Filthy Tory Scum

Not everyone that is filthy rich is a Tory. There are some people out there who who manage to combine money with socialism. These so called champagne socialists are capitalists, but to defeat capitalism the alternative of socialism is marginalised as a serious political force. All we get instead is the pathetic nonsense of the bum-hole shitter Danczuk or the waste of fucking sperm Ed Balls. While snide cunts like Guido Fawkes refer to us as the ‘loony left’ and the wanking shlemiel Mandelson hauls Labour further to the right we will never break through. The bastard Blair ruined the Labour party, the smirking nebbish joins a line of politicians with a rigor mortis grin – bastards like Jeremy Cunt, but is it worse than the insipid Esther McFuck or Mike “Condom-Head” Penning?

So many shite actions have been taken by these cocknuggets that I find it really hard to pinpoint one and say ‘this is the worst’, and it is true that the worst is still to come. For me personally I find it atrocious that this government have shifted the blame for their reckless casino capitalism to innocent disabled people. They did this through a number of well documented methods, a well oiled campaign against us – using pieces of paper stuck everywhere, telling people to identify people they thought were milking the system and turn them in. The bastards had the gumption to treat every single attack as worthy of investigation. In a concerted action which stemmed right from the highest levels of the establishment they poured propaganda drivel through the TV. They encouraged ordinary people to hate my community, disability hate crime shot up. Disgraceful programs like Saints and Sinners coupled with the gutter press were effective in brutally smearing us. What made the bastards really laugh was that we are the suckers who pay the BBC and the MPs. We buy the gutter press, and we can break the motherfuckers too.

In these dark times, one of the sharpest nastiest cutting edges of the spiteful bullying dildos is PIP. Frances O’Grady is the brilliant TUC general secretary. She says of the unfolding PIP crisis: The government’s disastrous shake-up of the welfare system continues apace. Today’s revelations about the Personal Independence Payment and the Employment Support Allowance smack not only of incompetence but of a systematic attempt to remove the safety net people depend upon when they fall on hard times. It is disgraceful that terminally ill and disabled people are being made to wait for months for vital benefits. Taking money away from the most vulnerable in our society is not the way to make work pay. The government’s welfare reforms are unraveling, with costs shooting through the roof and millions being made to suffer.”

On July 10 I will be on the picket lines for the first of the big strikes. 

The repulsive muppet Osborne has been making a speech about the fantastic North of England. Throwing aside the noxious comments of papa, Gideon is spouting: “The natural environment also matters hugely to quality of life. Our national parks are staggeringly beautiful here too. When the Tour de France comes to Yorkshire it will show them off to the world. We have fantastic Victorian parks in the hearts of our northern cities. We cleaned polluted rivers like the Mersey and the Humber. Now we should take the next steps in improving them and making them great places for leisure and tourism, and natural beauty.” Goodness, is that the Nimrod Variation by Elgar I can hear in the distance? Someone with integrity who knows how to celebrate England is mega fuckwit DC. Here the filthy sanctimonious shmuk talks about fracking, which in his wet dreams will be every fucking where in UK: “Britain has led the way in technological endeavour: an industrial revolution ahead of its time, many of the most vital scientific discoveries known to mankind and a spirit of enterprise and innovation that has served us well down the decades. Fracking is part of this tradition, so let’s seize it”. So – fuck you all with your fucking wildlife and your fucking outstanding natural beauty. There’s only one thing that matters here as we trample all over your fucking rights – and that’s money. There’s a lot of money in UK and we are having it all.

Someone from the 99% who deserves to be listened to is the brilliant drag queen Paul O’Grady. Speaking at a LGBT Labour event in Cafe De Paris on Wednesday 12 March 2014, O’Grady introduced Labour leader “Red Ed”, but not before having a pop at the Prime Minister and the Liberal Democrats. The fruity entertainer said: “I hate this coalition Government. Literally. I’m often quite unspoken about them on television in fact I’ve been banned from the One Show. I can’t tell you how upset I am….

If you’ll pardon the language, and to use the vernacular of Lily Savage, I think [David] Cameron is a right twat.”

I think the Lib Dems are as much use as men’s tits.”


He’s so good here’s some more: “I loathe Cameron – I loathe Osborne. We didn’t vote them in and yet here they are deciding for us. I’d like to see their (fucking) heads on spikes on Tower Bridge. Seriously. I’d sleep well.” Here’s what he said about the great blonde shlong Bojo: “And as for Boris – you don’t want a clown running the circus, you want a ringmaster. He’s got good patter but it’s like a comedy act.” 

I am a Londoner, I’ve lived here all my life and I’m boggled by the way The Filthy Tory Scum are wasting no time in their social cleansing of London, so many lives completely fucked up. The great blonde shmeril Boris, who said there will be no Kosovo style social cleansing, will be a fish out of water when he is detested.

The piecemeal roll-out of universal credit continued with four more lucky areas today (23-06). Frothing Pickle-fucker Lord Freud reckoned that by doing it slowly they are taking more care, but this is bollocks when you consider the way the roll-out is carried out with first only the most simple cases done. There can be only two reasons why the Filthy Tory Scum have adopted this strategy. They want to bankrupt the welfare state, they don’t expect universal credit to work. The bankrupting of the welfare state is done on several fronts, its leading to a bloody breach The significance of the breach is that its the canary in the mine. Its a warning light, they can do nothing about it, but nonetheless its a social experiment so hand IDS the fucking shovel, give the “quiet man” his fucking voice.

But hey – Prince George isn’t even a year old and he’s already topping best-dressed lists! The little prince was named the most stylist royal according to a new survey done by, beating out some serious competition like his mum Kate Middleton and even Queen Elizabeth II.

The site polled more than 600 online shoppers who they thought the most fashionable royal was and Prince William‘s baby boy came in with a whopping 23% of the vote. 

Filthy Tory Scum

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