Reverse Midas

Bumbling greedy bastard Borisconi likes to show us lesser mortals his knowledge of Greek mythology. The populist shmuk does not mention Midas, and while it it is true that he seemed to be a winner from the Olympics,  subsequently everything the Tories and he have touched turns to shit. I call this the reverse Midas effect.

The probation shit of Grayling is a clear example of a reverse Midas. As the probation shit is rolled out, the unfolding disaster is becoming clearer, in the words of Dunt: “The speed of this implementation has in itself caused operational problems that could have been avoided or mitigated. We sometimes found that new processes were being communicated by email to staff for implementation the next day, with little or no time for training or instruction. It is important to recognise the impact that this has had on staff morale, and potentially on the efficiency of the service they were providing. What’s really irritating is that the speed was political. It was done this way to prevent Labour reversing it. In probation, errors cost lives. The understated nature of the report prevents it coming across as too damning. But for a justice secretary to have approached this task with anything other than supreme delicacy is deeply concerning. We’ve yet to see if Grayling’s reforms will be as bad as the unions have suggested. But the early indicators do not look good.”  The in house blog, the blog Probation Matters is also uncompromising, the writer is an experienced Probation Officer, he describes the omnishambles with passion and integrity, to day (16-12-14) it is incisive

Probation is of course just one example of countless examples of the reverse Midas, it is the cumulative effect which will be profound. None of the goverment’s benefit reforms have helped people find work. The fuckwits may like to pretend its made a difference to the massaged statistics, but its all turned to shit. Of course it hasn’t stopped vile nebbish IDS shovelling public money in the bin.  While the fucking bastard maintains there is ‘no problem‘,  the shambolic Workfare scheme has also become a reverse Midas. It turns out the schemes are a complete waste of public money, they get no one jobs, they actually stop people getting jobs, and they cause huge misery among the poor. Tories have turned into bullies, I now think they are vile, I have to try hard to find a saving grace. Tories should be ashamed of themselves.

The sharp cutting edge of the Tory knife is rarely reported on, every cut these toffs make, ordinary poor people bleed. No wonder disabled people are now fucking angry.  The hard fact is that although we are almost invisible we are the articulate ones, the most vulnerable are those who have no voice. It is these people taking the biggest hit from the khaizers. While savage bastard IDS thinks he can stop poor people breeding,  its the DWP doling out the shameful benefit sanctions. Following the poor people forced into destitution and social Armageddon by the system is appalling to read.  Our useless non elected government ludicrously insist that only sixty people have died as a result

While the use of benefit sanctions is soaring in 2014, government ministers refuse to explain this. So in this absence, I can state the obvious – benefit sanctions have soared because IDS and all the top Tories are a bunch of savage, evil fuckwits. It looks like April 2015 could now be a big month in UK, its the month when there is no parliament. It could be the month when the mess of Grayling’s ‘reforms’ impact, when police ‘reforms’ impact, when the massive shit produced by so much reverse Midas finally hits the fan. It could be the month which hits the NHS so hard there is absolute melt down. It could be the month that there is more intense flooding in the Tory heartlands, prepare to see the nebbishes looking dim again in their wellies, and no, I have not even mentioned our emergency services, food bank problems, the effects of the ‘fracking revolution’, the legal breakdown, the impact of the bedroom tax on social housing, or chaotic prisons.

Reverse Midas

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