guardian describes events as such: “Unsuccessful and bad-tempered meetings this week between the two sides in Athens have left Greece looking isolated. Tsipras pushed two bills through parliament on Wednesday granting relief in the form of food stamps and free electricity to those hardest hit by the savage austerity of the past five years. Eurozone officials complained that this should not have happened without their blessing, accusing Tsipras of “unilateral” action. He responded robustly, arguing that the days of Greece taking orders from its creditors were over and that he was asserting Greece’s economic and political sovereignty.”  How dare Tsipras try to help the poor, when  every rich fucker knows he should really be thinking only about the bloody roof. 
Fixating on the roof while the foundations crumble

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