A deadly mixture


A net result of this government is misery, but there is still plenty more to come. Its human misery on a colossal scale. It enters every aspect of our lives. A profound effect of the cuts is that they are shortening our life expectancy, its the net result of a loss of £3500000000 from the adult social care budget. Its no wonder that with such a successful day light robbery the disgrace George Osborne is planning another tax break for the richest if the Tories win the General Election. In the demonisation of the poor the Labour MP Debbie Abrahams can be applauded, for highlighting that over half of the claimants who are thrown off JSA do not go into employment, she has shone a light on the dark secret of benefit sanctions. The way these have been dolled out is atrocious. 60% of the recipients of a Trussell food bank parcel in Oldham for example were sanctioned. At this stage (January 14 2015) over a million poor people have fallen through the rips of the supposed safety net, they are now completely unsupported but unemployed. Recession and austerity have produced a deadly mixture. At this time of the year poor homeless people are dying as a direct response to the inhumane government cuts. No area of Britain is worse hit by the bedroom tax than Wales. At least you no longer have to look at the homeless poor in their freezing misery at night any more, now they are turning off the street lamps
But you have to be careful now that you don’t shout at dirty DC when you see the pillock, you can get arrested for that. Old Bill may pipe the government’s tune, but they wont be happy at the wave of police privatisation. I think the police hatred for the government might help with the disgusting Westminster paedophile ring, though at the moment it looks like it could collapse
Bumbling bastard Borisconi spent a night on the streets the other day. The debauched nebbish was raising money for the homeless veterans appeal. But everyone knows its a joke to the clown, with his millions of pounds Borisconi cannot feel the deadly mixture, with his £250k ‘chicken feed‘ column. The bulging buffoon understands so little about it he even has the temerity to compare homeless people with the obscenely rich as a “put upon minority“. Borisconi is symptomatic of our troubled times are much as shit stirrer Katie Hopkins. But don’t worry poor person as you lie in the gutter in your freezing wet misery, the fuckwit George says we are now on track to be the richest country in the entire world. Your endless suffering is a small price to pay for fiscal rectitude.
Young people bear a disproportionate brunt of the deadly mixture dolled out by these idiots. Four in ten teachers now see children at school that have not eaten for 12 hours. At Christmas 2014 90000 children were homeless. Funding for projects for young people have been slashed by these people all over UK, Borisconi completely trashed this budget, he cut beyond the bone. But don’t worry, it was just cherry picking – these are the ‘easiest’ cuts, but we are only 40% of the way through, there is still 60% to come. In contrast grotesque mass murderer Eric Pickles is enjoying a lavish first class trip to China wasting £17000 of tax payers money, as Andy Sawford puts it “What’s truly hypocritical is that Mr Pickles has lectured councillors not to travel first class on trains while travelling around the world being waited on like a Roman emperor” (also Daily Mirror, 13-01-15, p17). The grim bum hole is full of shit. In this quote from 2013 he claims to be helping troubled families: “Councils are making great strides in a very short space of time, dealing with families that have often had problems and created serious issues in their communities for generations. These results show that these problems can be dealt with through a no nonsense and common sense approach, bringing down costs to the taxpayer at the same time.” Like all these top Tories they like to claim in their Orwellian language that they are helping people while only helping themselves. Self servatives like Pickles are part of the deadly mixture. Filthy DC has been slammed after claiming he will slash £30000000000 off the deficit without people feeling any pain. Its obvious that poverty directly impacts on the health of the NHS, the unrelenting pressure cannot be alleviated in the health service without reducing poverty
In the war of the poor it is the most vulnerable in society who feel the sharpest edge, in the next phases it will be the elderly who will feel the Condem blade as the toffs dictate that pensioners should either learn the internet or lose their benefits. 
As the winter of discontent intensifies, voices of dissatisfaction are starting to be heard as the road to recovery turns into something anaemic. Despite the rhetoric the Condems are waging a war on all workers as they change employment law so that hard earned rights become nullified.
