They do not give a shit

A important facet of ignorance is not giving a shit. The so called master strategist, toff wazzok Osborne hates the poor to the extent he’s fucking over the whole of UK. No area is to be spared by the toolbox, we are now in uncharted territory.  Lord Freud is a posh dick-head who does not give a toss about the 99%. The tedious shmeril just wrote to me via the MP Mulholland, it was part of my attempt to get MPs to sign EDM622. EDM622 was about the bedroom tax, which Tories call the ‘spare room subsidy’ as they are scared of the name. Since the letter is very long and very boring I have only incorporated one paragraph, but you will note that my noble lord has not lost his golden touch, fuck me but the toff can still gild the lily: “With regards to the removal of the spare room subsidy specifically, as you may be aware, the removal of the spare room subsidy is about bringing parity between the private and social rented sectors, with claimants in the social rented sector having to make similar decisions to those in the private sector about affordability. It is fair that the taxpayer meets only the cost of accommodation appropriate to a working age households needs when they live in social housing and receive Housing Benefit.” Fuck me – the Minister for Fucking Fairness has spoken, maybe his secretary typed it at the Mayfair (posh London) mansion. Maybe it was at his gaffe in Highgate (North posh London). 

Not satisfied with vilifying, demonising and forcing my class to pay for a financial crisis they were innocent of, the toffs are still braying for blood. The millionaire ahole Lord Daniel Finkelstein, a Conservative peer and friend of George Osborne, said today (25-06) that further cuts to the poor are inevitable. Here are some words from the posh nebbish: It’s a trick to believe it’s possible to do something about this problem of over borrowing without cutting people’s income. Any government that is elected will have to cut expenditure and that will undoubtedly fall on poor people.’ Lord Finklestein is a member of the establishment, he has fuck all to do with poor people, he’s never done a hard days work in his life. The noxious nebbish talks to Osborne six or seven times a day, he represents the dirty breaking of boundaries between the media and politics. The bastard’s role in the demonising of the poor was central.   No one should be surprised that DC brought a criminal into the Downing Street. Through cocknuggets like Coulson and Lord Finkelstein the media has had an open conduit to Westminster. The apple is now rotten to the core, this decay means that every thing these bastards do must be undone. Dirty DC was forced to make a public apology for employing the dodgy geezer: Mr Cameron said he had hired Coulson “on the basis of undertakings I was given by him about phone hacking…I always said that if they turned out to be wrong, I would make a full and frank apology and I do that today…I am extremely sorry that I employed him. It was the wrong decision and I am very clear about that.” That’s right – as sincere as the spiteful trout Maria Miller. Its no surprise that faced with an open goal today (25-06) ‘Red Ed’ reached for his bollocksFaced with evil Red Ed gets confused.   Evil is absolutely rife in the nasty party. The whole rank and file of the Tories are crammed with bullies. Take a look at the frothing bully Kris Hopkins, the Housing Minister. His answer to the housing crisis – “Well, first of all, an individual private business will make commercial decisions. If they actually decide they don’t want to have somebody on housing benefit in the future, that’s a perfectly legitimate thing for them to do.” In other words, evict people who get social security – let’s face it they’re poor and if your poor the bullies want to ruin your life, trample on you, kick you in the gutter over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Its like a hooligan kicking a person lying on the floor again and again and again and again and again.

Tories do not give a shit as they bankrupt the welfare state. In an incredibly boring speech Lord Freud gave this apology, for having wasted a huge amount of money on the Universal Chaos computer system: “We all know that, when you have a £2.5 billion programme with a high IT content, there are elements that you write that you do not need. “In the private sector that can be a third of a programme. Clearly, any write-off is always deeply regrettable, but one has to put those things into a context.” The entire projects of IDS are either in meltdown or on the edge of meltdown, but the bastard was never in control to start with. Its was going pear shaped years ago, but the sanctimonious putz does not give a shit, and just keeps shovelling our dosh. That canary in the mine can be ignored, but we all know what happens when you ignore the fucking canary.

A major area where this bunch of bastards do not give a shit is mental health. Mental health services are in crisis right now, the Tory cunts do not give a shit about mental health. The hatred of the toffs for mental health is shown also by the disgraceful way the fuckwits have dealt with mental health and the WCA. 

An area which represents good value for money is the astronomical cost of the royal family according to Sir Alan Reid – the keeper of the privy purse.  Never mind – if you drink tea it makes your forget the inequality shit. They serve a cuppa now for £24 at the Orangery at Kensington Palace. But if you want “A Royal Cup of Tea” that’s £34 a person. K’ching. Thats still less than IDS spends on breakfast – £39

They do not give a shit

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