Disarray is now rife in the Westminster bubble. Disarray is most notable with the Labour party, but the problem is not just ‘Red Ed’. The fucking shmucks who arrange who is going to be the candidate for parliamentary seats from both Labour and the Liberals are overwhelmingly from the political class. But with the Tories however the overwhelming characteristic is that they are mostly male and from the world of business and finance. Its a problem that Labour are unable to overcome, though they are obviously trying

A large part of the disarray is the media who fail to hold the toffs to account. Its disgusting that the voice of the people on the March for the Alternative on 21-06 was not heard. The establishment has nailed Coulson though. The bastard Coulson is important because he had an important impact on Tory fortunes. The bastard claimed to be the voice of the working class, and even shared an office with the frothing Hungarian fascist Steve Hilton. While Coulson represents sleaze, the dirty tukkus also represents the tip of the iceberg, if the establishment wanted to they could nail DC, but they cannot, they are salivating with class war. The whole lot need to be slapped down now. Almost all the media need to be eradicated, its overrun with vermin.

Disarray is a prominent feature of the NHS, and with the appointment of the bastard Simon Stevens complacent cunt Jezzer thinks he has hammered the nail in the fucking coffin. Nonetheless the millionaire cunt cannot stop old habits, they die hard, and the nebbish is still smearingArrogant toff Cunt hates the NHS, he hates it so much he even got Simon ‘condom-head’ Stevens to run it. Atrocious bastard Stevens already is presiding over the slow dismemberment and strangulation of the NHS. Recently three hospitals closed – they are – Ashby District (Leicestershire), Poltair (Cornwall) and parts of Lowestoft Hospital (Suffolk). Looks like its time for a bit of boring fucker Stevens: “Today we face new challenges, and will need new solutions – while holding on to the vital gains of the past. The global recession has meant the NHS facing its most sustained budget crunch in its 66 year history. But let’s also state clearly and publicly: the fact is that care for our patients has in the vast majority of cases continued to be of an extremely high standard. And that is a remarkable tribute to the personal dedication – and shared sacrifice – of health service staff. The nation owes you a debt of gratitude. We should say thank you. As someone who has spent the last decade working in health care around the world, I know of no other country’s health system which has managed this economically turbulent period better”. He might say shit, the bottom line though is, its his job to grind the NHS into the dirt. He can recite his smarmy shite now but the remorselessly grinning turd will be piping a different tune when the chips are down. One of his problems is in the A and E. The front-line staff are the best, they’ve been trained in para military locations. Just to reassure us about the NHS here is Tory girl Jane Ellison: ““I don’t know how much any of you realise that with the Lansley act we pretty much gave away control of the NHS, which means that the thing that most people talk about in terms of health … we have some important strategic mechanisms but we don’t really have day-to-day control. From a political point of view, it is a bit like being on a high wire without a net at times, it can be quite exciting.” In other words “Oh Fuck”.

When the great blonde schlub cranks out his water canons it will be a seminal moment for London. Everyone is now starting to feel the brutal violence of the powerful bullies. Only the other day the fuckers enforcing this shit dragged a pensioner to the floor. Its only to be expected with a toxic government. The fucking blonde bum-hole shitter may sound like some kind of joke, but actually the oink is dangerous, with his apologising for the obscenely rich and his relentless greed. More than this the bloated nebbech is a symptom of our times. Its not entirely by chance the schizer is here now. Everyone is thoroughly surprised how much they miss Ken Livingstone. I remember Ken walking right past me in Ridley Road market when he was campaigning in 2012. He was walking with a showbiz swagger – it was far out. But what’s the reaction of the rosy cheeked ponce Osborne? That what the North of England really needs are more lumbering nebbishes like Boris. Here the toff mamser speaks: “You also need to see strong city leadership. I think it helps to have a single individual who is, of course, democratically accountable, but also bringing together powers over planning, housing and transport….I think there is a strong case for elected mayors in places like Greater Manchester to make sure they have the same powers, the same clout, as the mayor of London does in our capital.” 

Meanwhile in the ivory tower “It was a double celebration at Anmer Hall on The Queen’s Sandringham estate over the weekend as Prince William celebrated his 32nd birthday with his wife, son, and parents-in-law. Coincidentally, William’s birthday, June 21, is also Michael and Carole Middleton’s wedding anniversary and Michael celebrated his 65th birthday yesterday. The weekend provided the opportunity for them to mark all three events on the scenic and private estate.” The Daily Filth takes over: ‘William invited them to Sandringham’, says a royal source. ‘He wanted to show them around Anmer Hall. They had a barbecue on Saturday afternoon. Mike helped William, while the ladies entertained George. The Duke’s decision to celebrate with his in-laws speaks volumes about the strength of their relationship. Princes Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall are not believed to have been present.’


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