Unintended consequences

In their short sighted rush for gold, the ruling elite have completely ignored the unintended consequences of their actions. Dirty DC can look no further than his nose, while foul Gideon does not even try. Its no wonder then that the Tory MPs shattered the ‘vow’ which they made to the Scottish electorate. The Scottish people are ready to bite the Establishment on the bum, and yet, yet again with a mind numbing arrogance, the English politicians are not taking the Scottish problem seriously. The intervention of the queen in the 2014 referendum, was non existent during the early stages of our vicious class war. Fortunately Willie Windsor will be flying in his helicopter to help an NHS in meltdown. The arrival of Willie Windsor on the scene at this historic moment is an unintended consequence of class war.

It is not Willie’s fault that he comes from an environment of extraordinary privilege. Willie is just a figure-head for an establishment who meticulously and allegedly murdered his mother, Wills will know nothing about the savage humanitarian crisis of PIP:  We cannot blame the Saxa-Coburg-Gotha family for the way which this bunch of fuckwits are massively increasing benefit sanctions,  or for the way these greedy idiots are ripping up probation and replacing it with shit. But there is one thing which the royals should be held for, and that is that this juggernault hurled at the ordinary people of UK has been thrown from the very greatest height, yes, like it or not, it comes from the top. The poshes think its fucking hilarious that we now have socialism for the bloated elite and rampant jungle capitalism for everyone else. But there is humour for the crushed bottom, it comes from pompous shmuks like Mitchell and Mellor. Filthy DC may say that “too many tweets make a twat”, and he did promise Sam Cam he would “leave the jacuzzi before the whores turn up” before a meeting with former Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi, but he is not remotely funny. The humour is an unintended consequence of the class war, its ironic that filthy DCs humour actually shows what a nasty little prick he is. While the Queen is absolutely scrupulous about what she says, these born to rule toffs can’t help sticking their feet in their mouths at regular intervals. Someone who cares deeply about the poor and the history of humanity is the Duke of Edinburgh. When he pops his clogs he wants to be reincarnated as a particularly dangerous virus, so that it can wipe out loads of poor people and solve the problem of world over population.

While the gilded elite organise another fundraising bash, its absolutely sordid that this can be contrasted with the thousands of people forced into destitution by this fucking government. The Russian oligarchs and hedge fund bosses can swan around with their canapes and caviar, but these cunts have massively fucked over the young. The unintended consequences of the class war looks like it will be sudden, its likely to come from a dispossessed youth, but it does not have to happen in a violent way, a peaceful revolution is also on the cards. At this juncture it is still too early call, but I am going to put a bet on it as a long shot with Ladbrokes, if it was not for fuckwit Farage, it would be in the bag. Real change in a society never comes from the middle, it will only come from the far right or the far left. 2015 will be a year of massive social revolution right across the world. Bring it on dirty DC.

Unintended consequences

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