As the General Election draws ever closer you would think it is now increasingly obvious how close the press have become to the Tories.  Disabled people, poor people, single parents and trade unions have known this for many years, its monstrous that these bastards while advocating UKIP as the safe protest rate are hell bent on taking us to the very end of shit creek – to the breakdown of society. But every Tory MP knows there will be a time of exposure, when people will start to say where is the money coming from – the money for what? The money for the useless garden bridge over the Thames which the fools will charge us to use after we pay £175000000; the £97000000 for the magical meterological device of yellow nebbish Danny Alexander; the £50000000 given to Manchester City football academy so disadvantaged kids can kick a fucking ball; the £80000000000 to be wasted on the HS2, so that businessmen with gravy dripping off their faces can get to Manchester half an hour earlier; the £80000000 to be wasted on sinking boreholes all over UK so ordinary people stop giving a shit about filthy DC’s fracking nightmare; the cost of replacing the nuclear weapons – £20000000000. Add all the waste together, of which there are still many more billions, and you get a waste of £100402000000 which a further waste of probably £10000000000. But its small fry compared to the robbery by these bastards from the Brits of £800000000000. Its small wonder that with this regime of Neanderthals they have just (12-03-15) spent £285000000 on an initial phase of the nuclear missile program, its a ‘bleak snapshot of 21st-century Britain’  with CND rightly calling it: ‘a stark barometer of the government’s priorities.’ 

The historic paedophile ring at the heart of Westminster is now being exposed, its starting to pull the police into its net. But Old Bill will not be saving the establishment this time, not after way they have been trampled all over. In the breakdown of society, every police force is now facing major cuts. While police chiefs state the obvious – that the massive cuts will increase the risk of terror attacks, I have to express solidarity with Danczuk.  I am not a fan of blue Labour’s Danczuk. It was disgusting to see him debate brilliant OJ.  MPs are absolutely terrified about the exposure, and to his credit Danczuk is exposing the filth: “In which case the expenses nadir will be considered respectable compared to the depths to which the reputation of politicians will suddenly plummet. That consequence is starting to sink in and recently there’s been a sense that Westminster is beginning to grasp the seriousness of the problem.”  As the system bites hard, sanctions in poor areas are leading to children being hit by sanctions, its actually a form of child abuse perpetuated by the bastards who have raped UK.
But just like paedophilia, the sanctions regime is evidence of Tory arrogance as the filth rape society. The Dispatches documentary by Channel Four exposes yet again how the brutal bastards are inflicting suffering on innocent, decent people.  As Brown has noted, putting feathers on a turd will not make it fly, but what is true is that if you expose a turd enough it will stink. This regime now stinks. 
Tories share with UKIP a love of fox hunting. Tories love killing anything that moves. If filthy DC gets back in power he will bring back hunting.  All the snide sanctimonious bum-hole can do now is talk about the ‘huge talent’ of the idiot Clarkson.  Even more then being a lying posh bastard one thing which threatens to derail Farage at a critical time is racism, the claims that are the BNP in blazers are toxic. Farage has consistently demonstrated his contempt for racial discrimination laws. Even while the Farage mask is slipping though its unlikely useless-Umunna can make any difference. Even now there is a chance that the UKIP in a coalition with the Tories will take us right to the end of shit creek. Tories salivate that shit creek has no end, but actually it has a massive end.
Assistant manager of Morrisons at Queens Road Brighton, Greg Darvill, is exposed as a bastard. He was sent a request to like the Helping Britain’s Homeless page, but the response sent from his Facebook account said: “Please don’t invite me to help the homeless… I hate the homeless. They make the risk of me being out of a job by thieving rife. Thanks.” Since then the nebbish has probably had a discipline.
When the Greeks tried to fight the capitalist bastards, it was destined to failure, they are forcing the Greeks out of the union. But the money men have underestimated the Greeks. In the words of Lapavitsas “The Left at long last must begin to table ideas about genuine internationalism in Europe that reject these forms of capitalist integration. Not improve them. Reject them. That’s the real radical outlook for the Left, and that is what it should do.” 
At this time canaries are abounding in the mine, you don’t need a barometer when you have a Clarkson, yet he has the privilege. The populism carefully crafted by beaming mediocrity Farage is also mirrored in the bastard Jeremy Clarkson. Just like the massive oaf Borisconi, nothing else can explain Clarkson. Take the petition for the cumulative impact assessment of Pat Onions and how we struggled for a measly 100000. But just as with Farage and Borisconi, Clarkson has the privilege, and after he thumped an underling for not getting him hot dinner, fascist Guido Fawkes has so far got 500000 people to sign a petition to reinstate him. Clarkson is so much a part of the establishment that he has stopped caring about exposure. The problem for Clarkson was that he was offered a cold meat platter rather than a steak.  Glynis Millward hits the nail on the head: “that tells us everything we need to know about the tories, who lets face it have “punched” the NHS, Royal Mail, the disabled, students, transport, education, the environment, the ill, the vulnerable and are just about to launch an attack on pensioners.”  Boggled? Well its time for some humour from the gaff prone Winston McKenzie of UKIP: “You look at the Tory party and Michael Gove. He was doing a fantastic job as education secretary and was moved on. It’s a bit of a shock to the system.”
We end by quoting Meacher, talking about the next list of cuts from Osborne: “Remember as you listen to the budget: the bankers caused the crisis but blame everyone else but themselves and have been let off the hook completely, yet the innocent victims of the bankers’ reckless folly are now being forced to pay an intolerable price which Osborne is determined to force further until he is stopped by resistance he can’t overcome.  Let their voices be heard!” 

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