The protracted meltdown

Circle are pulling of out of Hinchingbroke. The greedy bastards are running scared, they did not know what they were getting into, its been a learning curve for them. Here are some words from Steve Melton, the Circle Chief Executive: “Like most hospitals, over the past year Hinchingbrooke saw unprecedented A&E attendances and not enough care places for healthy patients awaiting discharge. At the same time, our funding has been cut. We also believe that inconsistent and conflicting regulatory regimes compound the challenge for acute hospitals in this environment. This combination of factors means we have now reluctantly concluded that, in its existing form, Circle’s involvement in Hinchingbrooke is unsustainable.”  Circle never thought there could be meltdown, but when the going gets tough all these private companies will be turning to big daddy. The words of Steve Melton can be compared with those  of Dave Prentis, the General Secretary of Unison:  “Privatising Hinchingbrooke was guaranteed to be a failure. It was a dangerous government experiment which should now raise alarm bells for any other firms who think that running hospitals is an easy route to profit. The experience shows that forcing a privatised model on the NHS was never going to work.”  Hinchingbroke has now been  placed in special measures after the Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated it ‘inadequate’ on the questions of whether it is caring, safe and well led.  As  Prof Sir Mike Richards , the CQC’s chief inspector of hospitals, went on to say: “Our inspection at Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS trust highlighted a number of serious concerns surrounding staffing and risks to patient safety, particularly in the A&E department and medical care. There were substantial and frequent staff shortages in the A&E department.”  

During the protracted meltdown the wisdom of the fucking stupid Health and Social Care Bill (HSCB)will be examined. The government have admitted that even they did not understand the HSCB, senior government insiders labelled it “unintelligible gobbledygook” which had been a “huge strategic error” for the Conservative’s reputation for looking after the health service in October 2014. Like rabbits caught in headlights the filth will have nowhere to turn when meltdown turns into collapse. Even still, filthy DC is in ‘total denial‘ as he lamely blames patients. It took years for the NHS to get in this state, where its now becoming the norm that there is a ‘major incident‘ at a hospital.

During the protracted meltdown, the different elements of welfare ‘reform’ will combine to break the NHS. Many elements make up the NHS meltdown, a major element is the social care crisis, under these cunts its been building up for years, cynically hidden by sticking plasters. Under the Tory spending plans adopted by Labour, Labour have no chance of stopping the meltdown, even if they repeal the bloody bill. Its the massive cuts to the social care budget which have created mass bed blocking, something which Labour cannot prevent at the moment, the five point Labour plan to deal with the A&E crisis reads under point 4: ” Deal with failing social care system. Due to the cuts, 300,000 fewer elderly people get care than before the Coalition came into power, while many who do get care are limited to 15 minute slots. This leads in more elderly people being sent to A&E.” Labour would ask councils, the NHS and voluntary sector organisations to identify elderly people at high risk to find them the relevant support.  The idea that anything meaningful can be done in fifteen minutes is ludicrous and needs challenging.   Its elderly and disabled people doing the bed blocking, people who now have nowhere to go. The case of Lee is sadly typical. Lee is bed blocking, its not her fault, she is 91, disabled, and has been bed blocking since 10-14. She can’t go home, there is no care for her, the local care is provided by a private company who wont go to her village because its not profitable.  Unlike the fuckwits in their Westminster bubble, someone who actually knows what they are talking about is Caroline Abrahams, the director of the charity Age UK. She writes: “We know that social care spending has fallen dramatically and that without social care older people are more likely to end up in A&E because of a health-crisis. It is also clear that without the proper social care to support them stays in hospital are often longer than they need to be.”  One factor which is sending many more people to the A&E is that for a variety of reasons people are now finding it much harder to see their GP. While courting the grey vote, evil DC knows that it is old people who will suffer the most if the NHS collapses. According to dirty DC its ‘particularly striking’ that more than a million over 65s are going to the A&E compared with four years ago (Independent I, 09-01-15). Yes Dave, its a total surprise, who would have thought it? You massively cut social care and the old people end up at the only place available. Who would have thought that intensive marketisation of the NHS could create such chaos? Despite Tory hatred of the NHS the greedy arses are forcing the creaking institution onto the centre stage at general election time.

