Moral Conscience

While the greedy bastards running the constituency of filthy DC award themselves a 19% pay rise:  dirty Gideon has chucked £50000000 at improving football in Manchester,  its left to organisations to fight for women’s legal rights with the removal of Legal Aid. Nebbish Red Ed says that if he is made PM he will allow people aged 16 to have a vote. But the Labour shlemiel has it wrong, what the country really needs is for every working age adult to do a compulsory useless DWP course , its a long shot but maybe the people of UK can regain their moral conscience by completing a course on how to use toilet paper. Its no wonder that our sententious leader has been touring Auschwitz. I can feel my moral compass fucking whirr as I read the edifying words of our greatest cunt: “While I have talked to many Holocaust survivors about their experiences before, coming here has really brought home the terror and torture they faced. As I walked round the gas chamber, past the children’s shoes and down the railway tracks, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of grief for all those who were killed simply because of their faith, their beliefs or their ethnicity.” Yes, filthy DC thinks we are all so fucking stupid that we will actually believe that visiting this hell-hole on the face of humanity made any difference to the evil shit?

When it comes to a moral conscience few people hate lies more than Tories. Look at the shmuk Mitchell with the Plebgate saga or repulsive waste of space Grant Shapps when the nebbish Reckless went rogue: “he lied and lied and lied again”.

Don’t expect the lying bastards to see the true left surge. All those angry disillusioned 16 year olds wont be voting Tory. Salmon is astute enough to work with Sinn Fein. The wee eik knows there is something fucking big about his return to Westminster. On cue the Green’s are surging.  As the political landscape fractures, a YouGov poll for the TimesRed Box (1) has revealed that 26% would vote Green if they “had a chance of winning” in their constituency in the May 2015 General Election. The Greens are making the establishment scared and rightly so. 

Moral Conscience

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