Normally I detest filthy DC. I think he’s an arrogant, born to rule, fuckwit, but there is one area where he is on the side of the people, albeit his motive is strategic. Filthy DC is pushing hard for the Greens to be in the TV debates, he’s even accusing his opponents of running away. The establishment are trying their damnest to keep out the Greens, indeed its sickening that the Greens have had very little media coverage, while the establishment’s anti-establishment party UKIP have had far too much coverage. Its symptomatic of the fascists in charge of our media that they have to push UKIP as the safe protest choice. The presence of UKIP is having a detrimental effect on the Green share of the vote, especially in Wales, but the three polls recently taken are all over the place. But there have been developments in the debate to include the Greens, there was a petition which 275000 people (including me) have signed. An ICM opinion poll before Christmas found that a whopping 79% of the public want to see the Greens included in the ITV leaders’ debate, which includes the mediocrity Farage. Ofcom are very slowly having to change their minds. No wonder Farage, Clegg and Miliband have all written to dirty DC to say they will press on with their grotty TV debates even if he does not take part.  The Greens are about to overtake UKIP and the Lib Dems in the size of its membership.
Toffs are the best at kicking poor people when they are down, the side effect is that toffs quickly stink of fear. Once the huge dominos topple the Tory implosion will be quick and brutal, as everyone tries to save their sorry careers. Talking about revolution is met with derision by Establishment politicians. The hypocritical nebbish Tony Blair is allegedly completely perplexed by iconic Russell Brand’s talk of Revolution: “I don’t know what it means. I haven’t studied a lot of what the Russell Brand stuff really means. I suspect if you implemented that or tried to implement that as a government, I literally don’t know what it means.”  
But there is a spectre now in the air. Oxymoronic expansionary fiscal contraction is leading to runaway deflation. The problem could lead to economic collapse. Economists like to treat ordinary people like idiots, but its the 99% who will carry the can of global collapse, not a bunch of out of touch billionaires. The economist Meadway talks about the economic recovery, such as it is as being “unstable and volatile“, but this government have made a point of never listening to an expert. No one can predict the unfolding political situation in Europe. “It is appalling to see that the European political elite has been living in a cocoon, failing to take into account the political and social implications of the intense austerity programmes they imposed in countries like Greece (but also in other countries of the periphery). This political elite still has not learned the lessons. The first reaction of the German minister of finance after the announcement of new elections in Greece was that the discipline needed to be continued rigorously.”  The banks which failed in the financial crisis are now larger, and not one banker has even been sent to jail. 
Bloody idiot George Osborne is wheeling out his charter for budgetary responsibility all over again, causing Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the Taxpayers Alliance, someone not normally in the Vent, to label it as a “meaningless political gimmick of the most transparent kind…that serves only to remind taxpayers how dramatically the Chancellor has missed his own original target”.   
Yellow nebbish Danny Alexander warnings of a Dickensian future for British services, while the elite bear zero responsibility. Its also too late. When the Liberals made their pact with the Tories to fuck over the British people they should have considered the consequences. The Lib Dems will be wiped out at the Election. As an SNP spokesman put it “the Lib Dems have been propping up the Tories for so long that they are now alienating themselves from even their very few remaining supporters.”  When the UKIP are linked to the Tories they will also alienate their supporters. For now Farage is allowed to say whatever bollocks he likes.
The Tories think they are on a roll. They’ve already been accused of trying to “buy the general election” by quietly raising the legal spending limit by £6.2 million to £32.7m in the face of concerns from the Electoral Commission over ‘undue influence’. The party has reportedly amassed a war chest of more than £70 million. The Tories are now evil, and to quote Craig Murray “It has an economy dedicated entirely to the interests of very wealthy people in the City of London. Its wealth gap between rich and poor is massive and still growing. The UK has 100 billionaires, and malnourished children, living on a small island. It is dominated by corporations run on a low wage model and has systematically destroyed workers’ rights.” 
Weak Labour cannot rule out a coalition with the Tories. For all the spouting of MPs, a massive betrayal could be on the cards. But whatever the Establishment says a popular public backlash right across Europe is now inevitable.
A deadly mixture

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