In the words of Neoliberal bastard Tidjane Thiam: ‘The race to the bottom, to be like China, is on, and we’re all going to do it. So your wages will meet the Chinese somewhere, and so will your social conditions … abolish minimum wages, abolish social protection.”  The money men think that greed can rule the world, but they must expect a steely fight-back. Give them what they expect.
In the tense European negotiations it is still impossible to say who will come out the victor, however we do know they are running out of time, but Ward believes the Troika cannot handle a Grexit.  So while the talks with the Eurozone are predictably going nowhere, the Troika has no reverse gear, something is going to give. But it is not the German people who we should be angry with. The German people show solidarity with the Greeks when polled. But the rich just keeping digging. At the start Syriza held its ground, but its still not resolved, no matter the rhetoric the German bankers are now determined to push Greece off the cliff.  In the words of Christos  a Solidarity for All organizer in Greece: “Now, for the first time in my life, I’ve started realizing how much pain and effort it takes to conquer space and change the smallest thing. To open the cracks through which you can see the horizon takes so much effort. Everything we do is tested on the ground. If you’re useful to the people, you’re recognized.” These bankers have zero humanity, zero humility, with their massive greed they have now set up an end game for Europe, however there is still hope that the German people will demand change . 
The SNP are still holding a big lead, while the nebbish Murphy is relying on hackneyed lines like ‘vote SNP, get Tory‘. Its causing the boring yellow bastard Danny Alexander to freak out and divert money to saving his own very sorry neck. A new radicalism is entering the SNP   which is leaving tired Labour far behind. In areas where there is more money, polls are suggesting that Labour will hold onto them.
Faced with UKIP in Wales, Plaid Cymru are not doing as well, they were on 24% in 2014 but that was before the full impact of austerity. For now PC will have to wait for the UKIP bubble to burst. The Vent loathes UKIP, it detests the snide cynical bastards who think that by parroting lines about not being part of the establishment, and pretending to be the party of the people they can make decent ordinary people as bigotted and as full of bollocks as them. In the words of Nathan Gill, a UKIP Wales candidate for the Welsh European elections, writing of Plaid Cymru, he comes out with “ [For] the party to descend to gutter politics and mudslinging is bigoted and outrageous. They are very much one of the establishment parties, and have now closed ranks with the ‘LibLabCon’ in trying to attack Ukip and our supporters, instead of presenting their own case.”  No amount of UKIP bashing will suffice for the Vent, every time one of their supporters appears on the radar they make a complete idiot of themselves:  Right now UKIP is getting its own negative media coverage as another documentary is screened, once again exposing their ugly racism.  UKIP has finally produced a new manifesto, ‘Policies for People’. Polling suggests that talk of a UKIP revolution is nonsense.   The question is, will the ukip bubble, dangerously inflated by a rampant right wing media, pop in time? In the words of Lance-Corporal Jones “they don’t like it up ’em“.  You never heard the bastards complaining when they were busy smearing unemployed and disabled people.
Tax evasion, while exposing Lord Green and Lord Fink has led George Osborne to go into hiding. That’s right, there has been zero George.  The industrial scale money laundering and tax evasion at the HSBC has led political editor Peter Oborne to resign from the Torygraph. The deluded editor expected honesty, who would have expected that bastion of Conservatism, the Torygraph – to print a load of shit? As Oborne writes, “ There are great issues here. They go to the heart of our democracy, and can no longer be ignored.” It is surprising that Tory Oborne should whine about democracy when he knows more than most of us that under the Tories democracy is zero. Mr Oborne even believes that the Torygraph is a voice of ‘civilised conservatism’.  The Tory will start saying compassionate conservatism next. No wonder the greedy klutzes have Libertarian freak Peter Staines in a state.  The money laundering bastards at the HSBC thought they were too big to be controlled, too big to fail, too big to be caught.
Its no surprise to any of us that the government’s draconian cuts to legal aid were based on zero evidence. By cutting £220000000 from the legal aid bill with zero knowledge of the effects, this government have actually increased the cost.  But cruel meshugennah Chris Grayling is not over yet, he wont be finished until everything he has done has fallen apart. Every day we hear more of the omnishambles affecting probation, a huge mistake which has been directly the fault of Grayling.
