Pogrom 4

The hypocrisy of the Lib Dems is characterised by the snide ahole David Laws, the MP of Yeovil. The gimp that publicised the gift that just kept on giving, is now forecasting Vent like doom. Talking of the recent Autumn statement of the fuckwit Osborne, the nebbish comes out with : This will be seen to be a very extreme and very rightwing suicide note because all those people who care about the education service, about the police, about the armed forces … will see that the plans they have put forward are hugely damaging and dangerous.”

During the pogrom the poor are now forced onto the streets in the fucking cold. They translate directly to problems for the NHS, but the shmuks in the Westmonster understand the problem, that’s why the swinging dicks are now discussing charging poor people to challenge their benefits decision. Fortunately UKIP understand the problems of this country, they should be renamed The Sympathy Party. Here UKIP councillor of Kent Trevor Shonk talks about the real issue, its not the fuckwits at Westminster, its immigrants: The two main parties have made the country racist because of the influx we have had. When I’ve done leaflets, every shopkeeper, whether they are Asian or English-born … they’re concerned about the influx. It hasn’t been staggered; it’s just overload. We haven’t got the care homes, we haven’t got the houses for our own.”

The pogrom has had a powerful effect at Westminster, its killed traditional political parties. Blairite cocknugget Jim Murphy is now a dead man walking in Scotland.  It is a political tendency to exaggerate wildly, and Salmond is a wild exaggerator, but the Scottish polls now speak for themselves: h No amount of spin can alter the fact that Labour arrogance has lost support. Welsh support for Labour has gone right down, but UKIP is taking away a big share from Plaid Cymru.

In the war of the poor, only one side has done the kicking. The greedy bastards are now in a frenzy, but they know that one roar from the British Lion will send the whole lot running back to their fucking castles and banks. With one roar they will start crying about bashing the bloody banks. Fuckwit Gideon ballsed up the economy. Its darkly humerous to watch the deficit shoot up, but its also no surprise either, people like excellent John Ward have been predicting this for yonks: “The UK’s current account deficit climbed to £72.4bn last year, say the latest data from the Office for National Statistics. At 4.2% of GDP and climbing, it’s the biggest deficit in real terms for 66 years….and the biggest deficit of any major industrialised economy in the world.” Yes, its a cracker from the cocknuggets.

We are now slamming into the iceberg, but don’t expect to feel the immediate shock waves yet unless you are poor, voiceless, vulnerable or disabled. While the grim fascist IDS shovels public money down the drain, the nasty party actually has a chance of re-election, thanks to the mediocrity Farage and Red Ed. One thing is clear – the Cameron project is an experiment, there is no future plan. By Winter 2015 if this charade is allowed the whole 99% will be feeling the shock wave. In the Cameron experiment there was no contingency in the rush for gold. Despite their privileged educations the rich were unable to anticipate iconic Russell Brand or the brave Focus E15 Mums. It is brave decent people like these who characterize the British spirit. 2014 was the year that the British Lion awoke. 2015 will be the year of social change across Europe. No wonder the Scum hate Brand. Its much more important to see the way Red Ed eats a bacon sandwich. 

Pogrom 4

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