There is no mystery, after a prolonged crisis, there is collapse. But there is actually a mystery at the heart of the Lansley ‘reforms’. The mystery is how filthy DC has the gumption to push for repugnant plutocrat Lansley to be the United Nations Emergency Relief Co-ordinator. Maybe its another proof that this government do not give a fuck anymore. At this dark stage there is even a serious chance of bastards taking us all the way to wooden jetty of Wigan Pier. The courting of the vote of older people, while sensibly tactical, is further evidence that the Tory party now can see no future, its just trapped in a short term neoliberal nightmare. Tories greatest fear is that no matter what they do, people power will always be the strongest force. At the end of the day rich people need someone to clean their toilets, they need someone to make their limousines, they need someone to print their fucking shit tabloids.

As society collapses the vicious government have dumped the poor on the charities, despite their gagging, the charities are now a permanent substitute for the government. This government are disgusting with their big society, and their soaring inequality. Roughly a third of all Brits are now living in poverty. 65% of churches now have food banks.
An opposing force to charities is big business. While the nebbochim attack the left without a great deal of success, tax evasion has continued on its monstrous scale with HSBC files showing how Swiss banks have helped companies evade millions. Tax evasion by greedy opportunistic bastards has become a defining problem of our troubled times, which only people power can break. Its a sordid business which Pricewaterhousecoopers now specialises in.  The recent banking leak is one of the biggest leaks in the entire history of banking. Its another canary in the mine, heralding a huge banking collapse. You don’t need a weathervane to see which way the wind is blowing.  HSBC have messed up so badly its bringing an international response.
In the long run, we are still on the way to the main event. Something very bad has happened to money, its creating bankrupt capitalism.    Economists are now talking about zombie banks and zombie money.  What is zombie dosh – its dosh that looks like its there but it isn’t really there, its complicated, but Professor Varoufakis knows all about it. He’s terrifying the money men, its got our own cocknugget George Osbourne in a state, here’s what the bastard says after meeting Varoufakis: “It is a rising threat to the British economy. And we have got to make sure that in Europe, as in Britain, we choose competence over chaos.”   That’s right – competence over chaos. Eurogeddon is now close.
A boiling rage is the reaction which decent people feel over the mess which this government are making of UK. The stupid reforms to Probation are typical of the idiocy dolled out all over the country, so that every single public service is in a state of disarray. Friday 06-02-15 has a guest blogger, she writes: ‘I can only ask that you try to understand that for over a year now, ‘floor staff’ have been tossed about, many with huge case loads, some working outside of their specific skills zone, and seeing the floor collapse underneath them, asking many questions but getting no answers. And no one can forecast the future, now that it is under new management. The days I am recalling may indeed have gone forever, but don’t blame PO’s. I know there are a lot of committed and empathetic staff, all of whom would love to have quality time with their clients again. I know, I have seen them interact sensitively with every type of offender, and please accept, that some are very trying, time consuming and indeed dangerous. Working intensively with a whole range of people who need support is demanding. A Service collapsing around them, with systems which don’t work, makes it so much harder.’  
The re-emergence of Scottish political dominance is gradually removing the blinkers from a stunned electorate. The collapse of the Scottish vote has totally out maneuvered the Labour party in Scotland. In this matter Labour are culpable with their Falkirk debacle, Labour treated the people with arrogance and disdain, now the seeds they sowed with  decades of union bashing are bearing fruits.
The NHS has seen the floor collapse underneath it as a direct result of government ‘reforms’. In the words of Polly Toynbee “The NHS has been weaponised but it was the Tories who primed the guns”.  An excoriating report has been published by the Kings Fund detailing the immense failure of the ‘reforms’ of the bastard Lansley, complete meltdown of the NHS will be the Tory Achille’s heel, beneath their sanctimonious sabre rattling electioneering rhetoric they are shit scared. It is clear that the disastrous reforms of Lansley are the root of the NHS crisis. There is only one thing the multi millionaires, the billionaires, the hedge fund owners and the oligarchs are scared of, it is the wrath of the people, and filthy DC knows he’s just winging it now, hoping the whole edifice doesn’t fall to bits before the general election. With a deep irony, at the same time as ruining our NHS, the cynical nasty party has to also courting the grey vote.   Its a policy which will haunt the Tories when the shit of the massive cuts to social care hit the fan.
