A sordid climax

Like a huge boil needing urgent lancing, we are finally in the build up to the first climax,  the several threads may not impact until after the General Election 2015. Its still too early to call. One end result could be a sordid ‘Grand Coalition‘, but today (05-01) the General Election campaign gloves came off.  Dirty DC is refusing to rule out a coalition with UKIP but it looks like Farage is about to cock up. In an effort to raise loads of dosh to bankroll UKIP,  the mediocre shmuk is having to appeal to hedge fund owners. Tied to the old money UKIP cannot bring themselves to oppose TTIP. Meanwhile the Establishment are desperately trying to close ranks for carefree playboy Prince Andrew.  Its a tale of sleaze, it is just a pre-taster of the disgusting details of sexual depravity and paedophilia on an industrial scale still to come – its no wonder the vile Daily Express is salivating.  The festering void is about to be exposed as an aberration of humanity, the trout May is aching to suppress it. 

Its getting a bit dark here – time for someone trashing Katie Hopkins. On an unrelated subject here is some dark humour from Jim Brown, talking about the reasons to carry on the Probation Matters blog: “As the new Probation Service owners come to realise the reality of what they’ve got themselves into, we have a golden opportunity to relentlessly shine a light on the unfolding next stages of this epic omnishambles. They’ve got to be held to account every step of the way, along with the politicians and MoJ officials that have so cynically created this mess.” 2015 will see both professional shit stirrer Katie Hopkins shut the fuck up, and probation exposed for the shit it now is.

At this late stage, the fact that the NHS has not yet collapsed allows dirty DC to posture as someone that cares for the service.  The fact that the dirty bastard still attracts so much support is leading the boy from Bully to make preposterous claims on TV unchallenged. If these bastards get in again its going to be a really rude awakening for the British people, with so many people believing that UKIP is to the left of the Tories. Its going to be the NHS that takes the hit, its right that Labour puts the NHS at the centre of its electoral campaign. The hardest fact is that with Labour tied to austerity,  there is nothing that Andy Burnham ringing his hands and looking troubled, can do about it. By targeting the poor we get death, depression and crime. These bankrupt the NHS, they increase the financial meltdown, its even noted now by greasy cocknugget Simon Stevens. No matter how the Establishment postures, the NHS in meltdown will be centre stage at the general election.  As a revolutionary I have an eye on 25th January – the Greek General Election. 

A sordid climax

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