Approaching The Grim

One of the foremost tragedies of this period is the revolting treatment forced on the poor people who are denied benefits under the so called ‘mandatory reconsideration’ scheme. Its disgraceful the way that boring dick-head Penning has fucked over so many vulnerable, sick, decent people, whose only crime is to need help from the selfish greedy bastards. There is nothing decent or fair about what the tedious nob is forcing on us, its an act of class war, pure and simple, and its going to be a front-line in The Grim time ahead. Its blatant crude cruel aggression from the ruling class. Its a sign that UK is no longer civilised that we are putting these people through this disgusting process which began in October 2013 which forces to people to live for an indefinite time with no support. Its no surprise that the poor of Britain are among the poorest in West Europe. 

Instead of being thoroughly embarrassed at the appalling mess he has made of UK, DC has come over ChristianI am not a Christian, in fact I have no religion, but the top nob joins a select club of evil bastards who claim they give a shit about people, that they love God, and at the same time fuck everyone over and cause enormous misery. Its part of an endemic problem that evil men claim religion as a pretext for acts of inhumanity. Dirty DC loves to call Jesus his fucking “saviour”.  The puncture of this veneer of moralising pomposity will be completed by the end of the year. It will be exacerbated by the sight of thousands of dying people. They will be the vulnerable, the ill, the down on their luck and the old. As our country is forced to watch this sickeningly slow car crash unlike anything else in the history of mankind, they will have to ruminate on the many many words of chief cunt DC.

Here is some of filthy DC talking about Christianity: “I believe very deeply that we should be confident in Britain about our status as a Christian country….Greater confidence in our Christianity can also inspire a stronger belief in our work as politicians to get out there and make a difference to people’s lives – and it should inspire our support for churches and faith organisations in the vital work they do in our society and around the world…..Whatever our political parties and whatever our disagreements these are values we share.” 

Tory-girl Nadine Dorries had a moment of clarity in 2012. Talking of disgusting hypocrite DC and his shameful sidekick Osborne she saidUnfortunately, I think that not only are Cameron and Osborne two posh boys who don’t know the price of milk, but they are two arrogant posh boys who show no remorse, no contrition, and no passion to want to understand the lives of others – and that is their real crime.” Remorse? Contrition? Arrogance? What the fuck have they got to do with the saviour? These nincompoops were born to rule, not to bloody give a shit.

The fact is that the electorate feel completely detached from the Westminster bubble, no more so then the sick, the disabled, the unemployed, and those simply out of luck. So called ‘Radical Ed’ did state one thing which is of note which is that it is not an accident that the so-called ‘recovery’ benefits only the privileged few, that actually it was the long-term government plan. With so much poverty, homelessness and vilification of the disadvantaged, its no surprise that a number of desk monkeys from the DWP were awarded honours by the Queen in 2014. The shit which has been forced on my class is from the an astronomical height. It keeps coming, as the regime runs out of control, they will become more brutal, more callous, more fucking stupid, we are now starting to enter The Grim stage. 

People like Sunny Hundal, while well intentioned want to stick to the centre ground in UK politics, they look to Ed Miliband to do something specialBut we will have to break Britain to break the Labour party. With their Falkirk debacle the champagne socialists bit off the hand that fed them and fucked off millions of supporters. As usual ‘Red Ed’ did not mention the problems of the poor in the UK once at PMQs (18-06) – it was fucking typical of the disgraceful weakness we now associate with the Labour party. Its no wonder that the waste of space EdM is now feeling the heat. 

A singularly useless member of the shadow cabinet is Rachel Reeves, the shadow welfare spokesmen, and a former economist with the Bank of England. Here she spouts: “We have got some really great policies – particularly around the jobs guarantee and cancelling the bedroom tax – that show that we are tough and will not allow people to linger on benefits, but also that we are fair”. Is this champagne socialist any better than the wretched cunt Nick Byrne? A defining moment was when muppet Nick Byrne actually took the side of the government. Of course Labour say they abstained, but that meant the ugly retrogressive legislation was passed. 

A rare political voice of integrity in UK is Ian Lavery, an ex miner who is the MP of Wansbeck in Northumberland. Lavery is one of a number of decent parliamentarians who regularly write in the Morning Star. Here is some of him from 18-06-14: “We have child poverty, pensioner poverty, fuel poverty and food poverty. People are relying on charitable handouts to put bread on the table and to clothe their children because the safety net which once supported those who have fallen on hard times, the poor and the vulnerable, has been brutally hacked away.”

Oh fuck it all – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Birmingham today (18-06-14), meeting local residents and emergency services that responded to the so called ‘riots’ in the city in 2011. Yes, they left the safety of the ivory tower to do some of that poverty safari. Kate’s Military Silk Georgette Blouse originally retailed for £1,355. It features gold button-fastening, button-fastening cuffs and a flared hem. The £995 Embellished Wool Crepe Skirt in navy is a versatile piece with gold anchor-embossed button embellishments. She’s carrying a Russell and Bromley ‘Muse’ Clutch Bag at £245. Never mind, at least North Korea sent the Queen a birthday card the other day. 

Approaching The Grim

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