Mental health support is now collapsing. Young people with mental health issues are now regularly having to be held in police cells and they can’t be given beds in an NHS mental health hospital. The mental health system in UK is now profoundly broken. But its the vulnerable at the sharp end with the ugly wca, this government refuse to change that.
The wall of the Westmonster collaspses only in massive pieces. Exposure causes collapse. The depravity of the paedophile ring at the heart of Westminster looks finally to be exposed after the trout Teresa May found someone with no links to the establishment in New Zealand, Lowell Goddard, its a victory for the people that we have got this far, having to force every inch of the way as the establishment have repeatedly closed ranks. In the spirit of the cover ups, filthy DC is pressing ahead with a £15000000 museum and library so we can learn about the abomination Margaret Thatcher, a complete waste of money Filthy DC probably expects the tax payer to pay for her shite.  Please sign this petition to stop the bastard wasting tax payers money.
The establishment’s anti establishment UKIP’s Farage was trapped in his Rotherham office on 06-02-15. The TUSC quickly had the building surrounded, with people carrying banners saying “no to racism, no to bigotry, hands off Rotherham“.  Nasty Nigel is unlikely to be lynched for the conceivable future. 
The housing crisis has become really sharp, but its the complicit media which is also to blame. Look at the way they censored the Focus E15 campaigners. As 55000 families feel the sharp end of the vile benefit cap, homelessness is soaring. The government have an answer for this, they aim to create more homelessness so that they can massage the figures to say that there is less deprivation. They even say in their utterly shameless manner that the benefit cap is encouraging 200 families a week to come off Housing Benefit and find work, but the grim truth is that homelessness has increased by 200 families a week, and that children are the most affected by the shoddy cap. The government cannot stand the thought of anyone getting anything for free, its no surprise to see Southwark Borough Council join forces with Old Bill to smash up eight empty houses, in which homeless people might have tried to live.  Cuts to DHP are hurting people much more in south England than in the North. Only direct action will work. I recommend this video.  Few people have contributed so much to the crisis as bumbling bum-hole Borisconi.
No wonder we now have patronising Tory MP Mark Spencer (Tory Sherwood) caught in the House of Common Fuck. The ahole Spencer was in a discussion with Lisa Nandy (Labour Wigan), Nandy was talking about a local vulnerable man who had recently been sanctioned: “Several times this year I have had to refer a gentleman with learning difficulties to Denise (the local Reverend) for food due to him having sanctions on him for turning up late,” a local councillor had told her. “The gentleman can’t tell the time and is a recluse. He has been found sitting in his flat in the dark with no electric or gas. He won’t ask for help. Only for the old neighbours watch out for him and contact myself heaven knows what would of happened to him. I was informed he has to get a letter off the doctor for an electric card. The lad turned up at my door the other night. He hadn’t eaten for 5 days. He looked like he was dying.” To which the righteous Spencer gave his sanctimonious reply: “people like him needed to learn the discipline of timekeeping… I hope that the Hon. Lady [Nandy] appreciates that people who work very hard, and who might be earning very small amounts from working 50 hours a week, have to turn up to work on time. If they are late for their employment, they might be sanctioned by their employer.” Chunky says it better than me.  In the depravity created by these freaks dark stories abound, like the 25 year old homeless man who died outside MacDonalds in Loughborough, or the appalling case of Mr Burge. Johnny Void has hit the nail on the head about the war which this spiteful government are waging with the most marginalised in societyHere are a list of especially stupid benefit sanctions.   We can contrast this with the opinion of Heaton-Harris (Tory Daventry) who recently said in the House of Common Fuck: “I guess there will always be a difference in politics between the two sides in this debate—I think that 1% of people paying 30% of income tax is actually quite a good deal for 99% of people, but let us put that to one side”.  Mc Vile chipped in later: “The top 1% of income tax payers will contribute nearly 30% of this year’s income tax bill. We talk about the richest helping most to get us out of the financial situation in which we found ourselves after Labour left office, and that is what is happening.”   Meanwhile the Landlord subsidy is now £26700000000.   Brutal bastard IDS was forced to listen to how shite Universal Credit is again, this time in East Lancashire. 

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