The filth which perverted Westminster with child abuse is now being exposed. Dirty DC did his best to brush it under the carpet, but the disgusting allegations which were first talked of in 2012 are now out. The Establishment would love to disband their enquiry. Its been really hard to get this disgusting government to do the right thing. 

While vicious trout Theresa May postures ahead of a Tory leadership contest, tensions are high in the upper echelons of the Tory party.  The top contenders are filled with hatred, they think they can bend the law to a second election in 2015 if the first does not win an outright majority. With their massive war chest Tories know the other parties will have nothing for a supposed second election. A second election though not reported on in much detail will totally confuse the electorate, expect Red Ed to be rattling the begging bowl at the Unions.

Bent Tories love to bend the law, they think they’re above it, but sour May has to contend with greedy fuckwit Borisconi and filthy Gideon. It was never gonna be easy, but the nebbish Jim Murphy is losing Labour votes for Labour in Scotland. The Labour leadership were complacent and arrogant in selecting Murphy, they refused to listen to the voices of the Working Classes, they considered we are worthless, it shows how out of touch Labour have become. Its a credit to Alex Salmon that he’s offering Labour an olive branch.  Meanwhile, like a rat jumping off a sinking ship, the cocknugget Danczuk is posturing to join UKIP. Nasty Nigel cannot wait to recruit a so-called Labour politician. The tedious mediocrity in a suit knows it going to confuse the working class even more.

Confusion does not exist inside the Westminster bubble, the swinging dicks pulling the strings know where they are going, but to say they have a plan is not true. Neoliberal bastards do not consider the future, its all about the quick buck – propped up by Red Ed, the Establishment thinks it can rob the British people of £800000000000. The Establishment would have us believe its all sown up, they think excluding The Greens, PC and the SNP from the TV debates will make a massive difference, but a lot of people have already made their minds up. For years arrogant Labour have badly needed to be outflanked from the Left. In the words of Jones from Dad’s Army “they don’t like it up em”. 

Unbelievably the first new workhouse is now being designed, but it will only house ten homeless people. Just as unbelievably very old vulnerable people are being evicted from care homes. Take a look at unfortunate Violet Davies, aged 100, blind and deaf, being evicted right now by East Sussex County Council, she owes over £9k, but in the culture of greed a fast buck trumps everything. Violet’s son, Les Davies does not feel confusion, he knows what a fucking greedy bastard is. Ten people at the top of the Sunday Times rich list claim housing benefit, the Duke of Westminster claims £243000 a year. In contrast generous spirited star Ellie Goulding is doing her bit to help the homeless and the destitute this Christmas.


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