Saving the British Soul

While timid Red Ed talks euphemistically about saving Britain’s soul,  the Green surge continues . Its so pronounced now that even snide Guido Fawkes notes it. Timid Red Ed is weak enough to announce he will wield the axe over public servicesbut was arrogant enough to not realise that Labour would face a challenge from the far left, but with the rise of the SNP and Plaid Cymru (PC) the champagne socialist could end up forming a coalition with the smaller parties in 2015. UKIP are masking the PC surge in Wales but UKIP may be exposed by the GE. With the Green surge the GE is now right open for a peaceful revolution. If by some dint the Tories enter the House of Common Fuck in a coalition with UKIP they will create a violent revolution, when there is the Prime Minister Borisconi.

Joking fuckwit Grayling is unlikely to care that he hit a nadir yesterday (10-12-14) and so now there is parliamentary ping pong with the House of Posh Fuck. But the unparalleled mess the evil bastard is making of the Probation Service is eye watering, even trashing the dataVile pillock Grayling may have his fingers in his ears and be shouting “la, la, la, I can’t hear you” in true Tory style, but when his shite reforms massively unravel without any end no one will be listening to the drivel. Someone who has recently been slapped down is racist bastard Farage, this time by the Office of Budgetary Responsibility, the OBR. Big mouthed Nigel may have a populist pint and a fag, but his permanent frightening grin will be a scowl when his party are wiped out. The fucking shmuck thinks he can debate with iconic Brand, but the boring nebbish wont enjoy looking like a fool on national TV tonight (11-12). Its gonna be a bloody scorcher. The Scum might go on about Brand not being funny, but who gives a fuck what The Scum say. The Scum think Borisconi is funny. Greedy shlemiel Borisconi comes out with shite like “Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3.”  Tell that shite to single mothers being forced into destitution. Tell them that its because filthy DC is on a moral mission, tell them that “we’re all in it together”. Fuck off Borisconi. Posh thugs like Borisconi think the people of UK have lost their morals because he never had any. Red Ed’s problem is not that he has not got morals, Red Ed actually has morals, his problem is he’s a millionaire champagne socialist who’s completely out of touch with the working classes.

Saving the British Soul

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