Class War 1

      Class War is now tearing Britain apart, its giving everyone fucking rage. While the whole establishment stabs us in the back, and pretends we have no voice, the toff bell-ends know we still have the power through the unions.   The flip side of fucking rage is the fucking misery at its source, the grinding poverty inflicted on the poor, the sick, the disadvantaged, or anyone just out of luck. Take a look at the sickening faces of Osborne, IDS, DC or any of these evil cocknuggets. These bastards have never done a hard days work in their fucking lives. Disgrace Osborne was born with a silver spoon up his arse. Thats ugly. A complete opposite is seen in the pomp and ceremony at Windsor yesterday afternoon (17/06) as the ruling class celebrate their annual order of the garter ceremonies. It is fucking obscene that at exactly the same time as they are in the ancient ivory tower, cavorting in medieval regalia, poor people are having a fucking ugly pogrom, the vulnerable forced to bear the brunt of a financial collapse with a welfare system that is now punitive and not supportive. Its boggling, but its the topsy turvy condem world, where mindless toffs live in sprawling castles with hundreds of empty bedrooms paid by the tax payer, while the poor are forced to live in dangerous garden sheds (if they are lucky), factories and outbuildings. The bloated toffs should hold their heads in shame that while they wallow in their self importance in their fucking aristocratic mansions, hundreds of thousands of decent ordinary people who have had the bad luck to get ill at this time are forced to rot and starve in penniless destitution In a bare act of Class War, the bastards are lying to us again and again about their statistics.  Every single one of them is a fucking lying bastard. Here is the boring arse Penning fibbing

Never forget – the stabbing in the back of my class came right from the fucking top. Ordinary people have been shat on by this government from the very greatest height. The establishment think they have won the Class War when it has just started to get fucking nasty. They think they have the balls, but they are weak, poor people have everything to fight for. Excellent Belgrave hi-lights the appalling cuts to disabled people.  When I think of Class War the first thing that pops in my little mind is Jeremy Clarkson shooting snide blogger Guido Fawkes. The minor bum-hole detests Professor Piketty. Guido fucking Fawkes stands up for power. Grim klutzes like him love to label class warriors as the ‘loony left’ and he even has a picture on his page of Bugs Bunny, with loony left written under it. The spiteful fuckwit loves nothing more than to denigrate our class. He hates the NHS, he loves its privatisation. No matter how the disgraceful cunt goes on about “appalling and unnecessary suffering” “lack of care, compassion, humanity and leadership” and “fundamental rights denied”, the unctuous nebbish cannot deny that in a recent poll the NHS came out as the best in the entire fucking world. In particular people are spending more than double per capita in USA but getting much inferior treatment

These toffs need a fucking serious sorting out. The vicious brutality they have inflicted with their fucking class war, to satisfy the bloated greed of the rampant elite, requires stamping on. Tories don’t feel shame, the powerful stink of money motivates the entire contents of the fucking toolbox. These sociopaths should be vilified as the cancer of society. To quote Lenin “fascism is capitalism in decay”, and we will need to eradicate this disgusting rot before we can continue. Everything they have done in parliament will have to be revoked. Look how useless the shmeril Tristram Hunt is – how he misses an open goal – its almost Miliband like. 

Class War 1

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