Now I am back in London after a week away, I want to say how delighted I am that Samantha Cameron is still doing her bit for the big society. Yes, every day the wife of our great leader cooks breakfast for fucking poor people at the Passage in Central London: But Sam Cam can pretend as much as she likes, but the truth is out – Tories hate poor people, they hate the working classes. For purely ideological reasons we are now on a frenzied march to Wigan Pier. Tories are so arrogant the only thing they think ordinary people are good for is paying their bloated salaries. Rich people treat the working classes with disdain. Look at the House of Posh Fuck and their arrogant champagne war, the catering budget of the House is £1300000 a year:

At the general election yellow nebbish Clegg has already said he is after another coalition with the Tories: – the bastard actually thinks he has a chance. In an effort to distance himself from annihilation the fuckers are trading blows over the economy: Muppet Danny Alexander is blanching at the march: I don’t often quote the muppet, I think he’s a useless shit, but in an article in the Torygraph he says “Who would have thought that of the two parties that formed the Coalition, it would be the Tories who would be blown off course? A mix of unfunded tax promises, harsh spending plans, and pandering to Ukip may be born of pre-election panic, but it is not economically credible” : Yes, the frenzied march to Wigan Pier is making the yellow team queasy, but its all too late, and who would have thought the toffs would renege – eh dickhead?

In the frenzied march to Wigan pier, every single government department will see drastic cuts, in the massive shrinkage the 1% demand. A front line area is Probation where the fabulous blog of Jim Brown called Probation Matters details the coming apocalypse. Here’s a snippet from Sunday 07-12-14: “I don’t think “nightmare” covers it. Managers who couldn’t give a rat’s arse about what practitioners are faced with, whose sole aim seems to be about themselves and how to climb the slippery pole. An IT system that is simply not fit for purpose and no thought about systems that are needed because the Trusts are no longer around. A tsunami of contradictory instructions etc etc. Oh God let me find a way out of here!” But with the weakness of Labour and the surge of UKIP there is now NO easy escape, not for any of us, rich or poor alike. The bastards used to say “we are all in this together” – well we are now.

With the Labour party still in meltdown in Scotland, its likely the establishment will decide for fuckwit Murphy rather than socialist Findlay: I doubt that Findlay can stop fracking in Scotland:

No matter what way the kaisers spin it, fracking presents a real challenge to humanity. Its not surprising then that the law has been completely useless in stopping this monstrous shite. Only the other day the High Court granted Cuadrilla permission to frack at Lower Stumble and Balcombe in West Sussex: The law is an ass, as we turn into a police state: the judiciary are guilty of joining the kicking of the poor. In the next electoral season the government are going the whole way in their greedy glut for gold.

Just what does the nightmare vision of Wigan Pier conjure up. It conjures up unabated fracking, a massive social care crisis, a humanitarian crisis in UK, every government department fucking up big style. The outsourcing which has been carried out is with a speed and comprehensiveness which is unparalleled in the entire history of humanity. The social care crisis will be accompanied by an NHS crash, but also by the collapse of food banks. As flooding, out of control fires, ambulance service collapse and there is the entire social breakdown, the British public will see the conspicuous spending of the 1% and they will join up the dots. But the grim Osborne is a dolt, he’s not an evil genius, this man is a fuckwit. He wont be prepared for the unpredictable, for the roar of the British lion.


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