The protracted meltdown is an embarrassing irrelevance if you are a seething Tory. It does not enter the latest shite from John Redwood.  Not content with the disgrace of selling off NHS plasma to the venture vulture capitalists Bain Capital in 2013, toff bastards like Kwasi Karteng have been baying for NHS blood for months. The selling off of the blood was an important milestone.

The bed blocking is just one of many areas of the social care crisis. In this matter we have the vacuous and sexist contrast from the Daily Heil, talking about Esther McVey in 2014, how she “She sashayed into Downing Street… her blonde mane was thrown backwards as in a shampoo advert. No longer shrouded in black tights. Esther is clearly keen to show off her toned legs.” More recently  we have this the real face of the abomination McVile as she refuses once again to talk to Holyrood about her disgusting benefit ‘reforms’. At the same time benefit sanctions in Clydebank have sky rocketed for unemployed and disabled people.  In the poisonous job centre environment stitching up vulnerable people is all part of the job.  In every area the cocknugget IDS has fucked up. The Universal Credit will be his biggest fuck up, its impact to disabled people, will be as profound as the damage inflicted by these toff criminals on the NHS, but unlike the NHS its very unlikely to get a full roll out. At its current glacial rate it will be abandoned after the revolution, even now its still beset with problems, in October 2014 a whistle-blower stated it is ‘unworkable, poorly designed and out of date’.  The continuation of the project is symbolic of the disdain and the obscene pathological hatred that the Establishment have for the People. NHS privatisation and Universal Credit are now linked by ineptitude, misery and moral bankruptcy.  In response to the growing and widely reported crisis in A&E across the NHS, filthy DC   dismissed union “scaremongering” and referred to the issue as “short term pressure”.  Incredibly vindictive bastard DC is STILL saying “the nhs is safe in my hands”. Its no wonder that snide filthy DC thinks he can remove the NHS from being discussed at the General Election completely. 

After a protracted meltdown, the next stage is collapse. Its not magic, continued austerity will lead to NHS crisis, as Burke wrote recently: “There is no mystery behind the crisis in the NHS. Structurally, the introduction of the market made crises inevitable and austerity has brought it about. Saving the NHS and providing a decent health service means ending austerity and removing the market ‘reforms’.”  A rare politician who I like is Andy Sawford, Labour MP of Corby. He writes in an email: ” It is clear that the Government have failed to anticipate the effect that the loss of social care capacity could have on the NHS this winter, and urgent action is now needed to provide a co-ordinated response across Government to ease this crisis” (email dated 09/01/15). The financial crisis which is also hitting the NHS right now is also completely predictable. Someone who knows about this is t he King’s Fund’s director of policy Richard Murray, a former economic adviser at the Department of Health. Here’s what he wrote in April 2014:  “In the past, each time the NHS has got very close to the wire, governments have found extra money. Tony Blair did it, the Conservatives did it before that. The natural response would be to do that again. The thing that is different now is the deficit-reduction debate. The health service now is a very large proportion of overall spending because it’s been protected while other areas of public spending have been cut back. I don’t think any of the political parties are ready for this… It’s a difficult one with deficit reduction so important and the NHS so important, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.” 

Even as the Titanic slams into the iceberg dirty DC thinks he can weather the storm. With his usual born-to-rule nonchalance he’s declaring that he wont debate on TV without the Greens.  Filthy DC isn’t doing this because he cares a shit about democracy, he’s doing it because he knows that the Greens in the debate will alter the Labour vote, he needs a counter balance to the UKIP supporters. The establishment tried to stop the Greens with Ofcom coming out against them, but what Ofcom decree is not law.  The reason why the monster DC is pushing the Greens is strategic, but he’s too arrogant to believe the Greens could achieve, with UKIP polling at only 13% they seem to be on a downwards trajectory. By positioning himself accordingly dirty DC actually made a rare smart political move.  Filthy DC is almost as scared of young people as he is of unemployed and disabled people. He is frantically trying to get out of debating with young people right now.  Parliament will be disbanded during the entirety of April. I can’t see filthy DC weathering the attendant storm. Maybe Labour will call the Tory bluff on the Greens, though its unlikely considering the timidity of Miliband, its almost traditional now that when faced with an open goal Red Ed starts scratching his balls.   Red Ed is threatening to ‘empty chair‘ filthy DC.

The protracted meltdown

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