Crashing the bloody car

While our royal parasites meet American celebrities: the OECD – the world’s top economic think tank has dismissed the concept of trickle-down economics as it found that the UK economy would have been more than 20% bigger had the gap between rich and poor not widened since the 1980s: Apart from Tory fuckwits like horse warmer Nadhim Zahawi: everyone is predicting the frenzied march to Wigan Pier is an unmitigated disaster. Unusually it was the BBC that said it like it is.  On this occasion it was Norman Smith, the BBC’s Assistant Political Editor who spilt the beans. I am going to quote him in full as its a revolutionary statement: “While there was a lot of enthusiasm on the Conservative benches and political joy at a lot of the popular measures, when you sit down and read the Office for Budget Responsibility report it reads like a book of doom. It is utterly terrifying, suggesting that spending will have to be hacked back to the levels of the 1930s as a proportion of GDP. That is an extraordinary concept, you’re back to the land of Road to Wigan Pier. The scale of cuts details in non-protected departments will face cuts of roughly another third. You have to question whether that is achievable. We are told that 60 per cent of the cuts are still to come. We are facing an extraordinary, cavernous financial hole, which to some extent yesterday’s razzmatazz around a politically popular budget rather glossed over. There was a slightly Brownesque moment when the Chancellor came to read out the deficit figures and cantered over the figures for the next two years, when the deficit is going up, and plummeted on the figures by 2020 when things get better. He is clinging to these forecasts in five years time to divert from the hulking great mountain of pain we’ve got to climb up. These forecasts are fine and dandy but we all know they are usually wrong. Chancellors invariably seize on these forecasts as a fiscal fig-leaf to cover up the embarrassments they face now. There are massive uncertainties. Some of the proposals the Chancellor outlined, for example the Google tax – is that really going to claw in money, are companies like Google going to be so easy to get money out of, is productivity going to pick up. There have to be huge, huge question marks whether we are indeed by 2020 going to move out from out of the red and into the black.”

While dick face Osborne was quick to describe the remarks as ‘hyperbolic’: the fact is that the description of ‘terrifying’ is actually fucking mild. This country is still sleep walking towards this grim end, it is possible that the General Election will not prevent anything. For this the blame can be put on Red Ed and ‘people’s champion’ Farage. In the frenzied rush to Wigan Pier the hard truth remains, that the budget was dressed as a sheep in wolves clothing, sold by a compliant media as a sheep and its now entirely possible that we could be going down this avenue. It will be a hard hard time for the British people. Fuckwit George is a man without empathy. His reaction was What I reject is the totally hyperbolic BBC coverage of spending reductions. I had all that when you were interviewing me four years ago, and has the world fallen in? No, it hasn’t.” But shmuck George is completely out of touch to put it kindly, yes the sky has fallen in for millions of vulnerable people and young people. But fuckwit George thinks he’s above the law, these born to rule cunts with their bloated bank accounts and fucking righteous ignorance make me sick. We can only wait grimly now until greedy nebboch Borisconi is in charge. Talk about crashing the bloody car. You know its really really bad when the BBC say it, given their parlous coverage so far.

When lunatics are at the controls of UK, its only a matter of time before the car becomes a crashed burnt out wreck. Killing Judicial Review is an important aspect of crashing the car: But for a full on crash every department of the government is involved. The disgusting way these evil nincompoops have treated the fire service is typical of coalition arrogance: The profound contempt of these self important bastards has no limits, they are evil, immensely greedy and totally beyond redemption.

Crashing the bloody car

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