Arrogance or Gross stupidity?

A fine line exists between arrogance and gross stupidity. Some of the most stupid of the Tories like Philip Oliver, the snide monster who is MP of Shipley, or massive bastard Kawczynski, MP of Shrewsbury  are now seething with poison, its a comprehensive problem the way that these bastards think that now they can say whatever they like and they can get away with it. Like Katie Hopkins the bastards don’t know how to zip it. Tom Davey for example, who is a Tory councillor at the malignant council of Barnet never stops writing shit on Facebook. While alleging ludicrously that he has a sense of humour, he reckons he is “more excited than Harold Shipman in a nursing home”. But then who could fail to feel stimulated – tearing up Barnet Council is a Tory wet dream.
Tories stupidly invoke Trotsky whenever they feel unnerved by the ‘loony left’, in simplistic Tory terms Trotsky cuts the mustard. Here is braying Tory grandee Ken Clarke talking about the Greeks: “Just judging from the public statements of these latter-day Trotskyites who appear to have won the election in Greece, I can’t see how that can be reconciled.”  Evil nebbish Grayling used to say Trotskyites were stopping his shitty workfare:   At this stage (17-02) the Greek talks have collapsed and the chances of a dirty Grexit are higher.
Scotland seems to crept up on the Establishment, its taken them all surprise. Labour MPs in Scotland were asked if they thought if it would help if Red Ed was there too, campaignng with them in their constituency, the answers were negative. One was “Does Ed Miliband bring me votes? Absolutely fucking not.”

Today (14-02-15) I sat outside Kings Hospital holding my placard “Save the nurses, not Bankers debts”. Readers of the Vent will be pleased to learn that I crossed out the B of Bankers and made it a W. I spent hours assessing the mood of Jo Public as they filed past, some jogging, it was the usual shit. We’re still sleep walking to the totally preventable crisis. The social impact of the Greek austerity has been great, our NHS will not support a fuller austerity. The full impact of austerity has only been felt for a year, while the NHS has been feeling the strain for so much longer. Its being held together by medical professionals, working for nothing, yes its become the veritable “reichstag bunker of socialism” to quote shmeril Matthew Richardson of UKIP.
Even with their obscene arrogance, and levels of gross stupidity, the Tory now (16-02) have a poll lead over a pathetic Labour.  With UKIP on only 9% in that poll, the stage is set for this anti-UKIP film.  Farage is a deeply arrogant man, he needs his balloon liberally pricked, for too many years we have had to see ‘the man with the beer’ grinning and making my class look like imbeciles. But UKIP is not the only racist party, the Tories have also had their moments. If the film is screened tonight (16-02-15) it could  cause the glass floor of the UKIP bandwaggon to give way.  They might just away with it: In the words of another member of the audience at the press screening: “the reaction of UKIPers on Twitter Monday evening will be akin to dropping a hand grenade in a cauldron of shit.”
 We now have to watch the breakdown of society. Pensioners are now being attacked for a £5 in these desperate times.  To add to the toxic brew the Condem’s are preparing to implement their next escalation in their War on the Poor when they go after the working poor:  
Its another sign that the arrogance of the government has peaked, here is some Frances O’Grady: “Caught in an austerity hole, the Conservatives have made it clear that, if re-elected, they will keep on digging. Much commentary has focused on the impact on services of cutting back spending to a share of the economy not seen since the 1930s. But peacetime cuts deeper than any since the so-called Geddes axe in the 1920s will also depress consumer demand, slow growth and could snuff out recovery.”  Its a huge strategic error.
Finally they are getting right down to it, with the paedophile investigation at the heart of Westminster. Its sure to expose, it may not be in time to affect the GE, but it could enrage the villagers and encourage them to get out the pitchforks. Sex abuse brings down brand names like Max Clifford and Gary Glitter. Rich people have contempt and arrogance for the lower classes, no wonder dim Prince Andrew is shocked he was bitten on the tukos.  How dare these peasants have rights? Its arrogance that is the heart of the Tories problems, its class affected stupidity.
A towering figure emphasising the arrogance displayed by these out of touch fuckwits is Chris Grayling, who has now been just left to do his worst. No one gives a damn about how this excrescence of humanity has trashed legal aid, he’s being allowed to withhold information until after the GE. Its an example of how spectacularly wrong his ‘reforms’ have gone.  The Guest blogger on Probation Matters writes “TR (Transforming Rehabilitation) is simply an excuse to shrink the state, and to absolve or detach the state from being responsible for reoffending rates. Throughcare and support is a wonderful concept, but it’s not what TR is going to bring I’m afraid.” 
Arrogance or Gross stupidity?

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