The coalition is full of cocknuggets. Looking at the motley assembly it is very hard to find a Tory who can be described as sensible or decent. The only reason the cocknuggets have got so far is that the quality of the opposition is so shit. Consequently on a day which should have been about what a shit Borisconi is:, we instead have Emily Thornfuck letting the side down, demonstrating what we already know – how out of touch politicians are, and then watching Milibean jerk as if it will make a bloody difference: Its all confusing polling guru Lord Ashcroft, the surge of UKIP is making the multimillionaire scratch his bonce, but amongst the mediocrity’s drivel Farage said one thing of note: “All bets are off,The whole thing’s up in the air.”: The Tories know it could trigger a leadership contest, and while the greedy cocknuggets ape UKIP on immigration, its made the most boring man in Westminster worried – our dynamic Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond: “We’re in the beginning stages of a negotiation and – first of all, never, never go into any negotiation unless you’re prepared to stand up from the table and walk away. We have to be prepared to.” the insipid mamser is scared of the wrong thing. In true blue fashion he isn’t looking at the glaring Tory Achilles’ heel – the NHS. The state of the hospitals at Rochester Medway and Gillingham Maritime were barely discussed in the by-election campaigns. The people of Rochester and Strood may be flummoxed by immigrants but by the general election there will be other things to think about. Let’s remember that during the whole of April there is NO parliament.

The cocknuggets love wasting public money. The born to rule dunces throw money at any shit – whether its the super computer of yellow nebbish Danny Alexander at £97000000:, or Borisconi’s stunning white elephant across the water at £60000000: The fuckwits are now saying they will waste £60-£80000000 sinking loads of bore-holes to stop the public worrying about fracking: Small wonder that its been pushed by our Energy Minister the shmuck Matthew Hancock: Ineos are ploughing £640000000 into creating a ‘fracking revolution’ in UK:

In every conceivable public area the cocknuggets are now illustrating how out of touch they are. A massive area is probation, where we are fortunate to have the blog of Jim Brown, its very instructive, watching Mr Brown watching the destruction from a professional point of view. Every day the blog reveals further insights into the fuck-up ahead. Today we have: “Something I noticed from a week or so ago should serve to remind us of the chaos yet to come: I noticed someone mentioned the poor practice by G4S. When they had the tagging contract and were challenged about closing enforcement actions, they frequently blamed Probation for not letting them know what action had been taken. I had to investigate these for my Trust and found in only about 15% of the cases where they’d notified us of a breach of curfew we had not let them know what action we’d taken. The rest were down to G4S and included where the Order was managed by the YOT, another Trust, they’d misspelt the email address and best of all where they’d taken the email address out of the NAPO directory and sent an email to “” [sic]. I heard recently of a case who had emailed Interserve Finance Dept. purporting to be from a subcontractor asking them to make future payment for the work to a new account. No points for guessing who’s account that was! In all they paid the sum of £132,000 into his account! Best of all they didn’t even notice. It was only when the bank queried the payment that the theft was picked up. Doesn’t say much for their Corporate Governance or risk assessments! it comes to ordinary people, the blog of Kate Belgrave is incisive in following the misery which plagues the poor in Britain: boil of dirty DC is starting to billow but there still seems no lance in view. Peel under the surface in the UK of filthy DC and its turning into the third world. By the general election it wont be under the surface any longer.


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