About to blow

That well known bastion of media democracy The Daily Express is now joining in the attack on the establishment, as the disgusting expose of paedophiles at the heart of Westminster grinds on. This disgraceful episode is class war too, the corrupt, self protective unaccountable establishment thought they’d get away with it. There will now be no escape, similar forces the establishment unleashed against the poor are now used against them. The bastards tried desperately to close ranks but they know that this the beginning of the end, that the great boil of the Westminster is about to be lanced. Even the Pope is at it now.

Fuckwit Gideon has overplayed his hand, he was always likely to, when the toff announced his hideous Autumn budget he did a clanger the consequences will be severe. Out of touch, gilded Gideon was born with a silver spoon up his arse, he does not live in the real world. In the real world the vicious cuts are forcing councils to the edge of bankruptcy Look at the eye watering cuts in Manchester for example.  Old Bill is unhappy to suddenly find itself in the austerity firing line. Its sickening to read that the Daily Heil pretends to give a shit

When the posh cocknuggets slashed their miserly Local Welfare Assistance I bet they never thought there could be a consequence.  In the war of the poor all the punches are from one side. When the complacent bastards rejected the EU hand out of £22000000 to buy food for poor people its the poor who are taking the hitIts appalling the way this government are treating the poor this Christmas, it fucking makes my blood boil. Looks like its about to blow.

While these cunts believe they can kick from one side and get away with it forever they will doll out their fucking sheriff stars and Easter eggs in job centres. Dirty DC thought he could turn UK into a parody of USA, with his shitty bills and his deep hatred for the poor. The poor now pay 47% of their income in tax, and until they are forced Labour wont be altering anything. In a disgraceful parody the nebbishes are just throwing tax payers money at any old shit – look at the white elephant they are now planning to build over the Thames. While more than one-in-four Londoners currently live in poverty while seven of London’s boroughs are among the worst in the country for child poverty, nebbish Borisconi and his chum Lumley will be wasting £60000000 of tax payers’ money building a garden footbridge over the Thames which ordinary folk cannot use. Nebbish Balls thinks that the proposed Mansion Tax will be enough. Now that UKIP is finally imploding, this could be the big Green moment, I don’t see timid Labour grabbing an opportunity. Labour have taken the Scottish vote for granted, the techtonic plates of voting has moved, Labour have been caught out.

About to blow

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