Bang Bang, I know you want it

Everyone is criticizing filthy George Osborne apart from aholes like horse warmer Nadhim Zahawi. The Institute of Fiscal Studies is saying that the pursuit of tax give aways while imposing deeper cuts on welfare and Whitehall spending were bad decisions. But they needn’t have bothered, in coalition style the nebbochim are sticking their fingers in their ears and going “la, la, la, we can’t hear you”. But in the future its going to take a single roar from the British lion for them to pull out sharply. While the media sell the British people down the river, and papers like The Scum gloss over the chancellor’s plans, the Green party is going from strength to strength while still being denied a place at the BBC debates because they speak for ordinary people. All the cuts forced on us by dirty DC, and the grotesque Pickles, impact on the poor the hardest, its the poor and the vulnerable again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again who are taking the big hit. In Brent London for example the folk at the receiving end of the cuts are older people, disabled people, children and people from black ethnic backgrounds – in other words the usual suspectsBut lets be clear – filthy DC and Red Ed are shit scared of the smaller parties and rightly so.  While Labour like to pretend the election is in the bag, they still have to persuade and mobilise voters from the Greens, from UKIP and from the SNP. Red Ed cannot do it, not with the fuckwit Mandelson repeatedly bleating in his ear.

Red Ed seems unable to see, that no-one can take him seriously. While Labour are still trapped in a love affair with the useless PFIs, and still wedded to the broken economic model that is fucking up the world, he will get nowhere. Under tedious Murphy Labour look likely to lose massively in Scotland. The Scottish factor is not a simple call, as the 2014 referendum demonstrated. The referendum showed that there is still a core of Labour voters in Scotland, they will be hoping that Findlay wins.

Oh yes – here is greedy Borisconi, his rendition of Jessie J’s “Bang, bang, I know you (fucking) want it” is bound to be a hit: 

All together now, with our future PM:

Bang bang, into the room, I know you (fucking) want it.

Bang, bang, into the room, I know you (fucking) want it.

Bang, bang, all over you, I’ll let you (fucking) have it,

Wait a minute, let me take you there (right down to the fucking sordid bottom), ah, ah, ah,

Bang bang there goes your heart I know you want it… back back seat of my car, I’ll let you (fucking) have it.”

Take a look at the debauched nebbish Borisconi, its almost unbelievable that this massive canary in the mine, this turd on the face of humanity, can offer the key to class war. Bojo thinks he understands ordinary folk, but with extraordinary chutzpah the massive cuts he has made to young people in London demonstrate yet again that our future PM does not give a fuck.  Borisconi says whatever he likes, like all the other spiteful khazers the grunt thinks he’s way above the law. Out of touch Borisconi loves to boast about his classical education, so here’s a bit for him. Icarus flew to near the sun – you know what happened next? Borisconi is a world class hypocrite, the fatuous nebbish hates ‘socialism’, the laughable concept he even lavishes on timid Red Ed.  In the wake of this crap buffoon, it takes brilliant journalists like Medhi Hasan to point out the fucking obvious

Bang Bang, I know you want it

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