50 days to the Grand Coalition

With so much shit imminently hitting the fan it comes as no surprise to people studying the Westmonster that there were secret talks between red nebbish Douglas Alexander and blue polling guru Lord Ashcroft recently. The grass roots of both Labour and the Tories can only stare with horror, but its been in the pipeline for as long as paedophiles have been at Westmonster. But there are voices everywhere of disbelief that Labour could form a coalition with the SNP.  Voices are calling for Labour to form a coalition of the left with the SNP, the Greens and the Plaid Cymru, but Red Ed is extraordinarily timid. Even Ed Balls has waded in, surprising Gideon on national TV, making the toff nebbish gulp. Of course the ponce will squirm out of it. Ignoring the Lib Dem wipe-out, aged liar Baroness Williams actually thinks the yellow team can form a coalition with the blue team again. Makes me think of getting myself a tin helmet.

After having to go to the extent of murdering decent people like Jill Dando, Kristian Digby and Mark Speight,  the ruthless establishment are determined the truth will never be exposed.  A depraved paedo sex dungeon has been known in South London’s Lambeth since 1997, with links going all the way to the top.  With 50 days until the general election the Establishment are doing all they can to close ranks. Jimmy Saville freaked them out, how very embarrassing, how very. No wonder evil trout May says the revelations so far are “just the tip of the iceberg“: While bastards dismantle Britain, they get old bill to cover their tracks. Meanwhile Old Bill is about to investigate itself – well notionally anyhow. The enormous network of filth is so comprehensive that Old Bill is now completely inundated.


In the next stages of the class war its the old and the military who will start to feel the rage. Gurkhas are now facing the ax. The massive cuts to the military have got top brass steaming. They never thought they could be in the line, they probably laughed at the vulnerable getting the cuts, no wonder they are freaking out in Tory Aldershot:  It looks like 30000 jobs are at risk:  Its getting the knickers in a twist of the most stupid man in UK politics, Philip Davies (Tory Shipley):  “It is idiotic and unjustifiable to be spending more and more money on overseas aid when we are still borrowing so much money and have to make savings at home.” Even dirty DC is furious with Gideon as he takes the ax to the boys with the toys, saying Obama wont be happy, its creating a rift between the two bastards.  The huge sums wasted on the military can be directly contrasted with the starvation to now be seen everywhere in Breadline Britain as the poor slowly starve.  But don’t worry stinking poor people, its all ok because filthy DC’s on his ‘moral mission’.  Someone who understands the brutality of the cuts being imposed on the 99% is Sir Amyas Morse, who leads the National Audit Office, who accused ministers of irresponsible decision-making, stating the bleeding obvious: “If you’re going to do radical surgery it would be nice if you knew where the heart was, you’re slightly more likely not to stick a knife in it by mistake.” 
Police are no longer able to respond fast unless someone is trying to cover up an act of perversion on a child. Here is a father of two from Hartcliffe in Bristol who stopped five yobs shooting ducks in a local park, savagely beaten, the police did get to him thirty hours later:  This is a government which supports violence, especially when its directed at vulnerable people. Domestic violence is now directly supported by the government. The repellent attitude has allowed some people to drop any hint of having a moral or a social conscience. On 16-03 crowds of people were goading a man to jump to his death in Telford. In the words of Kelly- Anne Taylor: “Feel so heartbroken. And to hear people were recording it with their phones and yelling at him to jump…what is wrong with the human race these days.” 
The NHS recently overtook the economy as the most important issue for the UK electorate, concern has sky rocketed in the last few months, even overtaking the wretched economy.  While the mamsers sell of huge chunks of NHS to their rich chums,  the NHS is collapsing around us. Chris Leslie (Labour Nottingham East) spells out the denigration of Nottingham Hospitals in his recent update (update 181): “Nottingham’s hospitals are facing what the local Trust management themselves call a ‘bleak’ financial future unless urgent action is taken – and with the Trust slipping into a significant deficit, they can no longer cover the costs of much needed new health service activities. Our local NHS Hospitals Trust are now planning for a £29million shortfall between what they must spend and the money they are due to get in from the Government, even after straining for a heroic 5% of efficiency savings. In particular, the management at QMC have been forced to delay replacing the MRI accommodation – and delay obtaining new angiography and x-ray equipment. They are having to rely on private donations to build the helipad even though the QMC is the regional trauma centre. And plans have been cancelled for new wards at QMC and an upgrade of the respiratory facilities for patients is also on ice. Unless we persuade Government Ministers to identify new resources to match the real need, I fear that the NHS will shortly reach breaking point. There’s no doubt this is a central issue for May’s election – and personally I think it’s the right thing to ask those in properties worth more than £2million to chip in a bit more towards a dedicated NHS fund. The news of Nottingham University Hospital Trust’s deficit brings these issues close to home; we need action now otherwise even more services will be delayed, postponed or cancelled.”  But how can the ‘reichstag bunker of socialism’, as UKIP pea-brain Matthew Richardson calls the NHS, be saved.  While Jo Public is finding it hard to get their finger out to support the NHS, mega shmeril Clarkson amassed 920000 signatures to retain his job. The shmuk Clarkson has form in this area.
With 50 days until the election purple revolutionary bastard Farage has delighted people, announcing he will vanish if he loses in South Thanet.  While racists like nasty Nigel are devoted endless air-time, real people are forbidden from venting their rage. Only the other day the establishment removed the banner from Class War. The police claimed that the group’s “All Fucking Wankers” banner, on display at its weekly Poor Doors protest in Aldgate, had distressed the public and violated the Public Order Act. A protester was arrested for holding onto the banner, which was confiscated and taken to Paddington Green, the notorious police station where terrorist suspects are interrogated Farage is one of the faces on the banner. Here is some of the seething fascist Littlejohn: “Look, I’ve written repeatedly that I don’t blame anyone wanting to come to Britain looking for work. Much of our expanding economy would collapse without the recent influx of foreign labour. But we wouldn’t need to recruit so many people from abroad if British men and women were prepared to take lower-paid jobs. The reason they don’t is because under Labour they found that they were better off staying at home, living on benefits — a scandal which Iain Duncan Smith has spent the past five years trying to address.” The establishment are determined that nasty Nigel takes votes from the people, relegating the Greens to just one political broadcast, while UKIP is getting a minimum of two:  Grinning bastard Farage would love to do a deal with the Tories after the general election.
Its a dirty business, but disturbingly the next great banking collapse is getting closer. In the words of witty Ward “what’s clear already is that the banking sector’s tooth and nail lobbying against reform is going to cost us all dear. And this time, I suspect, things will sooner or later turn violent.”  I think its already on the verge, why else is someone murdering the top bankers so meticulously.  Looks like we are back at poor Jill Dando.
50 days to the Grand Coalition

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