2015 – the year of exposing the truth

2015 is going to be a big year for social change all around Europe, its going to be the year of exposing the truth. In UK the former Bank of England chief Lord King has exposed yet another Tory lie, that Labour are not to blame for the recession.  The Benefit Cap has also been exposed for what it is – its an evil stupid ‘reform’, which saves no money, but at the same time maximises deprivation.  Every single nasty ‘reform’ of the Tory monsters has caused misery and suffering without saving a penny. The bastards at the DWP have even been caught giving propaganda to the Daily Heil. While exposing the truth, the establishment are desperately closing ranks on the child abuse scandal at the heart of Westminster. They know that exposing the rotten core of Westminster will be the beginning of the end, they’d love to do a Dr Kelly.  Quick, wheel out Baroness Butler-Sloss, maybe the great British public will accept a load of bollocks, they normally do.  No wonder they just made Fiona Woolf a Dame

There have been forecasts of the year ahead, and it looks like Probation Matters, the brilliant blog of Jim Brown will be continuing in 2015: “I fully intend to keep the blog running in order to catalogue the on-going TR omnishambles and closely examine the innovative new ideas that emerge from Probation’s naive and blissfully ignorant new owners.”   Every commentator has a different opinion of the year ahead. LEAP economics (the Left Economic Advisory Panel) say that Syriza and Podemos are a key elements: “The ramifications across Europe could be huge, especially with elections due in austerity-hit Spain at the end of 2015. If socialist governments are elected and sustained, Europe will become the testing ground for modern socialism. Part of that testing ground will be the reaction – what sort of intervention would such a government face? Will putting the Greek people above creditors (essentially the political divide in Greece) lead to the markets and international financial insitutions, or even foreign governments, trying to destabilise the country?”  The elite in Greece is now close to panic, the General Election in Greece is 25 January. If Syriza is elected it could set off a powerful chain of events.  In UK the confused phlegmatic British people are still perplexed. In a recent survey people thought that the Tories were to be trusted with the NHS more than Labour.  2015 is going to be the big year for the NHS, as the service takes centre stage at the General Election, the ambulance service is now tipping.  At least the Plaid Cymru, the SNP and the Greens have got their act together, they plan to form an anti austerity coalition.  No wonder snide nebbish Guy Fawkes is already reaching for his loony left Bugs Bunny caricature.  Clearly only the left will ever address wealth inequality, its now the biggest issue of 2015. Nonetheless greasy mamser Tony Blair urges against Labour going to the left. 

2015 could be the year that repulsive Katie Hopkins finally shuts the fuck up. The truth is finally exposed for hated cocknugget Oliver Letwin and the poll tax, and Maggie and Sarin.  Its only a matter of time now before Nasty Nigel loses his Teflon

2015 – the year of exposing the truth

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