A very massive kick

At this late stage, only a very massive kick up the backside will now help the UK establishment, and prevent us from drifting up the very end of shit creek.

The people of Greece are lining up a massive and long delayed kick for the Greek Establishment, but the horse ran off before they could secure the stable door. Even so Greeks are now drawing up a list of a Euro 7.3 billion tax owned by oligarchs and criminals. But it may not happen to plan as Greece now looks close to being kicked out of the Euro. Elements of Syriza want out of the Euro and rightly so. Kicking the can down the road is not a solution.
Meanwhile studies at the HSBC continue to reveal massive financial irregularities, industrial scale money laundering and tax evasion.  Here is a recording of the greedy bastards with Tory MEP Kay Swinburne recorded informing City fat-cats of “schemes which bypass” the rules, while Conservative MP Mark Garnier ludicrously brands the cap “vandalistic legislation”.

The embarrassment of cash for questions has returned to the Westmonster, this time its Jack Straw and Sir Malcom Rifkind in the frame. £5000 a day will get you a parliamentary question. The greedy bastards are still at it with one rule for them, and the common people are just stuck with the EDM, a shoddy system which barely works. Trying to get an MP to sign a bloody EDM is like squeezing blood from a stone, but a bit of dosh and you are in there. Its another example of the establishment needing a massive kick up the arse, once again it shows how close Labour and the Tories are, despite the rhetoric at PMQs.   But hang on, Sir Malcom Rifkind painfully needs the dosh, as he says in his monotone:  it is “simply unrealistic” to believe MPs can survive on “simply £67,000” a year  – without looking for extra income Current Labour are no longer a party of social justice.
UKIP supporters need a massive kick. It is impossible not to take UKIP as a party of bigots after another painful documentary was screened called “Meet the Ukippers”.  Its lead sad Duncan talks of a ‘hidden agenda‘,  though it doesn’t seem well enough hidden. 2015 has so far been a disaster for UKIP.  The Scottish campaign of UKIP is so far a car crash.
The disarray now at the heart of probation, is just starting to hit the fan, as is recorded in the blog Probation Matters: “There is unquestionably a view in this Government that everyone’s ‘criminogenic needs’ are employment and accommodation. This view has clearly been transferred wholesale to the ‘newbies’ and they are consequently throwing everything into these areas. My experience is that many of our most vulnerable cases are not yet capable of employment or even of holding a tenancy with all the accompanying issues like budgeting, managing utilities etc etc. It’s all too simplistic and amounts to one of those dumb approaches based on common sense when ‘common sense’ is anathema to evidence-based interventions….The lack of supply chain is a consequence NOT on the concept of outsourcing but of Grayling and the MoJ’s approach to it. It is because the timescales were reckless and ludicrous that the work necessary to prepare was unable to be completed in the time available. This is not a failing of the bidders, although they are complicit, it is a failure of the SoS and his ministry.” Trained Probation Officers can only watch aghast as the evil nebbish Grayling ruins the service.
A huge hole is now opening up between the north and the south, which is particularly noticeable with the rate of pay.  A figure of derision who keenly feels the north-south divide is the well known “fucktard” Jeremy Clarkson, who recently visited Liverpool. As he goes on to say, “People up there earn less, die more quickly, have fewer jobs and live in houses that are worth the square root of sod all.”  With his disdain and rant about of shooting strikers in front of their families, Clarkson is now a figure of hatred. That he is still employed is symptomatic of this shameful government. 
Something which is hidden by Tories crowing about falling unemployment figures is the massive increase in homelessness. “Young people are particularly vulnerable due to the combined impact of high unemployment, benefit cuts and the weakening of the housing safety net. Young adults are also hit hardest by benefit sanctions, and for single and youth homelessness service providers not only in England but across the UK, the severity of the new sanctions regime is a huge concern. On top of this both the Conservatives and Labour have suggested they would remove Housing Benefit from 18 to 21 year olds. The Homelessness Monitor has always been crystal clear on this issue – removing housing benefit from young people will be responsible for a serious rise in youth homelessness.”  Tories detest young people, in the neoliberal nightmare world the only thing that matters is money. Fuck everything else. You would think that as the Tories are obsessed by money that they might have a long term economic plan but I am not convinced that they have a future plan.  With so many problems its no wonder that dirty DC will be wriggling hard to escape the TV debates.
Dirty Dave is terrified of Scotland, he knows he’s about to get a massive kick. He knows Sturgeon can undo 70% of his disgusting work. At a recent visit to the Scottish Conservative Conference the fucking freak DC talks about his fear of a coalition with Labour and the SNP: “Isn’t it appalling that Labour won’t rule out this outcome – that they would wrap themselves in the flag one minute, and the next be prepared to work with a bunch of people who would rip up that flag given half a chance? Spineless. Weak. Unprincipled. Short-termist. That, my friends, is all anyone needs to know about today’s Labour Party.”  But hang on, filthy Dave is on a moral mission, the worst PM in UK history is surely not short-term, spineless, unprincipled and weak? Any new progressive government will find it hard to stop the ‘reforms’ of Grayling
A very massive kick

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