A complete change

Dirty yellow nebbish Nick Clegg may have delivered a gruesome apology on university fees , but he’s showing his true colours again with betrayal with the bedroom tax.  The lying bastard wont be able to lie when he’s confronted with the complete change to British society heralded by the Autumn statement of the evil mamser Gideon. Just so the bloated elite can get away with making no contribution to a problem entirely of their making we are now seeing the early signs of social Armageddon.

Soon every council in England will be rushing to outsource diminished services to be like the fucking joke which is now Barnet council. Its all about money, its all about cutting costs, so the greedy bastards can run off laughing clutching their massive bonuses. With their streamlined budgets those little known council tax arrears will make a nasty hole. Its the kind of environment which our debauched clown Borisconi loves. When the bastard cut youth funding in London far beyond the bone he was only following the Tory doctrine of cutting the services of people who do not vote Tory. Neoliberal bastards don’t care about future change. Its all me-me-me – shaft the voiceless people, just keep repeating the mantra of the sixth Baronet, the devout Anglican, Sir George Samuel Knatchbull Young – “the homeless are the people you step over when you are coming out of the opera . 50000 Neets have vanished (young people not in education, employment or training) – 15000 of them in London. Mr Brooks who was at Ofsted has said the official figures are “disastrously wrong”, but then he should have asked me first, I know where they are – they’re having a complete change. Instead of the government realising their potential, instead of these people being supported they have just been immediately thrown on the scrap heap of life. It makes much better sense to give the bloated elite a cut in their tax. The bullies love to kick people who are down – look at mega shit-stain Phillip Davies the Tory MP of Shipley in West Yorkshire – look at how this fucking excuse for humanity, teamed up with Tory Christopher “Chopper” Chope MP of Christchurch Dorset, and they wrecked a bill which would have bloody helped poor young people. Called the retaliatory eviction bill, these two posh arses trashed it – just looking at their smug self satisfied faces makes my blood boil. There are 9000000 people who rentOver 60,000 families were threatened with eviction for complaining about the conditions of their homes in the last year.  As Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter said: ‘It’s outrageous that two MPs have obstructed a bill with cross-party support to end revenge evictions. Because of their actions, hundreds of thousands of people will continue to face the appalling choice between living in a home that puts them or their children in danger, or risking eviction if they complain.’ 

If the vermin enter parliament again, they talk as if its simple of getting rid of housing benefit if people are under 25. Its something the cocknuggets have been been talking about since 2012. Its the same lack of empathy, the same revolting and disturbing behaviour that causes the nebbish IDS to howl with derision at the mention of the bedroom tax causing misery, or rape. Its really making the electorate queasy.

Oh well. Now the Tories are heading in a downward spiral thanks to the fuckwit Osborne its time to turn our attention to a pressing matter.

A complete change

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