A major aspect which is now completely void in the Tory party is conscience. And yet horse warming nebbish Nadhim Zahawi climbed on his high horse yesterday at prime ministers questions (26-11-14). The rabid Tory was having a go at the semi useless Emily Thornfuck, following her offending tweet. The Tory comes out with: “When I see a white van, Mr Speaker, I think of the small business owner who works long hours to put food on the family table. When I see the cross of St George, I think of the words of my constituent, William Shakespeare, ‘this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England!’ Does my Rt Hon Friend agree with me that we shouldn’t sneer at people who work hard, who are patriotic and who love their country?” Its no surprise that when I asked Nadhim to sign an EDM the greedy mamser wrote a very sneery reply. Its a shame I never kept the letter, I deleted it two years ago.

While the politicians wax hypocritically about their moral missions: its left to the media to fuck the people right over. But we are breaking through with the Greens. The petition to have the Greens included in the leadership debates alongside pretender Farage has reached 270000: but the establishment are terrified of the people. But social media has become a voice for the masses, 6000000 people have now tweeted: #CameronMustGo: ; including me. Polling nebbish Lord Ashcroft rarely counts the Greens in his polls, its all UKIP, UKIP, UKIP. In this article the snide cunt Guido Fawkes points out that if UKIP and the Tories join forces they can unseat Red Ed: Ironically it was The Scum that first reported on the cocaine use at the House of Common Fuck: The mega fuckwit loves taking it – look at his eyes: But don’t expect the bastards to have any conscience:

Sadly when it comes to Probation, Jim Brown is resigning: Jim Brown has a conscience, as campaigners and activists we recognise the frustration and rage created by this government. We also know this is part of a very long battle. The toffs bray that they have already won, but they have not won yet, in fact the battle only recently started. When the immediate fall out of the havoc wrecked by the monster Grayling is clearer, then this will be just a small part of a humanitarian catastrophe which will put this bunch of Neoliberal shits in their place.

When it comes to Scotland, the establishment have buckled, the terror raised by the SNP had them on their knees: While the Smith Commission may be considered revolutionary by the establishment, many Scots do not agree. Here is from the blog of Craig Murray: As for Brown’s devolution promises, frankly I don’t give a damn about the Smith Commission. Holyrood control of income tax is meaningless if most other taxes are set in London. Fiscal autonomy can only work if Scotland is given all its taxes, including those from hydrocarbons and from whisky. That will never happen. Any tax and spend devolution which reserves oil and whisky taxes to the UK Treasury will be perverted by Westminster, to only result in further public spending cuts for Scotland. Besides, if Westminster can still send our children to fight and die in illegal wars, the money is immaterial.” Labour in Scotland, while fighting meltdown are still trying to stop Findlay:


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