The Tories have scored an own goal again, this time it was Lord Rose who did it, the toff managed to expose how bad the management has now become at the NHS, its really embarrassed them so the government moved immediately,  the government’s response to the report has been put it on “the back burner of the back burner”. As cynical muppet Farage says “ Surely this will have to be published before the election so we can see [what] the establishment has done to our NHS?” Yes, surely Nige, just like the risk register they never published even though the courts told them to.
The worst Tory ‘reforms’ are based on zero. They are based on evidence free policy, they are based on appalling arrogance, the bastards don’t care how many people die as a result.  But when the dying extends to the elderly, to the young and to the streets, we will all be sitting up and saying ‘what the fuck’.  Gains made from the so called welfare ‘reforms’ have been zero. Every single ‘reform’ made by the cocknugget IDS, although it has set against a backdrop of a vast human misery, have been valueless when set against the millions shoveled in the bin. IDS has made an unashamed pig’s ear of Universal Credit. Bedroom Tax has left 1500 houses empty and councils with a £20000000 rent deficit. There were no gains from the benefit cap. A dramatic 31030 people now (19-02-15) get the shitty UC.
As we know from pieces of human excrement like Lord Fraud, Esther McVile or void Grant Shapps, ordinary people can work harder, they are just pretending when they are ill. The health of decent people needs close attention in case they are scamming it with their dodgy sick-notes, so the government is introducing a new scheme so that people who take time off work sick can be rigorously assessed. In the words of unctuous Lord Fraud:  “The introduction of the Fit for Work service is an important step in supporting employees, GPs and employers to manager sickness absence better. Providing support where it’s needed most will help to reduce the length of time employees take off sick which in turn will cut sick pay costs, improve economic output and reduce the chance of people falling out of work and having to claim benefits.”   Anything that was decent in this country, any social gains that we have won in hundreds of years of harsh fighting, have been temporarily eradicated by this repellent regime.
For me, one of the most offensive elements of this regime is how they have treated women, this government is the most anti woman government in UK history. The Tories have treated anyone weak like dirt, and this extends to women, despite the fact that we have the sour trout Teresa May and spiteful freak McVile. The costs to women of austerity are high, so now we have Linda, who though treated like dirt was one of the lucky ones:  Wakefield’s withering assessment clearly shows the affect on women of austerity.  But if the Tories get in again it will be a whole new story. Older woman who are ill can expect zero sympathy from this regime. 
I am not a Christian but when filthy DC talks with sanctimonious righteousness about his moral mission, even comparing himself to Jesus it makes me angry when the filthy bastard has the temerity to criticize the message from the Church of England. To the dismay of the Establishment, Bishops have been brazen enough to do their job actually giving out a political message to their congregations. It was a long message which Tories detested, Nadine Dories for example reckoned it was “very definite left-wing leaning While bastard Conor Burns says it is “naive“, its left the government showing they have zero morals. How very embarrassing and unexpected. Brazen filthy DC quickly spouted:  “And I would say to the bishops, I hope they would welcome that because it does bring dignity, it does bring self-reliance, it does enable people to provide for their families, it creates a stronger society as well as a stronger economy. And a welfare system that pays people to stay idle when they could work – that is not the sign of a strong economy or a strong or good society.”  We can contrast the tripe of filthy DC with the record high of the benefit sanctions, they have trebled since 2012.   The nonsensical idea of self reliance is best seen at Stoke on Trent whose  disgraceful  council is the biggest user of a slave labour workfare scheme in the whole of UK.
People power won at Kew Gardens in London.  Ordinary people made the greedy bastards fuck right off, although EDM1282 could only muster 34 signatures in the House of Common Fuck. Nothing is sacred to these greedy bastards, who are still trying to flog off our forests.
The Vent stands behind the people of the Loughborough Park Estate in Brixton South London in their fight against eviction.  Its disgusting the way that our housing system is being so trampled over by greedy bastards, but the bullies quickly scramble when the British Lion roars. Meanwhile its young people that are falling between the cracks in our broken housing system.  The people are fighting back on the Aylesbury Estate


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