You cannot buy democracy

Now capitalism has gone bankrupt, the Greek situation has a lot more weight to the problems of austerity in UK, but Varoufakis is a brilliant communicator of economics. The fragility of the Euro means that Varoukakis has a very strong bargaining tool as he says: “The euro is fragile; it’s like building a castle of cards. If you take out the Greek card, the others will collapse.”  Fighting talk – can you imagine Ed Balls saying that? Tsipras spoke to the Greek people, he restored Greek pride, by mobilizing the Greek people, he is now in sight of victory While Carney believes the impact of Grexit on UK will not be pronounced(@1047), the spreading revolt is freaking out the money men. They genuinely thought in their greed and nastiness that everyone else was as crap as them. The hatred is profound, of course us based on a deep fear of Greece succeeding outside the Eurozone.
Here are some words from Rapanakis of Syriza: “I am here today to give the message that Syriza and the Greek government give to all European people: change is coming, the old world has died and the new world is emerging now.

Thousands and thousands of people committed suicide in Greece because they couldn’t afford to live or they couldn’t afford to pay their bills. But creation and hope took the place of disaster and despair in Greece. Throughout the crisis, the main dividing line was not the left or the right, but it was democracy and dignity versus authority . . . and oppression.

I believe that democracy is coming back to Greece again after so many years. The most characteristic picture: throughout the crisis, barricades guarded the Parliament building; you could see only policemen and Special Forces. The first action of Syriza’s government was to take away the barricades, was to take away the policemen and to make Athens a city that you could safely live.

We are not afraid anymore.We are only at the beginning. The massive change is happening in Greece. Spain and other countries are following. The main question is: are you going to join the change that has begun in Greece?”  Meanwhile Iceland are actually leading the way – there are throwing their convicted bankers in jail. Dirty DC looks most guilty when he denies corruption.

Its possible there is something very dark already happening, but the truth will eventually come out.   A connection exists between apparent suicides in this ‘game’ of the very highest stakes, anything is now possible.  But the truth is unlikely to suddenly appear.
Just like Varoufakis, the Green party are right to tackle austerity head on.  It is no surprise that the Green’s support is high among the youth, now are starting to feel that none of the Establishment parties have anything to offer them.
The Tory filth are clearly losing their way in wooing the grey vote, now that the cocknugget IDS is targeting poor pensioners with plans to scrap free bus passes and winter fuel payments. Meanwhile elderly care home residents are now being auctioned off by councils on an ‘ebay style’ website, but unlike ebay, the cheapest bidder wins.
Brilliant OJ has nailed it – “But for Tories to be auctioning off dinners, bronze statues of Thatcher and pheasant shooting escapades in our nation of food banks, zero-hour contracts and poverty wages – well, it should concentrate the senses. Our shameless, rapacious economic elite keep the Conservatives afloat not out of generosity, but because they expect a return. Can money buy democracy? In less than three months, we will find out.”  Tax evasion is now an enormous factor of the general election. With only 88 days to go, the blatant scandal of the HSBC, has come at the right time, its a giant canary in the mine. Take evasion has been a subject the bumbling bumptious buffoon Borisconi has commented on a number of times, with Starbucks in 2012, and with greedy bastard Pessina of Boots in 2015. Without people power, its going to be business as usual, with the rich shafting the 99% and getting richer, and the poor losing their minuscule share.   Labour and the Tories have both benefited from the tax evaders at the HSBC. Its dirty, its a reminder of how close the Tories and Labour are, the way that the Labour party are consistently trying to outflank the Tories over which party can be more brutal to the poor shows there is now nothing between the Tories and Blue Labour. It is no wonder that shameful Tory Lord Fink lobbied to turn UK into a tax haven.  (12-02-12)Lord Fink has already backed down, admitting “I chose the mildest end of the spectrum that I was advised on. What I did … was at the vanilla, bland, end of the spectrum.”  While rich bastards can get away with industrial scale tax invasion, if you are poor then this government treats people like shit. Right now the fuckwits are silently launching a pilot scheme which will see housing benefit sanctioned for low-paid welfare claimants if they fail to increase their hours or their salaries.   At the same time we have muppet Rachel Reeves announcing that if people are on the doll for two years then they will stop the benefit, though it would apply to people aged under 25 after one year.  With her effort to look as fucking shite as droning motormouth IDS, Reeves has been parroting lies all week, its a shameful wretched sight.
Surrounded by fascists, every victory must be celebrated. Every victory is the result of people power, ever victory is hard fought for. A recent victory was won with Welfare Assistance, the campaigning group 38 degrees helped people win – it was a big win for children.  It is looking less likely that the water canons in London will ever be used, the Tories love pouring public money down the drain, the water canons were a pointless drain on resources from the worst mayor by far London has ever endured.  A recent victory has been won by the people of Derby Road, Southampton, after the film crews were confronted by locals while so called Channel 4 tried to film their sickly show Immigration Street. They have been forced to fuck right off after one episode. The media are always pandering to the xenophobia of UKIP. Farage spouts so much drivel its now easy to lampoon the bastard.
I don’t like Teresa May, I think its evil the way she deported dying Muazu in 2013.  It is shameful the way she treated lesbian  Aidah Asaba of Uganda.
Please sign this petition to stop the underpayment of care workers.
I will be campaigning for the NHS this weekend. At the moment I will be at Denmark Hill, but a nearer event may be planned and I will be there instead.  Keeping the NHS is centre stage at the General Election is something that must be maintained.
You cannot buy democracy

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