Centre Stage

I was at Westminster on Tuesday shouting myself hoarse to try and save ILF. We made our voices heard in the House of Common Fuck – including me. Its been an uphill fight getting the ILF near the stage, disabled people have fought hard to get it this close, and still Red Ed is refusing to read our open letter. Red Ed is so welded to the perceived centre ground of politics, that he doesn’t think that disabled people are relevant. The mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson is a rare politician the Vent believes in. Joe is outside the Westminster bubble, just like Remarkable Rahman he actually cares about ordinary people. Here Joe speaks about Red Ed and the Westminster bubble: Miliband is in danger of getting “caught up in getting advised by people who have got no life experience rather than by people who understand what it’s like in the world, That worries me, and that’s why the Westminster bubble issue is as relevant to being in opposition as to being in government. If you lose that connection you become disengaged from reality, from life, you don’t get it – that’s why the authenticity is lost.” Oy vey, look at the way the nebbish eats a fucking bacon sandwich.

Its taken years to get to this point, but this week (today is 08-01) the NHS has finally entered centre stage, not the immigration stats so loved by Farage, not the deficit. This week its the people’s cherished NHS. Inside the Westminster bubble the world must look different. That’s my explanation for why yellow bastard Nick Clegg thinks he has a chance.  It does not matter how bad it gets at the NHS, appalling dirty bastard DC will pretend there is nothing wrong, quite the contrary, he wants us to believe its the very height of health. The wretched sticking plasters are not reaching some parts of the country where the extra money is badly needed. So in just a few years of Tory gross-mismanagement we have gone from ‘record high’ satisfaction in the NHS to ‘breaking point’. Jeremy Cunt may look surprised but its been fucking predictable.

When it comes to predictions, nebbish Hitchens could be on the money, also predicting a Grand Coalition of Labour and the Tories.  If there was such a political event, we have to question what this means. Politically with Labour lurching to the right and with no democracy at its heart, it does look a possibility, but it would upset the grass roots of the Tories and Labour. Its a sign of arrogance which sees the bastard Clarke get riled up.  I think the Grand Coalition rumours are a sign of fear engendered from the Greens. Both Labour and the Tories are realising that the tectonic plates of political power are moving under their feet. The Labour inner circle are so arrogant that they could never have anticipated a challenge from the far left, the Blairite faction is oblivious to ordinary people.  In this matter they have been completely outmanoeuvred by the SNPs, but Labour still have not learnt from that, so we have fucking Miliband refusing the ILF letter. Further than this we have bloody Blairite Murphy pissing off the Scottish peoples.

Centre Stage

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