Only 127 days to go until we have some truth the betting is too close to call. My money is on the very longest shot as usual, I got 500:1 on a win for Left Unity. William Hill are giving odds of 4:5 that fuckwit Gideon is still the chancellor on Dec 31 2015. Realistically the one thing which can be said as we enter 2015 is that there is no consistency.  Noone can predict whether mediocrity Farage will keep his teflon, its no wonder The Times gave the gaping ponce its apprised title of cocknugget of the year.  The evil Daily Express can scent Labour disarray, they say its between nebbish Douglas Alexander and Red Ed. 

Nasty Nigel came out the other day, he donned the tweeds for the posh Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent hunt.  Filthy ‘Christian’ DC and nasty Nigel both love a bit of fox hunting. Whatever the fascists say 80% of rural Britons are against fox hunting and 94% are against badger baiting.  Rich people love killing anything that moves, but even more than this they really get off on telling poor people they are poor for social reasons.

I cannot see that the NHS will not play a pivotal role at the General Election. I was the 16218561st baby born through the NHS. With all their streamlining talk UKIP know they are toxic with the NHS. Watching nasty Nigel lie about the NHS on yet another TV program makes my blood boil. We are surrounded by liars, we have IDS recorded again and again in the House of Common Fuck on Hansard. But the General Election will be a rare moment of truth. Dick-head Gideon has just wasted £43000 of tax payers money defending bankers bonuses.  Just as ludicrous is the cabinet league table on the Conservative Home site, with IDS at the top followed by George Osborne and shmuk Javid.

The dunce George Osborne has made a concerted effort to trash the public finances, but his biggest crime is that he knows all the punches are from one side. Filthy George is a posh criminal, he has no redeeming feature. If you criticise the government they now try to put you in a padded cell. But I don’t give a damn. I am very angry. I am bloody angry for Daniel Gauntlett, a 35 year old who froze to death last year outside a boarded up bungalow. I feel a rage when I read the dismal tale of Julia and Jan Tshabalala, related in the newspaper of the poor baiting Daily Heil, decent caring people, driven to despair. The inquest didn’t have to look far. They were driven to suicide by the misery inflicted by this bunch of vicious thugs, who carry out their poisoning while lashing us with sanctimony and hypocrisy. Greedy bastard Borisconi doesn’t feel the chill, the debauched super butt-hole is pushing the penthouses for oligarchs in West Hendon, North London. The great arse can clown and jape as much as he likes for now, his biggest crime is he doesn’t give a fuck, its all me-me-me, but the general election is going to be about the death of social mobility


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