Slaying the Westmonster

Nebbish Murphy likes to claim that he can make Scotland a “more fairer and equal society”, Labour’s problem in Scotland is that while he talks the talk, no one is listening.  I don’t support nuclear weapons, Jim Murphy is so much a part of the establishment he has to push them, even though in the age of austerity its a massive vote loser. The massive costs of the nuclear missile program will quickly become a ball-and-chain dragging at the feet of Labour in Scotland. There is no excuse in the modern world for such a massive waste of money. No matter how the Blairite squirms and grasps he cannot compete with Sturgeon, the SNP are hammering Labour’s left by meeting Natalie Bennet the English Green leader and Leanne Wood the Welsh Nationalist leader on Monday Weak Labour have had hundreds of chances now to do something, while the Green party already have it on their manifesto to save the Independent Living Fund (ILF), timid Labour took ages to say they will even scrap the appalling bedroom tax. Later today I will also be talking to Plaid Cymru and the minor North Ireland parties, I believe they will also be important. This has actually been heralded in this articleDUP have five MPs, they signed the EDMs supporting disabled people. Sinn Fein were not allowed to sign an EDM, but I will be writing to them too. The minor parties will be making big gains at the expense of the Westmonster, together they can slay the Westmonster. The proliferation of food banks in Northern Ireland will have been noted. The toffs love to sneer at people using food banks but the 1% will stop laughing when the political landscape fractures under their feet.

In every conceivable area the Tories have messed up. It is these super rich, super arrogant bastards that I hold most responsible for destroying UK. Take the beleaguered Probation Service, with the farcical ‘reforms’ of super shmuk Grayling, UK is the now the sick man of Europe. But if the whole plot is allowed to unravel, UK will instead by the sick joke of Europe. The closer you look, the worse the ‘reforms’ appear, they are a dangerous mess. Its no wonder that fuckwit Grayling is now back in the dock over the legal aid cuts for domestic violence. 

These ‘reforms’ will be closely followed by the continued fucking up of the police service. The rush for gold is making the top brass jittery. Chief Commissioner of Scotland Yard is warning about the danger to the public – its as plain as the nose on my face. Only last week there was a canary in the mine, when Neil Rhodes, chief constable of Lincolnshire Police, outlined his concerns in a letter to severe trout Mrs May, seen by The Daily Telegraph. In his letter he said that his force could be the first “to fall over” as cuts to officer numbers in response to a reported £10.4 million budget shortfall would mean it would be unable to police effectivelyBut Mr Rhodes was misinformed. He seems to have thought that the government would give a fuck. He should have realised that in the neo liberal rush for gold, money trumps every other thing. Its all about quick dosh, so while the cocknuggets have closed my local police station there is no plan.

This government, the worst government of all time in UK, will be remembered for many things. Something the fuckwits will never be allowed to forget is how they have trashed the NHS. The crisis of the NHS is actually starting to enter a new phase, I call it the phase of meltdown. Its now consistently failing The first to enter this phase seemed to be Northwick Park Hospital in North London – here is some shlock from the Daily Heil.  The protracted squeeze on the NHS is a bit like a very long car crash but the end result has not been considered by the arrogant born to rule elite. In the rush for gold all the bastards can think of a quick buck. Ironically as the NHS is entering meltdown, there is also an intensification of the privatisation, the vultures are ripping the heart from the carcass as I write. At least 38 degrees managed to get the US arms firms Lockheed Martin to fuck right off.

Slaying the Westmonster

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