Counting down to the Grand Coalition

With only 57 days to the general election, filthy DC in his arrogance, in his overwhelming born to rule mentality has made a major strategic error, as he runs with shameless terror from the TV debates. Its so bad that even the Tory dufus d’Ancona has words of wisdom: “The voters may not feel too strongly about such events, still less their precise format. But that could change with dangerous speed if they sense they are being taken for a ride, or taken for granted.” No wonder the fascists at the BBC are getting ready to give dirty DC his own air time, where he can say his shit and be unchallenged: With dark humour, the appearances of filthy DC on the TV debates is closely monitored by the brutal Ozzie Lynton Crosbie – its frightening the whole bunch of freaks: Its a reminder of how easily Tories freak out when they know they are hated, just imagine when the 99% feel the rage.

The Torygraph hates the Greens, here is some nonsense they wrote about them: The fear mongering can be directly countered by the truly dangerous path the Tories aim to take us on, in their journey to the 1930s, its so clear that even the klutz Balls can identify it: Balls also says that there will be an extra £70000000000 of cuts which have not been greatly publicised by the Tories: It now looks like the Labour party and the Tory party will be locked into a campaign of fear, yes in the words of mega shlemiel Osborne, its “competence or chaos”: As the local governments go bankrupt at least they will be able to start the day with morning prayers courtesy of mass murdering limosine devotee Pickles, its gonna be an absolute cracker: Its no wonder that we are have to have incantations to the divine being when we have a charismatic leader who says he is a bit like Jesus:–he-is-just-continuing-gods-work-9250449.html Ironically it is the church who are once again having to state the obvious, that the welfare ‘reforms’ are “inhumane and unchristian”:
In the disgusting environment of filthy DC’s ‘moral mission’ eye watering cuts are now being made to social services, and though contrived by the government, they are not the only contributor to the state of crisis by far. Another is the fact that the government while helping to sell everything off cheap, is not rebuilding homes. In fact its fallen to historic levels:

Everyone knew that the ‘reforms’ of the nebbish Grayling were an unmitigated disaster. To quote Brown “They’ve stuck feathers on a turd and are now sitting round wondering why it won’t fly.”: but its only just started. The brilliant teams of Probation Officers who worked so hard in their necessary and respected job now will watch as the turd implodes and as the shit hits the fan and matters escalate, everyone will know the shameful fuckwit responsible. I share their rage as decent honest people are shafted by a bunch of neoliberal thugs. The depth and speed of the cuts is also totally messing up the welfare ‘reforms’ of seething fascist IDS: Meanwhile its left to pathetic Reeves to taunt seething henchman IDS over the 1605 years it will take to roll out Universal Credit: 
Welfare Reform has completely collapsed in North Ireland, after Sinn Fein pulled out of a deal. Its of importance to the balance of power at the general election, where the DUP may be urged to form a coalition with UKIP and the Tories. In the words of Martin McGuinness: “… the DUP have acted in bad faith and are now reneging on their commitments to protect the most vulnerable. It is their intention to provide only partial protection to current recipients of benefit and no protection whatsoever for future claimants.” It is very hard to assess the possibility of the potential coalitions without analysing poll charts, when there are maybe 20 possible variations possible. Consideration must be given of a grand coalition of Labour and the Tories, and while two main parties dismiss this possibility, its nonetheless very strong. The Labour are now so far to the right that they are more scared of offending the rampant right wing media then they are of stopping the brutal WCA: But to be clear, the coalition of Labour and the Tories, although it would be a black moment for UK, would also be a revolutionary government. Ordinary people would be able to see clearly for the first time that there is now nothing between the parties. It would also serve to provide considerable dissent in the grass roots of the two parties, and it proves that Westminster was not serious in giving extra powers to Scotland: Every day more bastards are advocating this Grand Coalition, today (10-03) it is John Mills, as Pete Wishart (SNP) puts it “Labour spent two and a half years working hand in hand with the Tories – and joined with them at Westminster to vote for more austerity and Trident nuclear weapons – so the prospect of this toxic alliance continuing will shock nobody.”
A new stage of the financial crisis has begun, this time its come from Austria – a massive under reported issue is coming from the area. The financial cocknuggets had us half convinced that it was all over, of course its only starting: UK financiers can only gaze at the mastery of Professor Varoufakis as the so-called Eurogeddon appears on the horizon and grim cunts like Schauble ponder: Its all moving out of the control of the greedy bastards, its giving shrewd Carney the eeby geebies. When billionaire banking bastards feel a tiny degree of the force of public feeling and the law they start bleating about bashing bankers. Consequently we have Tory nebbish Sir Alan Duncan moaning at Labour MP Margaret Hodge to resign as public accounts committee chair for ‘inappropriate grandstanding’ after she had the temerity to bully the bosses of HSBC over the actions of the bastards in Switzerland: This can be directly contrasted by the inappropriate cruelty with which benefit sanctions are dolled out.  Nine shite sanctions have been listed by the Daily Mirror, which is becoming the voice of the People in the same way that the Express, Heil and Scum have become the voice of the Establishment. Here are the nine: a London man missed his Jobcentre appointments for two weeks because he was in hospital after being hit by a car, he was sanctioned; a 19-year-old homeless boy with little education failed to complete a form correctly, he was sanctioned, this left him so desperate he stole food in the hope he would be sent to prison, where he would have somewhere to sleep; a London woman failed to attend a workshop, because she only received the letter the day after the event, she was sanctioned, her appeal failed because it wasn’t sent by fax via the Jobcentre.; a man missed a Job Centre appointment because he was at a job interview,  he was sanctioned for 14 days; a Somerset man didn’t take up a job that was impossible to reach, he would have had to take two buses to get to work and they did not start running early enough, he was sanctioned; a man told a Job Centre he wouldn’t be able to attend his appointment because he needed to visit his dying mother in hospital, he was sanctioned; a Newcastle man who had recently been made redundant applied for every suitable job, but the week his father died, his work search record was judged inadequate, he was sanctioned; an asthmatic was forced to go to A&E due to a severe attack, he phoned the Jobcentre and sent a follow-up letter, despite this, he was sanctioned for one month; a Hartlepool woman was told her appointment for a work capability assessment was cancelled, she was then sanctioned for failing to attend the cancelled appointment; a Durham man missed a Jobcentre appointment because he was collecting his ill daughter from school, the Jobcentre accused him of having a fictional child and sanctioned him: The whole process of job searching and job searching became a farce long ago, but many job centre staff probably relish being in the front line where they can give ordinary decent people real misery:
The establishment’s dis-establishment party, UKIP, steadfastly maintain their joke trajectory. This awful rendition of ‘Chiquitita’ by UKIP candidate Mandy Boylett is symptomatic of the humour the so called ‘people’s army’ want to inflict on us: But she isn’t the only misinformed source of laughter from the so called ‘people’s army’, as the grinning bastard Farage has been inciting in Cornwall: The UKIP face big problems in Lincolnshire where they have a splinter group: Its deeply ironic that with so many joke candidates, spiv Farage cannot take a joke himself:
The strength of Syriza is being tested, as an anarchists take over the Syriza headquarters in solidarity with the hunger strikes in Greek prisons. Its important because the strength of Syriza need testing in order to dismantle the authoritarian structures put in place by earlier governments: One day the same will be happening in UK, when Left Unity finally take charge.
The author is engaged in fighting for the ILF. He has no time for hypo-links, he apologises.
Counting down to the Grand Coalition

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