Vicious Bullying Bastards

The closer we get to the period of unmitigated grim in England, Wales and Northern Ireland the more unpleasant the government become. As the greedy bastards become more certain they have won, that they have fucked over UK, the less attention they place on detail. In 2010 they placed a lot of attention on benefit fraud, ensuring Jo Public was softened up for their brutality. This parlous shit is now more recognised, as its starting to be realised that under this government one third of the population are now in poverty. The toffs are still crowing that the economy is growing. The snide cunt Osborne said he would fix the roof while the sun was still shining. Instead of replacing a few dodgy tiles, the rosy cheeked mamser sawed a leg off and replaced the roof with a tarpaulin, yes with the well renowned Osbornomics the ugly bastard has tried to fix it all right.   The Discretionary Housing Benefit is one area where all the toffs are lining up to kick our class. These gruesome cunts have had to wait decades to demonstrate their brutality. The bedroom tax is obscene, it makes politicians stink, but the amount which is now given to councils has been capped: After bids from 86 local authorities, 27 were refused the full funds they had requested, with 18 turned down on the basis that a full award would allow ‘excessive buy out’ of the policy, a response to an Inside Housing Freedom of Information request has revealed. One of the many areas where this government is rightly detested by all decent people is the way these klutzes are bankrupting the welfare state. These vicious bullying bastards are just pouring money down the fucking drain. Take their ludicrous work program for example. So far its cost £5 billion, and its had very little effect on whether people find employment. In fact you are much more likely to find a job if you are not on the scheme. But then the intention of the scheme is not for people to get a job but do bankrupt the welfare state. Tories love setting up things to fail, its their method with the NHS, Universal Credit and the bedroom tax. How it makes the toffs laugh to see us scrabbling among ourselves for the crumbs that fall from the trough during the repellant slobbering frenzy. As the sage Rachel Johnson observed: “They’re existing, rather than living, like battery hens. Apart from the telly and the cigarettes, they are living like animals”.   A major viscous bullying bastard is disgraceful super toff Lord Freud. The cunt came up with a fucking corker when they asked him how he knew anything about poor people when he was a poshy. The freak immediately quipped “you don’t have to be the corpse to go to a (fucking) funeral”.  Bullies rely on ignorance, it is essential to all welfare cuts, but the myths are now busted   ‘Red Ed’ is still listening to the Tory-esque tripe of the fuckwit Mandelson. The feeble git Ed is unable to show some backbone for the working class, and instead is going on and on with the Tory rhetoric of sanction and punishment. The fact remains that ‘Red Ed’ has not got a fucking clue, but its also too late – we are now officially sailing up shit creek without a fucking paddle. Fucking Ed should have been holding the paddle, instead the posh shmok fucked it.

40% of people in UK with cancer can no longer afford to heat their houses properly.  Many of these are now on the front-line in the disgusting PIP crisis. Here Kitty Jones talks about bullies and Penning in particular: “I doubt I could be an MP, I probably lack the necessary constraint, I’m afraid the sneer in his words, given the gravity of the situation for so many sick and disabled people, would have possibly elicited an out of character, but unstoppable, spontaneous punch in his spiteful, indifferent face, such is my anger. And really it’s impossible to see the welfare “reforms” as anything other than callous, spiteful and scripted indifference to people’s pain and desperation. I’ve always loathed bullies”. I don’t think that’s wrong Kitty. If I’d been there I would have fucking smacked the tedious fucker too.

Its really kind of our royal patrons to spare a thought for the disabled. Today (19-06) the Duchess of Cambridge made a private visit to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices in support of Children’s Hospice Week. “For the visit Kate chose a Diane von Furstenberg dress. The pretty pink and black dress featuring a paisley pattern. It is 100% silk with three-quarter length sleeves in a v-neck style with a self-belt. It’s unmistakably DVF, even though it’s a design from over a decade ago. Ms von Furstenberg’s signature elements are very much apparent”.

A final call to the public for the massive demo on Saturday. I will be there. My banner reads on one side “The repeated attacks on vulnerable people will never be forgotten; The class war is now on” and on the other side it reads “This disgusting government of sociopaths and fascists are obsessed with crushing poor people; Defeat the Condem Filth; We will Fight and we will win”. Come on people, its now time for action, even the weather forecast is on our side.

Vicious Bullying Bastards

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