The die is cast

Moral vacuum, filthy DC would love to dismiss the allegations of child abuse at the heart of parliament.  On this occasion the dirty bastard cannot pervert the truth, Scotland Yard are now digging. Filthy DC is scared, he knows that public trust in his ugly government is zero, powerful evil fuckwits abusing power is now the norm in British politics. He knows that any critical inspection of his government will show what a sham he is, what a disgusting mess he is making of UK.  But filthy DC is a short sighted bastard, he can’t see that whatever way he tries to escape, the die is cast. The ugly mamser thought the great British public would all succumb to his greed, that we would accept his trampling of the vulnerable. The police should know better by now, instead they are telling well wishers that feeding homeless people is feeding a lifestyle of living on the streets.  Yes, its directly feeding the culture of bollocks – try telling that shit to the beleaguered housing officers working round the hours at Shelter. The teams working in the crisis know the goverment’s die is cast, the wool is not pulled over their eyes, they know who the real culprits are.

The media is a tool which the government have played as well as any Nazi, but its also a double edged sword. That’s what the greedy shmuks at Westbrook found as soon as they drunk from the poisoned chalice of New Era. Look at them running away when they found what the chalice contained. 

A rare Labour politician I consider head and shoulders above most is mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson. Here brilliant Anderson talks about the cuts so far, and the threatened further cuts to Liverpool. He can be directly contrasted with evil nebbish Grayling. Everyone working in a field that Grayling has fucked up is bloody angry, here is today’s probation matters. While one politician actually cares about ordinary the people, the other only cares about money and how much misery he can be directly responsible for. When this government implodes, Grayling’s die is cast. Tory councillors are now starting to freak out at the cuts ahead, its not because they give a damn, its because they know they will no longer be able to stick their heads in the trough.

Even mediocre nebbish Farage is feeling the heat, everyone outside the UKIP is starting to think he’s a nasty little turd. It doesn’t matter how often he pulls his poh face and holds a pint, the public are starting to smell the distinctive shitty whiff. By the general election Farage will be feeling the Green surge as much as timid Red Ed. UKIP voters dislike charity, they say that people getting benefits should be denied a vote. UKIP hate ordinary people. UKIP are now a party filled with hate, they join the Tories in their hate. Canny Salmon knows something is up, its no surprise he now has the cat among the pigeons.  

The die is cast

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